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Swiss chocolate is world-famous and most of the country’s best chocolatiers have at least one store in Zurich. If you’re a sweet tooth and enjoy the decadent taste of chocolate in all shapes and sizes, a proper chocolate tour of Zurich is precisely what you should plan to do in the Swiss city!

Pralines, champagne truffles, chocolate bars, and countless other iterations of this delicious ingredient are all on the menu at the numerous chocolate shops in Zurich. Whether you want to do a classic walking tour, attend an unlimited chocolate tasting and eat as much chocolate as you can stomach, or go to a chocolate factory, we’ve got options for you in this guide to the best chocolate tours, Zurich edition!

Swiss Chocolate Walking Tour in Zurich

Chocolate expensive
Läderach chocolate blocks

A chocolate walking tour of Zurich is a perfect way to discover this beautiful city. Most of these tours take place in the old town of Zurich because that is where all the best chocolate shops are, and you’ll get to see all the city’s top historical landmarks in between tastings and visits to chocolatiers.

Also, all the walking you’ll do on this tour will help burn off some of those calories, so you don’t have to feel quite as guilty about all the chocolate you eat. It’s possible to organize this tour on your own if you want, or you can sign up to do a tour with a local guide. The price range of guided tours is 30-80 CHF, and the tastings are included in the price.

Chocolate Tasting Tuk-Tuk Tour in Zurich

Tuk Tuk chocolate tour in Zurich
Tuk Tuk chocolate tour in Zurich

Tuk-Tuk tours are becoming more and more popular throughout Switzerland, not just in Zurich. A fondue Tuk-Tuk tour is one of the most popular ways of discovering the city in the winter, and I need you to know that you can substitute the cheese fondue for a chocolate fondue.

Up to four people can sign up for this tour, which includes a bucket of melted chocolate in the middle of the Tuk-Tuk and cut-up pieces of fruit you can dip in the pot. The main advantage of this tour is that you get to see all of the city’s best landmarks and tourist attractions while snacking on delicious chocolate. Plus, you don’t have to get out of the Tuk-Tuk at all, and you’re sightseeing at a faster pace than on walking tours.

Tuk-Tuk chocolate tasting tours last for 90 minutes, and they’re best for groups of 2-4 people. The price is 85 CHF per person for a two-person private tour, but only 69 CHF per person for tours with 3 or 4 people.

Lindt Home of Chocolate Guided Tour & Entry Ticket

Lindt Home of Chocolate

Lindt Home of Chocolate is situated in Kilchberg, on the western shore of Lake Zurich. It’s worth it to plan an excursion to this chocolate museum, which features a spectacular chocolate fountain, a Lindt shop and cafe, and excellent exhibits on the history and making of chocolates.

You can tour the museum however you want; travel there by train from Zurich and purchase a 15 CHF ticket at the entrance, for the most affordable experience. Expect to spend around 30 CHF for a guided tour of the museum with chocolate tasting.

Zurich City Tour with Lake Cruise & Visit to Lindt Home of Chocolate

Lindt Home of Chocolate
Lindt Home of Chocolate

Another option for visiting the Lindt Home of Chocolate is to sign up for a five-hour boat tour of the lake, which ultimately takes you to the museum in Kilchberg.

This is a really good option for people who are in Zurich for the first time and want to explore as much of the city and its surroundings as possible. The price of this tour is approximately 75 CHF per person, but it takes 5 and a half hours, and it includes a boat trip to Kilchberg.

However, before you get on a boat and travel to the Lindt Home of Chocolate, you’ll get the opportunity to discover some of Zurich’s most famous landmarks. Tour-goers all board an air-conditioned coach, which takes them past the National Museum, Zurich Opera House, Bahnhofstrasse, and all the way to a scenic viewpoint next to the Dolder Grand Hotel. Travelers are then taken on a walk through the Old Town, and finally to Limmatquai, where they board a boat to Kilchberg – where the Lindt Factory is.

Zurich Chocolate Hunting Tour with a Local

A Chocolate Hunting Tour with a Local can be booked on Viator and Tripadvisor, so it’s more expensive than the tours offered by Zurich’s official tourism office. However, this is also one of the few options if you want a private tour of the city’s best chocolatiers, and worth the money.

The tour is suitable for groups of 2-6 people, and the price is approximately 153 CHF per person. It includes visits to Läderach, Confiserie Teuscher, Confiserie Sprungli, and Schober Cafe. You get to taste the chocolates at every location, and the local guide will tell you everything you need to know about the history of these famous chocolatiers, as well as what makes them such an integral part of Swiss cultural heritage.

Sustainable Bean-to-bar Chocolate Tour

Bean To Bar
Bean To Bar

A bean-to-bar chocolate tour is the best option for people who are genuinely interested in the process of making chocolates. It illustrates every step of the process, from the harvesting of cocoa beans to adding the final touches to the pralines and chocolate bars.

If you sign up for a guided bean-to-chocolate-bar tour, expect to pay around 87 CHF. This will include sightseeing in a group of a maximum of 10 people, and tasting chocolates at three different locations. The local guide will also tell you everything they know about the ethical chocolate-making scene of Zurich, so you’ll gain some valuable insider knowledge.

Another option is to do the Chocolate Safari tour at Garcoa. This is only 20 CHF per person, and it’s the best budget bean-to-bar tour you can do. You get to see the entire manufacturing process of Garcoa chocolates and taste plenty of them, and the entire tour takes between 60 and 90 minutes.

Max Chocolatier Chocolate Tasting

Max Chocolatier is one of Zurich’s premium chocolate shops that offer unique experiences to visitors. They organize workshops where you can learn to make chocolates, ice cream, and stamp truffles, in addition to basic chocolate tastings where you get your hands dirty only because the delicious truffles are melting in your fingers.

The only issue is that these events take place at their headquarters in Lucerne. They still have a shop in Zurich at Bahnhofstrasse that you can visit and sample chocolate if you want. But if you really want to attend a workshop or take part in a high-class chocolate-tasting event, you’ll need to make your way to the city of Lucerne. It’s only a 50-minute train ride/drive from Zurich and it’s absolutely worth the effort for such a unique experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price range for chocolate tours in Zürich?

The cost of Zurich chocolate tours depends on the type of tour you’re doing, but on average it’s anywhere from 20 CHF per person for a self-guided tour with tastings, up to 150 CHF per person for private chocolate tastings and makings. It really depends on the type of experience, and organizing your own chocolate tour and tasting a piece or two at each shop is the most affordable option. 

When is the best time to do a chocolate tour in Zurich?

Any time of the year is a good time for a chocolate tour of Zurich. Warmer months are great because it’s more enjoyable to walk around the town in between the visits to chocolate shops, but tasting chocolates in the winter will give you that boost of serotonin that’s missing when it’s freezing outside. 

Are chocolate tours in Zurich suitable for children?

Yes, chocolate tours in Zurich are suitable for children, and your kids will doubtless enjoy this type of city tour. However, if you’re trying to limit and monitor the sugar intake of your kids, taking them on a chocolate tour with tastings in every shop might not be the best idea. 

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As a twenty-year resident of Switzerland, I am passionate about exploring every nook and cranny of this beautiful country, I spend my days deep in the great Swiss outdoors, and love to share these experiences and insights with fellow travel enthusiasts.

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