Visiting First Mountain, Grindelwald (Action, Adventure & More)

First To Bachalpsee

Sitting right by the buzzing mountain resort town of Grindelwald in the Jungfrau region is Grindelwald First Mountain. This peak is blessed with stunning scenery in every direction and adventure activities for both adults and the whole family.

If you are staying in Grindelwald or exploring the Jungfrau regions, then spending some time at Grindelwald First is kind of a must, no matter what time of year it is.

But, what can you do at Grindelwald First and how do you get there? You can find all the answers below as I run through everything you need to know about having an amazing time on this beautiful mountain peak.

AddressDorfstrasse 187, 3818 Grindelwald (Google Maps)
Opening TimesMonday to Friday: 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM
Saturday and Sunday: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Note: Last trip down is at 5.30 PM
Ticket PricesAdults: CHF 64 return
Reduced Fare: CHF 32 return
Children (6-16): CHF 20 return
ParkingThe closest parking options are opposite the Valley station here.
Other parking options can be found here.
Public TransportRegular trains to Grindelwald main station
10 minutes walk from the train station to First Gondola
OR Bus 121/122 behind the main station to Firstbahn
First Gondola at Borg station
First Gondola at the Borg station

How to Get To Grindelwald First

The first step to exploring Grindelwald First is getting there in the first place, no pun intended. Since Swiss Public Transport is so efficient, it is very easy to get to, and the journey is rather beautiful too.

If you are not staying in Grindelwald, you will have to make your way to Grindelwald train station which takes no time at all from Interlaken or Lauterbrunnen. When you get off the train, walk to the Grindelwald First Cable Car Valley Station, which takes about 12 minutes.

Grindelwald First Valley Station
Grindelwald First Valley Station

Take the cable car up the mountain and get off at Grindelwald First Cable Car Station. The cable car journey is about 25 minutes long and First is the third stop on the journey.

Be sure to take in the amazing view from the cable car as you rise up to 2,184 meters above sea level with mountain views in every direction.

Things to Do At Grindelwald First

Grindelwald First Gondola Ride

Grindelwald First Gondola
Grindelwald First Gondola

Gondola is another word for cable cars and your first experience of Grindelwald First is going to be taking the stunning gondola journey up the mountain.

As I already mentioned, the views as you go up in the gondola are amazing and you will want to have your camera ready and pointed in every direction.

There are two stations along the way, Bort and Schreckfeld and different outdoor activities are available at different stops. The best way to do it is to go up to First and then work your way down the mountain.

The First Cliff Walk and Bachalpsee Lake are easily accessible from First. The First Flyer, First Glider, and Mountain Cart are at Schreckfeld and Trottibike is at Bort Gondola Station.

You don’t have to start at the top and work your way down, you can just hop off and do your preferred activities at any of the stops, but make sure you go to First at some point for the views and activities.

First Cliff Walk By Tissot

Tissot Cliff Walk
Tissot Cliff Walk

The First Cliff Walk by Tissot is a wonderful thing to do when you first arrive, as it is free and it requires no special equipment either.

The First Cliff Walk by Tissot is a metal walkway with a suspension bridge that follows the edge of First Mountain. It is a bit daunting if you are afraid of heights but it is 100% safe and the views are worth a bit of nerve and adrenaline.

Serious exposure on the Tissot Cliff Walk
Serious exposure on the Tissot Cliff Walk

The walk takes you around the mountain and leads to a 45-meter viewing platform that overhangs a ravine. The views along the way are unparalleled and you end the walk at the lovely mountain restaurant Berggasthaus First, which is great for lunch.

Final section of the Cliff Walk
The final section of the Cliff Walk

It is best to do the walk in clear weather but it is still cool to do when covered in clouds too, it makes it a bit of a spooky affair.

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First Glider

First Glider
First Glider

First Glider is also available at the First Gondola station and it is a thrilling adventure, to say the least. At First Glider you are strapped in horizontally under an eagle’s wings and then sent along an 800-meter-long zip wire down to Schrekfeld station.

You will be 50 meters above the ground, moving at speeds of up to 70 km per hour. It is a rush of note and along the way, the view is absolutely incredible, especially as you are being held horizontally above the ground.

First Glider is 100% safe and a lot of fun, you actually feel like you are flying since you are strapped into the ride horizontally. It is an awesome experience and should not be missed unless you would rather do First Flyer instead, but you can of course do both if you want to.

First Flyer

First Flyer
First Flyer

First Flyer is quite similar to First Glider except in this case you are sitting in a seat instead of being held horizontally.

First Flyer also takes you down to Schreckfeld station over an 800-meter zip line. You will ride solo but 4 people can go simultaneously, so it can be a family-friendly adventure so long as your kids are old enough.

You will rush down the mountain at speeds up to 84 km per hour on First Flyer, which is pretty damn fast and it will certainly get your adrenaline pumping.

You will be safely harnessed into the chair so don’t be worried, the ride is incredibly safe and is a lot of fun. The views along the way are insane, and if you are brave enough, you could record the ride on your phone as you go down.

If you can only do one, First Flyer or First Glider, I’d recommend First Glider as there is nothing like the bird’s eye view it gives you.

First Trottibike

Grindelwald First Trotti bike
Grindelwald First Trotti bike

First Trottibike is an awesome way to get back down the mountain to Grindelwald once you are done for the day. At First Trottibike you get given a Trottibike scooter, which is fundamentally like a large electric city scooter you might have seen. However, there is no power, just gravity to take you downhill!

Riding your Trottibike scooter down the mountain from Bort to Grindelwald is so much fun. You’ll hit high speeds, navigate turns, and get to appreciate the breathtaking mountain views of Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau along the way. This is by far one of the most fun ways to get back to Grindelwald.

You can find these scooters at Bort Middle station and they are suitable for anyone who is 125 cm / 4 ft 1 inch tall or above, but you might not want young kids to go down on the bikes as the path is steep, requires delicate braking, and handling sharp turns.

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First Mountain Cart

Mountain cart on First
Mountain cart on First

First Mountain Cart can be found at Schreckfeld station and it is a place where you can hire mountain carts to race down the mountain from Schreckfeld to Bort.

The mountain carts have been specially made to handle the mountain terrain with improved braking systems, suspension, and big tires too. The course is 3 km long and it is all downhill, of course, so you can reach some high speeds.

Anyone who is 4 ft 4 inches tall or above can take a cart but some knowledge or experience of driving is required to make it down the course safely. Older children will have a lot of fun but younger ones may struggle.

Again, the views as you cruise down the mountain are amazing and it is a lot of fun driving a cart down through the Alps.

Bachalpsee Lake Hike


This is one of the most beautiful hikes in the Grindelwald area and it is great for families as the hiking is not too strenuous. Bachalpsee Lake is also incredibly beautiful and on a clear day, you can even take a photo of the Schreckhorn mountain reflected on the surface.

Hiking to the lake takes about an hour from First and the trails are very well-marked. There are some uphill sections but none of them are too strenuous. Be sure to stop and take in the views a lot along the way as they are changing constantly.

When you arrive at the crystal blue waters, you can use one of the BBQs which are equipped with wood to have a picnic by the lake before walking back to Grindelwald First.

Hike to the Faulhorn

View from the Faulhorn Hut
View from the Faulhorn Hut

The Faulhorn peak is a little bit past Bachalpsee but along the same trail. A nice thing to do is to hike to Bachalpsee, enjoy the views, on to Faulhorn, and back to Bachalpsee for a picnic lunch and a rest before heading back to First.

Another way of doing the Faulhorn hike is to go from First to Bachalpsee, Bachalpsee to Faulhorn, and then down from Faulhorn to Bussalp. This trail takes around 4 hours to complete and you can get the bus back down to Grindelwald from Bussalp.

Whichever way you choose to hike to Faulhorn, it is 100% worth it, especially on a clear day. You will have amazing views over Interlaken, the two lakes surrounding it Brienzersee and Thunersee plus mountain peaks that seemingly go on forever.

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Hike to Grosse Scheidegg

Grosse Scheidegg
View from Grosse Scheidegg – image via Wikimedia

Another of the great hikes from First is to Grosse Scheidegg in the Grindelwald Valley. There are two ways of doing this hike, one is quite intense and the other is very easy.

The easy route follows trails from First down the mountain to Grosse Scheidegg where you can get a bus to Grindelwald. It is about 6.5 km and will take about 1.5 to 2 hours the views are, of course lovely, but you don’t get to see much scenery.

The other route is more challenging and is 15.6 km long and takes up to 6 hours but the route is spectacular. You will go via Bachalpsee, Häxeseewli (another beautiful lake), along a ridge with amazing views in all directions, and then down to Grosse Scheidegg.

This hike is labeled as difficult but all it requires is some fitness. It is a very popular trail so you will find lots of others hiking it too. Here are the details.

Berggasthaus First

First Berg Restaurant
First Berg Restaurant

Berggasthaus First is a lovely mountain restaurant and hotel located right at First station.

If you want to enjoy all the hikes around First before taking the adventure activities down the mountain, this is an awesome place to stay for the night. Also, seeing the sunset and sunrise from First is hard to beat.

If you can’t stay overnight, then stopping off for lunch or a drink at Berggasthaus First is a lovely way to end your time at First before heading down the mountain.

They serve up delicious traditional Swiss dishes such as raclette as well as a fine a la carte menu. Be sure to book a table on the panoramic terrace for the best views!

First Grindelwald Tickets and Opening Hours

The cable car is open every day from 8:00 AM. to 6:00 PM in the summer and 8:30 AM. to 5:30 PM in the winter. The cost for the cable car is CHF 32 and children get a discount and Swiss Travel Pass Holders travel for free.

The best way to book is with an activity or two included and this costs

Ticket TypeAdult Price
(CHF) **1
Adult Reduced Faire
(CHF) **2
Child Price
Adult return ticket643220
Adult return plus one activity745043
Adult return plus two activities896757
Adult return plus three activities1068571
Adult return plus four activities1209984
Grindelwald First ticket prices

Note: 1 – The above prices are for off-season. During peak season, the prices are between 2-4 CHF more.

2 – Reduced Fares are available with a Half-fare card, GA, or Swiss Travel Pass.

Swiss Travel Pass
Swiss Travel Pass

Frequently Asked Questions About Grindelwald First

Is Grindelwald First included in the Swiss Travel Pass?

Yes, Grindelwald First is included in the Swiss Travel Pass, as I mentioned in the section above. You can ride the cable car for free with the pass but you will still have to pay for the activities. 

How long is the hike from Grindelwald to First?

The hike to First from Grindelwald is 5.4 miles (8.69 km) and it is challenging as it requires a large elevation gain. The hiking trails are well-marked and it should take you about 4 hours to get to the top. 

How long is the cable car from Grindelwald to First?

It takes around 25 minutes from Grindelwald to the top of First. You will get some jaw-dropping views of the Grindelwald valley below and the stunning 4000-meter Bernese Oberland peaks opposite First as you climb to a final height of 2168 m.

Is First Cliff Walk free?

Yes, the First Cliff Walk is free as it is sponsored by Tissot, a Swiss watch manufacturer. You can start the walk at the top of the First Gondola as it winds its way around the peak at the top of the cable car.

How long is the First Mountain Cart?

The First Mountain Cart track is 3 km long and it doesn’t take very long to complete as you rush down the mountain surrounded by mountain views. 

Which is better Grindelwald-First or Jungfraujoch?

Jungfraujoch is the most popular and spectacular mountain trip from Grindelwald and one you won’t forget. In comparison, Grindelwald First has great views and lots of fun activities, but does is not as memorable.

Of course, First is a lot cheaper than a trip to the Jungfrau, which might be a factor in your decision. Or, you could go to both, as it is certainly worth visiting too.

Written by Ashley Faulkes
As a twenty-year resident of Switzerland, I am passionate about exploring every nook and cranny of this beautiful country, I spend my days deep in the great Swiss outdoors, and love to share these experiences and insights with fellow travel enthusiasts.

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