Make the most of your time in Lucerne with this guide.

Perfect for anyone visiting for 1-3 days in Lucerne!

Here is a quick lowdown on what is inside the guide:

  • 1-3 Days Itineraries with Alternatives
  • Top Attractions in the old town and surroundings
  • Top Mountain Excursions around Lucerne
  • Museums, Shops, Restaurants & Hotels
  • Hiking in and around Lucerne (with maps)
  • Money-saving tips

Discover What To See & Where To Stay

This guide covers everything from must-see destinations and activities to lesser-known attractions and the hikes that will get you the best views.

And instead of worrying about what to add to your bucket list, you will learn precisely what to see and do in Lucerne, and why!

Recommended Itineraries

Avoid the confusion of what to do with your limited time in Lucerne. My recommended itineraries lead you to the best of Lucerne in 1 day, and show you what to do if you have even more time.

See all the old-town highlights in the most efficient manner, making the most of a morning in Lucerne, and make even more time for that trip up Pilatus too. Yes, you can see it all in one day, or relax and take even more time to soak it all up.

BONUS Google Map of Everything

Carry this Google Map of all the locations with you while you travel. Walk to all the attractions using Google Maps, and filter for only the things you want to see.

Find your hotel, or the amazing restaurant while out and about and save time -and avoid getting lost.

What You Get In The Guide

Our 67-page Discover Lucerne Travel Guide includes everything you need to know about the area including:

  • Top Mountain Excursions (Pilatus, Rigi, B├╝rgenstock and more)
  • Best Things To See & Do in & around Lucerne (with maps)
  • Hotels, shopping, restaurants, souvenirs and swiss gifts
  • Hikes from and round Lucerne
  • Maps & travel times

  • About The Author – Ashley Faulkes

    Ashley Faulkes (with Ann)

    Ashley is an Australian expat (and now a Swiss Citizen) who has been living in Switzerland for over 22 years.

    Ashley first visited the Switzerland Region over 45 years ago. And this guide is a result of his experience traveling and hiking around the region dozens of times over the years and. He also loves to share his extensive knowledge of traveling in Switzerland in general, to help newcomers get the most out of their visit.

    He is a certified Swiss Travel and Transport expert, a certification earned through local travel organisations.

    Many people will claim to be experts on Switzerland, but few have lived and breathed it for over two decades!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Can I Acess The Lucerne Guide?

    The guide can be accessed online via a link once you have purchased it. It is in PDF format, which is easy to view on any device (PC, Tablet, Smartphone). And you can easily zoom in to see any details.

    How Is This Guide Different From A Guidebook?

    We have collected all the relevant information about Lucerne and the surrounding region into a detailed guide with supporting maps and lists. It is designed to help you understand what to see and do, where these things are, and how to get around between them.

    Although “most” of the information is readily available on various websites and in guidebooks, it is never so easy to digest. Also, some of the information is a result of 22 years of experience of living and traveling in Switzerland.

    Do You Offer Refunds?

    Try this guide for 7 days and if you can tell me why it is not worth the money (and I can’t fix the problem) then I will refund your money!