Best Ice Cream in Zurich (18 Options)

best ice cream in Zurich

Staying in Zurich and you’re in the mood for some ice cream? Then you’ve come to the right place because this detailed guide will tell you about all the best ice cream shops in the Swiss city!

From artisanal gelaterias to the best ice cream to buy in the supermarkets, you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to ice cream, gelato, and sorbet in Zurich. The city has many Italian pastry shops that serve authentic gelato, and the options are endless. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic flavor or something out of the box, there are always a few places that won’t disappoint in Zurich!

Gelateria am See

Gelati am See Ice Crem
Gelati am See, image courtesy of Facebook

Set in the scenic Riebach Harbor, Gelateria am See is one of the most popular summer destinations for ice cream in Zurich. The little cart has returned to the harbor for the past twenty summers and it’s become a staple destination for the locals. 

However, it’s a really small ice cream cart and the queues are long. There are only seven ice cream flavors, and by the time you get to order, the shop may run out of the flavor you want. The flavors do change throughout the day, and for a wider variety, you can visit one of the other locations of the same shop (Tellhof, Schulgasse). 

Gelateria Berna

Gelateria di Berna
Gelateria Berna, Image courtesy of Facebook

Gelateria Berna is one of those places that’s never empty. There’s always a line there, which goes to show just how good their ice cream is. Pardon me, it’s not ice cream but gelato and sorbet. 

One thing I really like about this place is that they often change up their offer. One day they might have a delicious mango gelato, but two days later they’ll offer passion fruit instead. Everything is made with fresh ingredients, and the choice depends on what they’ve got available at the moment. 

You can always count on Gelateria Berna to deliver the staples like caramel, chocolate, vanilla, and stracciatella. And if you’re in the mood to experiment, you won’t regret coming here. 

Gelateria Oro

Gelateria Oro is one of the most popular ice cream shops on Bahnhofstrasse. It’s hidden in Cafe Al Leone, which is opposite the Uhrenmuseum Beyer Zürich. The cafe is right next to the Louis Vuitton shop, and you’ll find it easily if you know where to look. However, they’ve recently announced they’ll be moving to a new location without stating where, and I’ll make sure to update this post once there’s more information. 

The gelato here is really good and they’ve got all the staples. Gelateria Oro doesn’t change up their offer much, so you can almost always expect to find your favorites. However, a scoop of gelato is 5 CHF, which also makes Gelateria Oro one of the most expensive ice cream places in Zurich. 

Gelati Tellhof

Gelati Tellhof is the bigger and better version of Gelati am See. It’s the bigger location of the same ice cream shop and the place to come if the queues are too long or the variety is too small at the other location. 

A wide variety of flavors is available here, and they’re all delicious. One thing I really like about the place is that you always get an extra tiny scoop of a flavor you would like to try on top of the ones you already purchased. 

Giro D’Italia

Giro D’Italia gelato, image courtesy of Facebook

Giro D’Italia is an Italian restaurant in western Zurich, close to the Zürich Hardbrücke train station. Come here for delicious gelato, but also for excellent Italian savory food – pizza, panini, calzone, etc. 

Other desserts are available here in addition to Gelato, and I can hardly ever resist the cannoli. The gelato is great, and I really like that the place does seasonal flavors with fruit. The last time I visited it was 3.5 CHF for a scoop and 5 CHF for two scoops.

Vittorio Vanini

Vittorio Vanini is a Swiss chocolatier with a tradition of more than 150 years. They opened a new boutique in Zurich in January at Limmatquai, in the heart of the city. It’s an easy ice cream shop to find, and I think you’ll be happy to find it because everything here is absolutely delicious. 

Come to Vittorio Vanini if you want to splurge on decadent ice cream. It’s one of the more expensive shops, but they go all out. You can get a cone dipped in delicious chocolate and crumbled nuts or chocolate sprinkles, which enhances the taste of the gelato.

There’s plenty of variety of gelato flavors, as well as loads of other chocolate desserts. This is a chocolatier after all, so the focus is on chocolates.  


Movenpick Ice Cream
Movenpick Ice Cream, image courtesy of Facebook

Movenpick is an ice cream shop with multiple locations in Zurich. One is at Belleuve, another at the train station, and there’s even a shop at the airport. Movenpick also has a wine bar in the old town, but their location in Bellevue is the best one for ice cream, especially during walking tours of Zurich

It’s close to the Zurich Opera House, so it’s in part of the city that you’ll stumble across on most city tours. Movenpick has more than 30 varieties of ice cream and sorbet, so the options are endless. Scoops are expensive at 4-5 CHF, but there are discounts for two scoops and more. 

Rosso Arancio

Rosso Aroncio
Rossa Arancio, image courtesy of Facebook

Rosso Arancio is an artisan gelato parlor in the Langstrasse district. The thing I love most about this place is that they don’t add artificial dye to the gelato, which results in mild, pastel colors. This is normally a sign of high-quality gelato, and it makes it easier for me to justify the somewhat high price per scoop. 

If you come here, I highly recommend you try the ice cream sandwich with homemade brioche. It’s absolutely delicious, and probably my favorite thing to have at Rosso Arancio. This is one of Zurich’s best and most popular gelaterias, but certainly not one of the cheapest. 

Konditorei Caredda

Konditorei Caredda, image courtesy of Facebook

Konditorei Caredda is in Industriequartier, northwest of the main train station. It’s a small local patisserie shop with a wide variety of desserts and 14 different gelato flavors. Most flavors are classics you’d expect to find in every ice cream shop and there are usually a couple of innovative options. 

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In addition to delicious ice cream, you’ll find loads of other sweet pastries here. The shop is very popular with locals but not quite as much with tourists, so the crowds and waiting times are usually acceptable. 

Hasta Ice Cream

Hasta Ice Cream is in Zurich’s old town, in an alley behind Grossmunster. With 24 different flavors of ice cream, this is a great spot to come if you enjoy having a wide variety of options and trying new things. Their ginger ice cream stands out as a flavor I didn’t expect to like, but I did. 

Because this shop is situated so centrally, it’s more expensive than others that are further outside the city center. It was 4 CHF for a scoop a few months ago, which is pricey considering that they’re not extremely generous with the size of the scoop. But the flavors are absolutely there! 


Honold Ice Cream
Honold Ice Crean, image courtesy of Facebook

Honold is a cafe with an ice cream shop in the heart of Zurich. When you’re roaming around the old town and feel like you need a break to eat some tasty ice cream on a hot summer’s day, this is a great spot and it’s easy to find in the town center. 

However, there are only 11 varieties of ice cream and sorbet, so you won’t have too many choices. The shop also has two types of ice cream popsicles, which I honestly prefer to some of their sorbet flavors. But I’m all about chocolate and that chocolate popsicle hits the spot every single time. 

Sorbetto Ice Cream

Sorbetto Ice Cream, image courtesy of Facebook

Sorbetto Ice Cream is the place to come for delicious sorbet and ice cream cups. This place has an ice cream sandwich I can never resist. It doesn’t have any wafers and instead is entirely dipped into melted chocolate. When it cools down, this chocolate becomes solid, but it will still melt in your mouth. 

Just thinking about the ice cream sandwich is making me want to grab my wallet and go for a walk. Sorbetto Ice Cream usually has 15+ flavors of ice cream and sorbet to choose from, with a couple of seasonal options that change every month or two. 

Gelateria Leonardo

Gelateria Leonardo
Gelateria Leonardo, image courtesy of Facebook

Gelateria Leonardo has been a popular destination for artisanal gelato in Zurich for more than two decades. It has multiple locations in Zurich, but most permanent ice cream shops are outside the city center. Leonardo’s ice cream cart in an alley just off Bahnhofstrasse is the most popular location, but it is available only in the summer. 

This place has excellent gelato and more than 20 different flavors to choose from, even at their smallest shop. It is one of the pricier shops, but that’s to be expected considering the location. I’m not sure if the prices are much better in the shops outside of central Zurich, and even if they were, I don’t think it’s a good idea to waste 20-30 minutes on public transport just to save 1-2 CHF. 


Vegelataria, image courtesy of Facebook

Location: Müllerstrasse 64

Vegelateria is a vegan restaurant in Langstrasse that serves main courses, desserts, and ice cream. Everything’s organic and vegan, making this the ideal place for all plant-based travelers in Zurich. 

I heard so many great things about this place that I had to go try the gelato, even though I’m not vegan. And it was every bit as delicious as the people were saying, although I will say that it’s quite pricey. I was almost 4 CHF per scoop the last time I went a couple of years ago, and I’m pretty sure they’ve increased the price since. But the gelato is excellent and as tasty as non-vegan options. 


Eisladen is an adorable little ice cream shop in Shilfeld. It’s not in the city center but very close, and honestly, a worthy detour if you want to sit down for a couple of scoops. The shop has an adorable interior, and it’s one of my favorite places to come when I want to sit down somewhere and enjoy my gelato in peace. 

The place offers 15+ flavors, and you can choose between ice cream and sorbet. Also, I like that their flavors are usually out of the ordinary, with ingredients you don’t necessarily see in many other places. So, come here if you want to visit a very lovely cafe and enjoy a scoop or two of some rather unique ice cream (or sorbet). 

Kalte Lust

Kalte Lust Ice Cream
Kalte Lust ice cream, image courtesy of Facebook

Kalte Lust is an established gelato manufacturer in Switzerland. I know they had a seasonal shop in Zurich and I’m not entirely sure what’s going on with that because they removed it from their website, but I’ll update you as soon as I have any more information. 

Anyway, you don’t have to go to their ice cream shop specifically to try Kalte Lust ice cream. It’s available in multiple stores and other restaurants throughout Switzerland, and Zurich is no exception. You can buy it at Coop, and this is actually better because you’re getting a better deal for the money. Kalte Lust offers dozens of different flavors, many of which are entirely vegan and absolutely delicious. 

Raffael’s 1989

Raffaels 1989
Raffael’s 1989, image courtesy of Facebook

Raffael’s 1989 is an artisanal chocolate shop in Zurich with a tradition of more than three decades. The place is best known for delicious chocolates, especially bars with unique combinations of flavors. The shop is near the Zurich Opera House, so easy to find on walking tours. 

Come here for delicious ice cream made with fresh ingredients and no artificial dyes. There aren’t too many different flavors of ice cream here, so it’s best to come to Raffael’s if you’re in the mood for a classic ice cream taste. I recommend the chocolate as it is the shop’s specialty. 


Dieci has multiple locations in Zurich. The easiest one to find is at Limmatquai in the city center. There’s also an Italian restaurant near Rudolf-Brun-Brücke that serves Dieci ice cream. 

The gelateria has a small window on the street so you can quickly pick up the dessert. The waiting times aren’t too long, which I love. Even in the middle of the summer you can get the ice cream quite fast and escape the hot sun. The selection of flavors is good, there’s a nice mix of classics and unique options, and everything I’ve tried so far was absolutely delicious. 

Map of the Best Ice Cream Shops in Zurich

Written by Ashley Faulkes
As a twenty-year resident of Switzerland, I am passionate about exploring every nook and cranny of this beautiful country, I spend my days deep in the great Swiss outdoors, and love to share these experiences and insights with fellow travel enthusiasts.

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