Discover the best of Interlaken, Grindelwald, Lauterbrunnen & Jungfraujoch!

The benefits of this travel guide

  • The best mountain excursions
  • Top local attractions
  • Dozens of stunning local walks & hikes
  • Adventure activities to thrill
  • Where to stay & what's nearby
  • Maps & hotel suggestions

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  • 3 Digital Maps (Interlaken & surroundings, Grindelwald, Lauterbrunnen). To navigate on the go via your phone.
  • Comprehensive list of Mountain Excursion Opening Dates
  • Train Pass Coverage: Find out what your pass covers & where you get discounts

Reviews: Interlaken Region Uncovered

This guide to Interlaken paid for itself over and over. It covers all the best attractions, hikes and has handy little maps to go with it.
- Jane, Pennsylvania, USA
I can't thank Ashley enough for this in-depth guide. Professionally put together and very handy indeed. Especially for first-timers to the region!
- Marcel, Edinburgh, Scotland

Why This Guide Is For You

1. Avoid the confusion of a new place and navigate the Interlaken area with east.

2. Don't miss any of the highlights of the area. I will show you the most jaw-dropping mountain journeys, >attractions, activities, and hikes along with maps of their location.

3. Know where to stay and what is around your area in Interlaken, Grindelwald, Lauterbrunnen, Murren and Wengen. Avoid staying in the wrong place and excessive travel. Which will help you understand where to stay, how to get around, and where things are in the area.

4. Save time on finding top hotels and use my recommendations for each location to reduce the effort for you.

From the guide: Overview of the main towns

Who Is It For?

This guide is for:
  • First-time visitors to the Interlaken/Jungfrau region
  • Anyone who wants to maximise their time in the area
  • People looking for a guide that shows all the best spots
  • Those struggling to get a clear overview of where to stay and what is nearby

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About The Author

Ashley is an Australian expat (and now a Swiss Citizen) who has been living in Switzerland for over 22 years.

Ashley first visited the Jungfrau Region over 45 years ago. And this guide is a result of his experience traveling and hiking around the region dozens of times over the years and. He also loves to share his extensive knowledge of traveling in Switzerland in general, to help newcomers get the most out of their visit.

He is a certified Swiss Travel and Transport expert, a certification earned through local travel organisations.

Many people will claim to be experts on Switzerland, but few have lived and breathed it for over two decades!


Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Acess The Jungfrau Guide?

The guide can be accessed online via a link once you have purchased it. It is in PDF format, which is easy to view on any device (PC, Tablet, Smartphone). And you can easily zoom in to see any details.

How Is This Guide Different From A Guidebook?

We have collected all the relevant information about each area in the Jungfrau Region into a detailed guide with supporting maps and lists. It is designed to help you understand what to see and do, where these things are, and how to get around between them. Although “most” of the information is readily available on various websites and in guidebooks, it is never so easy to digest. Also, some of the information is a result of 22 years of experience of living and traveling in Switzerland.

Do You Offer Refunds?

If you are unhappy with the contents of the guide or feel there is something missing. Please let me know asap and I will try to fix it. If I am unable to do so, I will certainly refun your money.