Best Apres-Ski in Switzerland: Your Ultimate Guide

best apres ski

Apres-ski events are just as important as the quality and amount of slopes at a ski resort, and few countries do the two as well as Switzerland. With numerous ski resorts to choose from where the apres-ski fun starts while you’re still on the slopes, it wasn’t exactly easy to narrow down the list to just the top ten. But I’ve managed to do it in this guide to the best après ski in Switzerland!

The following ski resorts are the ones that feature the best apres-ski experiences in Switzerland. I’m not going to focus too much on the amount or quality of ski pistes – they’ve all got options for beginners and expert skiers, with multiple surrounding mountains. Instead, here’s all you need to know about the resorts with the best-apres ski scenes in Switzerland!


Skiing in Verbier
Skiing in Verbier

Verbier has a reputation for the best après-ski events in Switzerland and it is entirely justified. The resort has numerous bars and lounges where there are apres-ski events every single day, and they usually start at around 3 PM.

Most mountain bars have resident DJs that entertain the crowds the entire afternoon and well into the night, for fabulous apres-ski fun. Some of the best locales in the Verbier ski area are Ice Cube, Le Rouge, Pub Mont Fort, W Living Room and Cigar Lounge, W Off Piste, Crock No Name, and Farinet Apres.

It’s worth noting that Farinet has live bands every night of the week during ski season, and the bar has previously been voted as the best Apres Ski destination not just in Switzerland, but worldwide.


Skiing in Crans Montana
Skiing in Crans Montana

Crans-Montana is best known for its excellent skiing opportunities, but the ski resort doesn’t disappoint when it comes to apres-ski events either. There are apres-ski bars everywhere throughout the resort, even practically on the pistes, so you can start partying while you’re still wearing your ski boots.

Most bars start with live music at around 3 PM, and there’s usually a DJ to keep the crowd entertained. These bars stay open until the pistes close, and then the party is moved to the clubs and bars in the town, where the music doesn’t stop playing until the wee hours of the night. Zerodix is a very popular après ski bar in Crans-Montana, along with Cry d’Er Club d’Altitude, Le Tirbouchon, Amadeus Bar, and others.

St. Moritz

Ski area in St. Moritz
Ski area in St. Moritz

St. Moritz is one of the best ski resorts in Switzerland and I imagine it would remain incredibly popular even without the awesome apres ski events. But, St. Moritz is also one of Switzerland’s most loved apres ski resorts, with bars, clubs, and even Michelin-starred restaurants. Whatever your idea of post-slopes fun might include, St. Moritz won’t disappoint.

Paradiso Mountain Club & Restaurant is right next to the lift, and the best place for a party on the slopes. Sternbar Marguns is also high up in the mountains, and it’s great for skiers who want to start having fun without taking off their ski boots. However, keep in mind that both these locales (and all the others in the mountains) might require you to ski back into town, so you’ll need to be mindful of your alcohol intake to avoid any accidents.

For true apres-ski in St. Moritz, you’ll need to head back into town. Roo Bar St. Moritz, Stübli St. Moritz, and Pavarotti & Friends are all great destinations for those who want to experience the nightlife scene in St. Moritz.



If you enjoy a varied apres-ski scene, there’s hardly a better destination in Switzerland than Zermatt. Views of the Matterhorn, easy access to multiple ski resorts, excellent shopping, and some of the best apres-ski in the entire country are the exact reasons why this town attracts so many visitors in the winter season.

Apres-ski in Zermatt can be anything you want – a night out at a club, some burgers and beers at a pub, or a quick visit to a champagne bar on the slopes. Zermatt is home to the best nightclub in the Alps, some of the best apres-ski bars on the slopes, and even an Iglu-Dorf where you can eat a fondue inside an actual igloo.

Many locals will also include non-alcoholic drinks in their offer for the kids, making Zermatt a great destination for family ski vacations. Some of the most popular bars and clubs in Zermatt include Hannu Stall, Chämi-Hitta, Papperla Pub, Pink, Broken Bar Disco, CERVO, and Harry’s Bar.


Skiing in Saas-Fee
Skiing in Saas-Fee

Saas-Fee has excellent ski pistes in the Swiss Alps and an equally inviting apres-ski scene. The apres ski events at this resort are usually at bars, with mulled wine, beers, cocktails, pub food, and occasional live music. Most bars are in the central area of the ski resort, so you can easily head there once you’ve skied back into town and left your gear at the hotel.

The Nesti’s Ski Bar is a very popular cocktail bar in town with themed events, elaborate decorations, and all sorts of delicious drinks. Rudi’s Schneebar is also very popular for affordable drinks and occasional live music. The High Life Après-Ski Club is a little fancier destination, so the better option for people who want to be seated indoors, and enjoy a delicious meal along with a fancy cocktail.

Other popular apres ski locales in Saas Fee include Fee-Iglu Bar, Black Bull Snowbar, Pubwise, Poison, the Aussie Bar, The Dom Bar, and a few others.



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Davos is a good ski resort for beginners and somewhat experienced skiers who are more interested in apres-ski than the technicality of the pistes. It’s not a massive ski resort, but it still manages to attract a large crowd, mostly those who don’t want to go to Switzerland’s busiest and most expensive ski resorts.

Because of the large crowd it attracts, Davos has a surprisingly great apres-ski scene in town. Bars, pubs, restaurants, and even nightclubs are all present in the town, so you can have fun any way you want once you’re done skiing for the day.

The EX Bar is one of the most popular pubs in town with a wide variety of drinks, delicious pub food, and live music. The Caprizzi Sportsbar is a little fancier and better for dancing, just like the Pöstli Lounge. Other popular apres ski establishments in the town include the Platzhirsch Club Davos, Bar Rotliechtli, Tijuana Bar, and Restaurant Bolgen Plaza, among others.


Klosters Switzerland
Klosters, Switzerland

Klosters has an understated apres-ski scene. It exists, but it’s nowhere near as varied or abundant as the apres-ski scenes of Verbier and Zermatt. Most apres-ski events take place at hotel bars, with the exception of Casa Antica, which serves as the town’s most popular club. A resident DJ entertains the guests every night during ski season, and the atmosphere is relaxed enough you won’t be turned away if you show up wearing your ski boots.

The Piano Bar is another popular locale for live music, but instead of a DJ, the guests here are entertained by a piano player. It’s a much more sophisticated place, and definitely not the bar for skiers who just want to drink and dance.

Klosters has its fair share of pubs and bars where you can drink, eat, and listen to good music. Few places have live music events, and the apres-ski in Kloesters is mostly chatting with friends while enjoying cocktails or beer. If you prefer to stay in Klosters but enjoy a livelier apres-ski scene, it’s a good thing that Davos is just a 30-minute train ride away.


skiing interlaken
Skiing in Interlaken

Interlaken is one of the largest towns on this list, so naturally, it’s going to have one of the best and largest apres-ski scenes in Switzerland. It’s not the ideal destination for skiing simply because there’s traveling to the nearest resorts, but that doesn’t stop skiers from spending their vacations at Interlaken.

Interlaken has pubs, bars, nightclubs, restaurants, and pretty much anything else you might be interested in. Many establishments have live music (a band or a resident DJ), and there’s really something for everyone’s taste here, whether you prefer fancy bars with elaborate cocktails or just relaxed pubs with burgers and draught beer.

Some of the most popular locales in Interlaken are Crazy Mary, Hüsi Bierhaus, Brasserie 17, and the Jamming Corner.


Wengen, Switzerland
Wengen, Switzerland

Wengen has a surprisingly varied apres-ski scene for a small village in the Alps. Well, it shouldn’t be that surprising considering how popular this village is for skiing; of course, the residents would want to capitalize on the high volume of tourists in the ski season. Most of the bars and clubs are along the main street in the village, with a few other locales higher up on the slopes.

Hasenstall is Wengen’s main nightclub with a resident DJ that entertains the guests until 2:30 AM on weekdays, and 5 AM on the weekends. This is by far the busiest locale in the village during peak season, but with two floors it’s usually spacious enough to fit all the skiers desperate for some apres-ski fun.

There’s no shortage of pubs, bars, and restaurants either. The Pickel Bar has a cozy ambiance that’s perfect for apres-ski drinks, On The Rocks is the place to be if you want delicious cocktails, and Schneebar Figeler is where to stop by for a quick drink when you’re descending from the slopes back to your hotel.


Skiing in Grindelwald
Skiing in Grindelwald

Grindelwald is one of the most popular resorts in the Alps with so many luxury hotels, so naturally it has to have a good apres-ski scene. There are bars, pubs, restaurants, and clubs throughout the village, so no matter how you want to unwind after a long day on the slopes, you’ll have options.

The Espresso Bar is one of the favorites of tourists, mostly because of the friendly service. Cold beers, cocktails, and live music are all on the menu at this cozy but fun local bar. The Avocado Bar is also very popular with its cozy indoor and outdoor seating, occasional live music, and absolutely delicious sandwiches.

Another fun thing about the apres-ski scene in Grindelwald is that the party starts on the slopes. Plenty of bars and restaurants are high up in the mountains and perfect for breaks between descents. The Bus Stop Bar, Skihütte Genepi, Pisten Beizli Alpwäg, and Weidlibar are just a few of the piste-adjacent bars in Grindelwald.

Frequently Asked Questions

What time does après-ski normally begin in Switzerland?

Apres-ski usually begins at around 3 PM on the slopes but around 6 PM in clubs and bars lower in the resorts. 

Are there kid-friendly après-ski activities in Switzerland?

Yes, there are kid-friendly apres-ski activities in Switzerland, but they are not quite as numerous. 

What types of food are typically served at après-ski establishments in Switzerland?

There’s everything from pub food to fine dining at apres-ski establishments in Switzerland, and it really depends on the precise place you’re at. Swiss food is most common at apres-ski bars in the mountains, especially dishes like fondue, rosti, and sausage.  

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