Lucerne to Zermatt Travel Options (Train & Car)

Car-free Zermatt

If you are heading to Zermatt from Lucerne, then you have a few options to get there.

The easiest and most relaxing is by train, but it can be a tad faster by car.

Key Takeaways

  • By Train: Takes between 3 hours 15 minutes to 3 hours 45 minutes, 2nd class costs CHF 58.50
  • By Car: Takes approximately 3 hours 15 minutes, with a short train ride from Täsch (where you park your car)

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By Train

Lucerne Train Station inside
Lucerne train station

The most comfortable and convenient way to get from Lucerne to Zermatt is by train. Especially since you cannot drive directly to Zermatt (it is a car-free town).

Train Ticket Prices (Lucerne to Zermatt)

The following are the ticket prices for both 1st and 2nd class, with and without half fare card. You can double these prices for a return trip.

Full Price (CHF)With Half Fare Card (CHF)
2nd Class One Way11758.50
1st Class One Way205102.50
Train Ticket Prices – Lucerne to Zermatt

Super save tickets can be purchased to save money, however, you need to do this at least a day or more in advance. I saw some examples on the website of tickets as low as 37.20 CHF one day with half tax when booked some days ahead.

Train Connection Options

The fastest connection from Lucerne to Zermatt is 3 hours 14 minutes, and usually leaves Lucerne exactly on the hour, every hour. These journeys include the following train connections:

  • Lucerne to Bern
  • Bern to Visp
  • Visp to Zermatt

Another common connection is via Olten and takes 3 hours 44 minutes:

  • Lucerne to Olten
  • Olten to Visp
  • Visp to Lucerne
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Where to buy train tickets

The simplest way to buy any train ticket in Switzerland is via the SBB App. However, you can also buy tickets via their website or at any ticket machine or train station.

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Just keep in mind, that going into a ticket office may take time as there are often lines. So use the ticket machines when you are in a rush, as in my experience, it only takes a few minutes.

By Car

If you have your own car or are renting one while in Switzerland, then driving from Lucerne to Zermatt is definitely an option.

Parking In Täsch

Zermatt is a car-free town, so you are not allowed to drive all the way there. The closest you can drive is to Täsch where there is a large car park to leave your car, then catch the train to Zermatt.

There are 2100 parking spaces at the Matterhorn Terminal Täsch parking, where you can connect to a train to Zermatt every 20 minutes.

Keep this in mind when you are planning your trip and driving to Zermatt.

Routes To Zermatt

There are three possible routes to get from Lucerne to Zermatt, each with its own pros and cons.

Lucerne to Zermatt by car
Lucerne to Zermatt by car

Via Andermatt – 3 hours 13 minutes

  • Furka Basistunnel Train from Realp to Obergoms

This is a very scenic route that is the fastest route in theory. It takes in the valley towards the Gotthard pass, before heading west to the Furka basis tunnel, where you have to load your car onto a train. The final leg is along the Rhone valley and up to Täsch, just before Zermatt where you have to leave your car and catch the train.

Via The Brunigpass – 3 hours 20 minutes

  • Lotschberg Tunnel Train from Kandersteg to Goppenstein

This is one of my favorite drives in Switzerland as it passes stunning lakes (Sarnen, Lungern, Brienz) before heading up to the train tunnel at Kandersteg. You are then deposited in Goppenstein where you drive down to the Rhone Valley before heading up to Täsch.

Via The Bern – 3 hours 37 minutes

The longest way is via Bern, with the only advantage being that the road is wider and faster, at least until you get closer to Interlaken. However, the drive is often filled with traffic jams between Zurich and Bern, so I would avoid it at all costs.

Written by Ashley Faulkes
As a twenty-year resident of Switzerland, I am passionate about exploring every nook and cranny of this beautiful country, I spend my days deep in the great Swiss outdoors, and love to share these experiences and insights with fellow travel enthusiasts.

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