Best Mountain Coasters In Switzerland: 12 Thrilling Rides

best mountain coasters switzerland

Have you ever been on a Switzerland mountain coaster? A mountain coaster isn’t quite a roller coaster, but it’s not far off. Imagine a roller coaster that rushes down a mountain without the loops, and you have, well, an alpine coaster that is a ton of mountain fun!

As if Switzerland wasn’t already great enough in the summer. Between the high alpine lakes, great hiking, and even summer skiing on glaciers, you are spoilt for choice. Now, add a mountain coaster that turns a long uphill hike into a fun mountain amusement park, how awesome is that!

Swooshing down an alpine coaster at high speeds with views of the Swiss Alps surrounding you is an adrenaline rush and one that you simply must experience, especially if you have kids.

Join me as I run through the best mountain coasters in Switzerland so you can be sure to have the best alpine coaster experience possible.

Atzmännig, Toboggan Run

Atzmännig, Toboggan Run
Atzmännig, Toboggan Run – Image courtesy of Wikimedia

One great mountain coaster can be found at Atzmännig, in Eastern Switzerland, close to Zurich. But, there is a lot more than just a mountain coaster, this area is a big alpine playground.

The mountain coaster, which is a toboggan run, is 700 meters in length and takes you through the stunning Swiss countryside. Kids have to be big enough to go on their own, but if they are not, you can go down with them!

It costs around CHF 9.50 francs for an adult to go down the mountain coaster and a little less for kids. Unfortunately, even if you go with your child, you both have to pay, which is a bit mean in our eyes!

As well as the mountain coaster, you will also find a ropes course, a kid’s theme trail, giant slides, trampolines, and lots more. This is a great place to spend some time in nature with the family and your kids will have a ton of fun!

Brunni Engelberg, Summer Toboggan

Brunni Engelberg
Brunni Engelberg – Image courtesy of Wikimedia

Sitting in Central Switzerland, the Brunni Engelberg is another awesome mountain coaster with a load more fun activities that go with it.

The summer toboggan rushes down the mountains over 660 meters and is way too much fun. It costs just 5 francs for a ride and this includes a trip back up on the cable car, so you can go again.

There is a lot to do on the way up for kids if you choose not to use the cable car. You can go on the sensory trail where you walk with bare feet over different surfaces.

There is a lovely picnic area with BBQ grills, amazing views across the mountains, a treasure hunt theme trail with 11 chests to find, a bug playground with trampolines, and lots more!

This is, without a doubt, one of the best places to spend a day out with your kids in Switzerland. Be sure to bring some BBQ food with you and take some time eating and taking in the mountain peaks.

And remember, this is a great alternative to winter sledding, just in the summer. So, people usually love it whether they are into the outdoors or not.

The Pfingstegg Toboggan Run

Another awesome mountain coaster is the Pfingstegg Toboggan Run located in Grindelwald sitting in the central Bernese Alps above Interlaken.

The scenery in this area is to die for. You couldn’t ask for more of a classic view of the Swiss Mountains with peaks in almost every direction and lakes in the other.

The Pfingstegg Toboggan Run is a load of fun and it runs down the stunning valley giving your views of the lakes as you go. This roller coaster is an adrenaline rush of note as it sends you rushing down some 2000 ft at 40 km per hour.

There is a cable car that will take you to the top of the alpine slide or you can hike up to the top if you like. This area doesn’t have a nice theme trail for kids though like some of the others.

It is worth calling ahead and booking your slot as the Pfingstegg Toboggan Run books up pretty quickly. If you are traveling with friends and family, you can book the whole run for a private evening of fun!

Kronberg, Bobbahn

Sitting in Appenzell in east Switzerland is the Kronberg mountain resort which turns from a ski resort to a summer fun park packed with fun things to do for the whole family.

The Kronberg coaster is a top coaster in Switzerland and one of the longer coasters too. It rushes some 1000 meters down the mountain sides and riding double is an option too. The views as you rush down the mountain are incredible and not to be missed.

The coaster only costs CHF 6 for kids and CHF 9 for adults. Adults going with kids do not have to pay extra and the ticket includes a cable car return ticket! It is advisable to get there in the morning as queues can get rather long when the sun is out.

There are loads of other fun things to be found at Kronberg including 25 different zip lines, a treasure hunt trail, a ropes course, plus an epic playground too!

Churwalden Pradaschier Coaster, Churwalden

Churwalden Rodelbahn
Churwalden Rodelbahn – Image courtesy of Wikimedia

The Pradaschier coaster is the longest mountain coaster in Switzerland, so if you are looking for a huge adrenaline rush, this is the coaster you have been looking for!

You will find the Pradaschier coaster in Churwalden which is close to the town of Davos in eastern Switzerland. The area is beautiful and is about as good as Switzerland gets, and so is the coaster.

This coaster is over 3000 meters long, which is close to 10,000 feet and you will reach speeds of close to 40 km per hour. Being the longest coaster in Switzerland, it starts way up high in the mountains and you will have to ride a chair lift to get to the start.

Rushing down this coaster is quite an experience. This great ride seems never ending and you might even feel weightlessness as you go down! You even have to use the brakes on the sled as you go down to control your speed and catch a glimpse of the stunning view.

This is quite an expensive coaster, costing CHF 16 without the chair lift and CHF 28 with it, and kids get a discount! You can hike to the top if you want to, and you will see the best views from the top, but it is not an easy hike!

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Glacier 3000, Alpine Coaster

Glacier 3000 is quite a touristy spot but it is well worth going to as there is a load of great things to see and experience.

The alpine coaster runs over a one km track and features six waves, ten bends, three leaps, and 520-degree loops! It would suffice it to say that this coaster packs an adrenaline punch of note!

This is another coaster you can control your speed with using the brake lever but if you want to, reaching 40 km per hour is very possible.

The views of the Glacier and into the surrounding area of Bernese Oberland are stunning and the coaster only costs CHF 9 per ride and includes a cable car ticket too.

Once you are done with the coaster, you can enjoy some skiing or sledding on summer snow at the glacier and have fun crossing the suspension bridge.

Saas Fee, Feeblitz Rodel-Bobbahn

Sitting in the Bernese Alps in the mountain resort of Saas Fee is one of the highest coasters in Switzerland.

Getting up to the start of the Feeblitz Rodel-Bobbahn alpine coaster requires going up in a bobsled lift that can only take two people at a time. It then descends at serious speed over 900 meters down the mountain and through the forest.

The ride includes a 360-degree loop along with three leaps and is an adrenaline rush of note! The views are great until you go into the forest where the trees then flash past you as you hit up to 40 km per hour.

At the bottom, you will find a cafe serving up delicious food and there are other activities available as well, such as mini golf.

Flumserberg, “Floomzer” Coaster

Rodelbahn Floomzer in Flumserberg
Rodelbahn Floomzer in Flumserberg – Image courtesy of Wikimedia

Flumserberg isn’t very far away from Zurich and sits just above the beautiful Lake Walensee. The views from this area are magical as they stretch across the lake and into northwest Switzerland.

The hiking in this area is stunning and hiking up to the top of the coaster is very much recommended so you can appreciate the lovely views.

Once at the top, one of the longest coasters in Switzerland awaits you. It is a whopping 2000 meters, almost 7000 feet long, and riding it is a rush of note! This is a great coaster for both adults and kids, be warned though, queues can be quite long.

It costs CHF 14 for an adult without a lift ride and CHF 22 with one. Children get a discounted rate, as they should!

Mt Pilatus, Rodelbahn Frakigaudi

Rodelbahn Frakigaudi isn’t a coaster, it is an alpine slide and the longest alpine coaster in all of Switzerland.

The slide is a huge 1350 meters in length and is incredibly popular so be prepared to do some queuing, but it is worth it. The slide-down is quite a rush and a load of fun. It costs just 9 francs to ride and this includes a return ticket on the cable car, plus there is a discount for kids.

Take a moment to look at the amazing views from the top below hopping on the alpine slide and enjoying them at speed!

The area also offers amazing alpine views, you can spend the night in tree tents for a wild experience, and there are some fun rope courses for kids to play on too!

Sattel-Hochstuckli, Rodelbahn Stuckli Run

Sattel-Hochstuckli – Image courtesy of Patrick Nouhailler

Sitting in Central Switzerland the Sattel-Hochstuckli is rather unique as a ticket to it includes unlimited rides down the 600-meter run.

I would advise getting there early so you can have a lot of rides in before the crowds turn up and you end up dealing with lots of queuing. It costs just CHF 5 for unlimited rides so this is one serious bargain!

The ticket includes the gondola ride up the mountain and you get access to all the other fun activities too from the alpine slide to the bouncy castles, trampolines, summer tubing, and more.

The area is also home to a stunning panoramic trail with magical views of Swiss mountains, plus there is a cool suspension bridge to walk across too!

Monte Tamaro, Coaster Bob

The Coaster Bob in Monte Tamaro is one of the fastest coasters in Switzerland. You get to control the speed with the brake lever but you can reach up to 50 km per hour if you really want to make it fast.

The coaster is 1000 meters long and comes with a load of loops that make for one incredibly thrilling ride!

As you can imagine, this is an incredibly popular coaster in Switzerland and one that ends up with long queues outside of it by the afternoon. I would advise arriving early so you can avoid these.

You can either hike to the top or grab the Gondola that is included with the CHF 5 ticket. The views from the top are as beautiful as you might expect them to be!

Oeschinensee, Summer Toboggan Run

If you are looking for something to do in Kandersteg, then maybe this mountain coaster is it!

The Summer Toboggan Run at Oeschinensee isn’t an alpine run, but it does lead you down to the stunning lake where you can enjoy swimming and picnicking on the beach in the sunshine.

The slope drops 150 meters over a 750-meter course which means it is a pretty fast course! You will fly down this with a ton of adrenaline, all while looking at views across the lake.

It costs just CHF 6 to go on the run which included a return gondola ride, and there is a discount for anyone who arrives before 11:30, so get up early and enjoy the lake afterward!

Written by Ashley Faulkes
As a twenty-year resident of Switzerland, I am passionate about exploring every nook and cranny of this beautiful country, I spend my days deep in the great Swiss outdoors, and love to share these experiences and insights with fellow travel enthusiasts.

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