Best Hotels in Chur, Switzerland Near Train Station (Walking Distance)

best hotels chur near train station

Chur is a charming Alpine city and the capital of the Graubunden canton. It offers a variety of attractions in the Chur old town, and it’s connected to the other major cities in Switzerland by trains and buses. If you want to base yourself in Chur while exploring the wider regions of eastern and central Switzerland, staying near the Chur train station is the right way to go!

This detailed guide includes all the best hotels in Chur that are close to the train station, from cheap budget hotels to those that are perfectly suitable for business travelers. All the hotels featured here are less than a 10-minute walk away from the main station in Chur, and some even feature a bus connection to cut the journey time in half!

Hotel Stern Chur

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Hotel Stern Chur is situated a mere 6-minute walk from the main train station in Chur. It’s in the heart of Chur city center and within easy walking distance of all the best cafes, restaurants, and tourist attractions.

The hotel has four stars and it’s suitable for solo travelers, couples, families, and even business travelers. The rooms boast modern furnishings and all the necessities you might need for a shorter stay, and they’re not too expensive for a 4-star hotel. The base rate for economy single rooms is around 130 CHF, while double rooms start at 245 CHF per night.

You have the option of cheaper or more spacious single and double rooms, and the hotel even has an apartment that’s good for families. This hotel also has multiple rooms for meetings and celebrations, as well as a great restaurant on-site. But it lacks other amenities like a pool or a gym, so keep that in mind if you’re planning a longer stay in Chur.


ABC Swiss Quality Hotel

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The ABC Swiss Quality Hotel is just around the corner near Chur station, only a minute away. The entrance to Bahnhofplatz is just across the street from the hotel’s front door, making this the best of all Chur Station hotels in terms of proximity. If you’re planning to explore quite a bit of Switzerland and you want Chur to be the base, you won’t go wrong with this hotel.

The hotel features 48 rooms, 9 studios, and 1 large apartment that’s good for families. It’s generally better for solo travelers and couples since most rooms are single and double. Standard single rooms are the cheapest and go for 149 CHF per night, while double and twin rooms can be rented for anywhere from 246 CHF to 306 CHF for a night.

It’s worth noting that solo travelers can get a significant discount on the double rooms, in case you want to have more space. The nightly rate for the top-floor suite ranges from 300 CHF to 421 CHF depending on the number of people on the reservation.


Central Hotel Post

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Central Hotel Post is a bit further away from the train station, but it’s still just a 6-minute walk from the hotel to Chur Bahnhofplatz. That’s doable even with heavy luggage, so consider this hotel if you want to be far enough so that you’re not constantly hearing the sounds of trains while in Chur.

This hotel is situated in the center of Chur, close to some excellent cafes, restaurants, shops, and a gorgeous park. It’s a 3-star hotel, so the prices are generally a bit more affordable than in some other Chur hotels that are also close to the train station.

The hotel rooms are nothing special, and if you want to be in modern and luxurious surroundings this isn’t the right hotel for you. On the other hand, if you’re happy with free Wi-Fi and breakfast for the price of 112 CHF per night, you’ll love it at Central Hotel Post. That’s the rate of the cheapest single room, while the double rooms go for 147-186 CHF. The hotel also has triple and quadruple rooms, for 264-340 CHF per night.


Ambiente Hotel Freieck

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Ambiente Hotel Freieck is a 3-star hotel approximately 7 minutes away from Church Station. It’s in the historic area of the city close to all the most popular landmarks and tourist attractions, so it’s a great place to stay if you want to discover Chur during your trip.

The hotel rooms are spacious and equipped with all the necessities you need for a stay, although they could be updated a bit. The furnishings are a bit outdated, but there are some modern accents throughout the rooms.

A buffet breakfast is included in the nightly rates of all rooms, which start at 110 CHF for single rooms and 165 CHF for double rooms. This hotel also has triple rooms for approximately 250 CHF per night, but groups of four adults will need to rent two double rooms.


Hotel Franziskaner

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Hotel Franziskaner is situated in the old town area of Chur, some 10 minutes away from the main train station. But don’t worry, there’s a bus stop about a minute away from the hotel entrance that can get you to the station in just 4 minutes, and it’s extremely convenient if you’re traveling with a lot of heavy luggage.

This is one of the most affordable hotels in Chur, with a nightly rate of 80 CHF for a single room. However, it’s important to note that the cheapest rooms do not have an ensuite bathroom, so they’re only going to be an option for people who are okay with having access to a shared bathroom.

Double rooms with shared bathrooms go for 135 CHF per night, while a twin/double room with a private bathroom will cost you at least 160 CHF. This is a cheap hotel suitable for backpackers and travelers on a budget, and pretty much anyone who plans to use the hotel room just for sleep.


Hotel Drei Könige

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Hotel Drei Könige is situated in Chur’s historic center, about 6 minutes away from the train station. It’s the cheapest hotel in Chur so it’s probably the best option for travelers on a very tight budget who are okay with having to share a bathroom.

The nightly rate for rooms without an ensuite bathroom is 75 CHF for a single room and 125 CHF for a double room. You can’t even get a single room for 125 CHF in most other Chur hotels, so definitely keep an open mind if you don’t have a big budget for your trip to Switzerland.

Even the rooms with private bathrooms are inexpensive, with single rooms going for 100 CHF per night and double rooms for 150 CHF. The hotel also has triple (200 CHF) and quadruple rooms (260 CHF) that are all equipped with ensuite bathrooms, so it’s suitable even for families and groups of friends.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which train station serves as the primary transportation hub in Chur?

The Chur transit station is the main transportation hub situated in the central area of the city. The other two train stations in Chur are Chur Wiesental and Chur West. 

What is the price range for hotels located near the Chur Railway Station?

The average nightly price of rooms in hotels near Chur Railway station is 130 CHF for a single room and 200 CHF for a double room. There are cheaper and more expensive options, but that’s the average price you can expect to pay for a night in a hotel in Chur. 

Is staying in Chur worth it?

It’s absolutely worth it to stay in Chur. The accommodation prices are lower than in Zurich and other big cities, and you can still explore a large area of Switzerland thanks to excellent train connections. Chur is only about an hour away from Zurich and just two hours from Lucerne, so you could easily explore both cities on day trips and be back at your hotel before night falls. 

Written by Ashley Faulkes
As a twenty-year resident of Switzerland, I am passionate about exploring every nook and cranny of this beautiful country, I spend my days deep in the great Swiss outdoors, and love to share these experiences and insights with fellow travel enthusiasts.

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