Glamping In Switzerland: Best Spots For Luxury Camping

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Considering going glamping while you’re in Switzerland? Then you’re definitely in the right place because this detailed guide covers all the best glamping opportunities in the Alpine country!

Glamping has become increasingly popular over the past decade. It’s a great way of exploring a new country and staying in touch with nature, but with more luxuries than you would have during a regular camping trip. You can still admire the stars at night and sleep in the middle of the forest, but instead of being on the floor in a sleeping bag, you’re in a king-sized bed with a comfortable mattress. And if that sounds fun, here’s all you need to know about the top glamping spots in Switzerland!

Our Favorite Glamping In Switzerland

Whitepod Eco-Luxury Hotel (Les Giettes)

Whitepod Eco-Luxury Hotel
© Copyright 2023 Whitepod Eco-Luxury Hotel

The Whitepod Eco-Luxury Hotel is a great option for glamping in Les Giettes region. This unique vpod hotel offers several choices for luxury pods, which range from cozy to pod suites. The cozy pod (which is the cheapest option) includes an en suite bathroom, a king-sized bed, an additional adult bed, a wood-burning stove with pellets, and a free breakfast in the pod. The other pods have all these facilities, as well as a few extras.

The nightly rates start at around 400 CHF for the Cosy pod and go up to 1,400 CHF for the most elaborate pod suite they offer. It’s certainly pricey for sleeping in what’s essentially a luxury tent, but that’s the price for experiencing the camping feeling while also staying toasty warm and having access to running hot water in your own private bathroom.

Also, it’s worth noting that all the pods are partially covered, so you have a bit more privacy inside. They all feature grass on the front, allowing you to enjoy the stunning views of the Swiss Alps from the comfort of your cozy bed.


Glaspavillon Minimaya (Valais)

Glaspavillon Minimaya
Glaspavillon Minimaya ©

Glaspavillon Minimaya offers luxury glamping accommodation in a glasshouse-like pod. Yes, this is truly sleeping outdoors without all the hassle. The pod is all alone in the garden, deep in the mountains of Wallis in southern Switzerland. You get all the benefits of mountain accommodation without all the hassle

If you like the privacy of camping, then this is the spot for you. This glamping glasshouse comes with a garden, a terrace and a nearby restaurant and private parking. And it is only a stone’s throw away from the Grimselpass.

So, if you want to do lots of outdoor activities while glamping, then you are spoiled for choice. The mind-blowing Aletsch Arena is not far away with access points at Fiesch. You can also do lots of day trips to places like Binntal, or even to Saas Fee or Zermatt.


Panorama Jurte Über Dem Uri-See (Schweiz)

Panorama Jurte Über Dem Uri-See
Panorama Jurte Über Dem Uri-See ©

Panorama Jurte Über Dem Uri-See is the closest you can get to an actual camping experience, with a few upgrades. It’s in Sisikon in the canton of Schweiz, situated on a promontory that offers gorgeous views of Lake Lucerne from the comfort of your tent.

The tent is pretty basic; it includes a wooden bed frame with a mattress, rustic decor, and access to an outhouse bathroom. But this is still a pretty big upgrade compared to a classic camping tent, and the views from the deck in front of the tent are to die for. It’s not quite as glamorous, but it’s definitely in the spirit of camping.

Guests also have access to a full-sized kitchen and a proper bathroom for hot showers in a nearby cottage. The nightly rate for this glamping experience is around 116-150 CHF, depending on the season and the number of people.

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La Pinte du Vieux Manoir (Meyriez)

La Pinte du Vieux Manoir
© La Pinte du Vieux Manoir

La Pinte du Vieux Manoir is an excellent option if your idea of glamping is staying in a rustic lakeside cottage. Situated on Lake Murten, not too far from Geneva airport, this hotel truly puts the glamour in glamping.

They’ve got three accommodation options for guests – a glass diamond treehouse, a railway house, and a lakeside house. All the accommodation options include free private parking, a private bathroom, a comfortable bed, and free WiFi. The tree house includes private lake access with a pier, while the lakeside house also boasts private barbecue facilities on the pier.

No matter which accommodation you choose, the views will be absolutely amazing and you can enjoy spending time in the wonderful nature just in front of your door. The rates for La Pinte du Vieux Manor start at 390 CHF per night for the railway house and go up to 940 CHF a night for the tree house in the peak season. The lakeside house can only be rented for a week or more, and the rate for that is around 5,000 CHF.


Himmelbett Bubble Hotels (Thurgau)

Himmelbett Bubble Hotel
© Copyright 2023 Himmelbett Bubble Hotel

The Himmelbett Bubble Hotels in Thurgau are absolutely amazing, and one of your top options for glamping. Switzerland has a mesmerizing nature, and the bubble hotels allow you to remain in touch with it, even while you’re tucked into your bed.

It’s worth noting that they offer several options for glamping in multiple Swiss regions. The bubble hotels in Thurgau are some of their most popular glamping sites, but they also offer beds in the middle of nowhere and even a tiny house.

One thing to note is that this luxury camping experience isn’t exactly cheap – the bubble hotels start at around 250 CHF per night and can cost twice as much, depending on the location and the season. It’s truly a unique experience and I would recommend doing it for one night and then switching to a more traditional accommodation.

Aaregg Familiencampingplatz (Brienz)

Familiencamping Aaregg
© Copyright 2023 Familiencamping Aaregg

Aaregg Familiencampingplatz is a large campground on the shore of Lake Brienz, about an hour and a half away from the nearest airport (Zurich). The campgrounds offer everything from pitches for camping to glamping bungalows and cozy pod houses.

The bungalows have bedrooms, a seating area, a kitchen, and a bathroom, so you have all the luxuries of staying in an apartment. But the advantage is that you’re just steps from the lake and surrounded by gorgeous panoramic views of Alpine peaks.

There’s a minimum stay duration of at least two nights, and it’s honestly worth it. The prices for bungalows and pods are very affordable (around 170 CHF for two nights), and Villa Seeblick is the priciest accommodation option ( 450 CHF for two nights), but it can fit 4 people. I would recommend you choose a bungalow over the pods – although the pods look cuter, they cost the same as the bungalows but lack a private bathroom.


Map of Glamping In Switzerland

Written by Ashley Faulkes
As a twenty-year resident of Switzerland, I am passionate about exploring every nook and cranny of this beautiful country, I spend my days deep in the great Swiss outdoors, and love to share these experiences and insights with fellow travel enthusiasts.

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