Mt. Titlis: A Detailed Guide For Visitors

mt titlis guide

The Bernese Oberland is home to many glorious mountain summits that attract travelers from all over the world. One of those is Mt. Titlis, a 3,000+ meter peak towering above the village of Engelberg.

As the home of the first rotating cable car in the world and a chair lift that transports you over a glacier, Mout Titlis is an excellent destination for travelers seeking unique adventures. It’s also a popular destination for skiing, thanks to 82 kilometers of slopes that are covered in snow from October until May.

This detailed guide covers everything you need to know about Mount Titlis, and will help you plan your trip down to the last detail!

General Information

Altitude3,238 meters
ParkingAt Titlis station in Engelberg
Operating Times8:30 AM – 5 PM
Prices72-96 CHF; 48 CHF with discounts
DiscountsSwiss Travel Pass, Half-Fare Card, GA Travelcard
ServicesSkiing, snowboarding, sledding, tubing, tobogganing, restaurants, hiking, glacier tunnel, chair lifts
General information about Mt. Titlis, Engelberg

Where Is Mt. Titlis located?

Mt. Titlis Urner alps
Mt. Titlis is a summit in the Urner Alps

Mount Titlis straddles the border of the Obwalden and Bern cantons. It is a mountain in the Urner Alps range and the highest peak in the range north of the Susten Pass.

At the foot of the mountain is the village of Engelberg, which offers gondola rides to the summit. Engelberg is situated south of Luzern, in the Obwalden Canton.

How to Get to Mt. Titlis

Titlis Rotain Cable Car
Titlis Rotair, the world’s first rotating cable car

The only way to reach Mt. Titlis is by gondolas from Engelberg. One ticket allows you to ride on all the different gondolas that travel up the mountain, and it’s possible to purchase tickets for journeys between the lower stations.

The stages of traveling up to Mt. Titlis are:

  • Engelberg to Trubsee (optional to get out Trubsee station)
  • Trubsee to Stand (must change gondolas)
  • Stand to Klein Titlis (ride in Titlis Rotair, the rotating cable car)

In total, it takes about 20-30 minutes to get from Engelberg to Klein Titlis. The journey is wonderfully scenic, with panoramic views of the glacier and the towering summits. My favorite part of the journey is the ride in Titlis Rotair, the rotating cable car that offers 360-degree views of the Uri Alps.

From Lucerne

Lucerne Train Station inside
Lucerne train station

Engelberg is most easily accessible from Lucerne. Traveling by public transport means a stop at the lakefront city is inevitable. With that in mind, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to include a half-day tour of Lucerne in your Mt. Titlis itinerary.

How to travel by train

At Lucerne, head to the main train station and board a train to Engelberg. The journey takes approximately 45 minutes, and full-priced tickets for a one-way journey in the second class are 18.2 CHF. The trains between Lucerne and Engelberg run every hour, from 5 AM until 11:30 PM.

An important thing to note is that trains to Engelberg run only from Lucerne. So, if you want to visit Mount Titlis from any other place in Switzerland, the first step is to board a train to Luzern.

How to travel by car

It’s possible to travel by car from Lucerne to Engelberg. Just head south towards the village, and you should arrive at Engelberg in about 40 minutes, depending on the traffic conditions. Parking is available virtually everywhere in Engelberg, with at least 4-5 parking lots close to the bottom station of the gondola.

The parking lot closest to the gondola station has a fee of 5 CHF for an entire day, so it fills up the fastest. The other lots close by charge 10 CHF for a full day.

From Zurich

sbb train in zurich
SBB Train in Zurich HB

At Zurich, board a train to Lucerne. They run multiple times per hour from 5:30 AM until 12:40 AM. There are many train connections between Zurich and Luzern, but your best bet is to try and board a direct train because it’s the fastest. 

It takes about 40 minutes to travel from one city to another and the tickets are around 27 CHF (full price, second class). Buy supersaver tickets for a specific timeslot a day or two earlier to save money on transportation.

Driving from Zurich to Engelberg takes approximately an hour and 10 minutes, so it’s at least half an hour quicker than the trains.

From Interlaken

Interlaken West Train Station Switzerland
Interlaken West train station

Visiting Mount Titlis from Interlaken is possible by train and car. It’s quicker and more convenient to drive because it’s only an hour and 20 minutes from Interlaken to Engelberg.

Traveling by train takes approximately two hours and 50 minutes, with a train change in Lucerne. Full-priced tickets are 48 CHF, and supersaver tickets are available if you buy them a day or two in advance, starting at 28.80 CHF. The trains between Interlaken and Engelberg run from 5 AM until 11 PM.

Best Mount Titlis Tours

Don’t want to go through the hassle of organizing the trip to Mount Titlis on your own? That’s fine because there are loads of guided tours from various Swiss cities. Some of the top Mount Titlis tours are:

Mt. Titlis Ticket Prices

The full price of a return journey from Engelberg to Klein Titlis is 72-96 CHF, depending on where you buy the tickets. On the Mt. Titlis website, return tickets are priced at 72 CHF. But if you try to buy them via the SBB site or app, they’re 96 CHF.

A 50% discount is available to travelers with:

The prices listed above don’t include the Ice Flyer chair lift, which has an additional fee of 12 CHF and includes free access to activities at Glacier Park.

Weather on Mt. Titlis

Titlis Mountain Engelberg
Mount Titlis

Mount Titlis has guaranteed snow between October and May, so it’s one of the more popular Swiss places for skiing in the off-season. Glacier Park constantly has snow, so don’t expect it to be warm at the summit. One thing to note is that there’s quite a bit of fake snow in late spring at Mt. Titlis, so just because you can ski up the mountain doesn’t necessarily mean it’s very cold.

Even in the summer, you shouldn’t go up to Mount Titlis without a hoodie or a lightweight jacket. And if you’re going to go inside the Glacier Cave, I’d recommend a down jacket and gloves. Summer temperatures at Mt. Titlis have been known to rise to 15-20°C, but only on very hot days when it’s 30°C down in Engelberg.

Winter is very cold at Mount Titlis, with temperatures below zero Celsius even during the day. Spring and Fall are warmer, but still get quite a bit of snow, and temperatures can rise up to 10°C.

Also, bear in mind that the temperature in Engelberg is significantly higher than at the summit. You’ll notice it’s much colder already at Trubsee, and by the time you reach Klein Titlis, it’s common for the temperature to be 10-15°C lower than down in the village.

Clear skies are what matters the most when visiting Mt. Titlis. Those are possible even in December, and as long as you’re able to check the weather forecast before the trip and avoid visiting on foggy and cloudy days, you can have a great time at Mt. Titlis.

Best Time to Visit

Mount Tiltis
Mount Titlis in warm weather

Any time of the year is a good time to visit Titlis. Most facilities are open year-round, and it generally depends on what you want to do at the summit. October to May is a good time for activities that include snow, so skiing, snowboarding, sledding, etc.

But if you’re more interested in hiking, boating, and summertime fun, plan a trip between May and October. May is probably the best month if you want to avoid crowds; there are fewer visitors interested in skiing and snowboarding, and it’s still early for summertime crowds.

In terms of time of day, it’s best to visit Titlis as early in the morning as you can manage. The sooner you make it up the mountain, the more time you have to enjoy yourself.

Pay attention to the weather forecast, and try to avoid doing the trip on a foggy or cloudy day. Mt. Titlis is best experienced when the sun is shining and the skies are clear.

Time Needed for A Mt. Titlis Trip

Mt. Titlis
Mt. Titlis

The amount of time you need for a Mt. Titlis trip depends on what you want to do at the summit. It’s anywhere from three to twelve hours, but I think five hours is the sweet spot for just the activities at the summit.

Explore the scenery at each of the gondola stations, visit the Glacier Cave, ride in the Ice Flyer, and don’t forget to do the Titlis Cliff Walk. If you enjoy skiing or snowboarding, you can spend time at Mt. Titlis having fun on the slopes.

Also, consider where you’re traveling from. If you’re departing from Engelberg, you need to allocate just 40-60 minutes for transportation up and down the mountain. But if you’re traveling from Interlaken, you’ll spend at least 6 and a half hours on public transportation for a round trip.

Mt. Titlis Activities

Mount Titlis offers loads of ways to stay busy and have fun during your trip. From hikes to flights over the glacier – here are some of the best things to do at Mount Titlis.

Titlis Cliff Walk

Titlis Cliff Walk
The Titlis Cliff Walk

The cable car station at Klein Titlis and the Ice Flyer chair lift are connected with a 100-meter suspension bridge built into the cliffs. Crossing the bridge is the Titlis Cliff Walk, and it’s one of the best things to do up the mountain.

Maybe don’t go near the bridge if you’re afraid of heights since it is the highest suspension bridge on the European continent. You can look down the entire time and see just how high up you are, and that might be terrifying to some people. I enjoyed it; the views are awesome on clear, sunny days.

The bridge is often slippery, so you will need sturdy shoes with lots of traction to cross it safely. Also, the Titlis Cliff Walk is often closed in extremely windy weather, so double-check the weather forecast and conditions at the summit before you head to the cable car station.

Ice Flyer

Ice Flyer chair lift on Mt. Titlis
Ice Flyer chair lift on Mt. Titlis

Riding the Ice Flyer chair lift is my highlight of visits to Mout Titlis. The lift transports you over the Titlis Glacier, offering dramatic views of the glacier and the mountains around you. This is essentially a ski lift that transports skiers to the starting point of a steep downhill run, but it’s open to everyone.

The ride is so fun that the Ice Flyer lift operates even in the summer when there’s no snow on the ground. Well, it’s fun if you don’t have a fear of heights, since you are sitting in a chair, soaring to an altitude of 3,000+ meters.

Tip: If you’re planning to go skiing in Engelberg, you won’t have to pay extra for the Ice Flyer as it is included in the ski pass.

Titlis Glacier Cave

Titlis Glacier Cave
Titlis Glacier Cave

Anyone who purchases the tickets for the Mt. Titlis cable car can access the Titlis Glacier Cave. It’s a 100-meter-long tunnel in the Titlis Glacier, with sculptures carved into the side walls. Walking through the tunnel is an interesting experience and a staple of trips to tall summits in Switzerland.

One thing to note about the Titlis Glacier Cave is that it’s always freezing inside. Even if you visit in the middle of the summer, you’ll need a warm jacket to avoid turning blue inside the cave. The entrance to the tunnel is from the top cable car station, and this should be one of the first fun things you do when you arrive at Klein Titlis.

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Glacier Park

Titlis Glacier

The Glacier Park at Mt. Titlis is open only in the summer, so it’s an attraction you can visit only during a specific season. There’s always snow and ice at Glacier Park, and it’s the best destination for tubing in the summer. Just keep in mind that, if you’re heading to Glacier Park, you need winter gear (hat, jacket, boots, gloves, etc.).

Accessible via the Ice Flyer chair lift, Glacier Park is the top destination for winter activities in the summertime. And If you’re at Mt. Titlis in the winter and you want to go sledding or tubing, know that you won’t be able to do it at Glacier Park. Instead, head to Trubsee, where a snow park offers loads of ways to have fun.


Mount Titlis is great for hikers
Mount Titlis is great for hikers

Plenty of hiking trails are available on Mount Titlis, ranging from easy-loop trails to challenging climbs.

One of the best trails in the area is from Klein Titlis to Titlis Summit:

  • Two hours with a detour to Stotzig Egg (3.5 km total)
  • 390 meters elevation gain

Trails to Rostockli are also popular in the area. An easy version is to hike from the Stand gondola station up to the summit. A more extreme trail leads from Rostockli ridge to Engelberg:

  • 5 hours, downhill descent
  • 8.5 kilometers, 1,800 elevation loss

This is a very challenging hike with a steep downhill descent and a good way to save money on gondola tickets while discovering spectacular Swiss landscapes.

Trubsee and Jochpass at the lower slopes of Mt. Titlis offer even more hiking trails. One of the best trails at the Trubsee station is the Four Lakes Hike. Lake Trubsee is the starting point, followed by Englstensee, Tannensee, and Melchsee.

It’s one of the best hikes to do in the area in the summer, featuring stunning panoramic vistas of dramatic peaks and Alpine Lakes. But it takes almost an entire day, so you can only do this hike if you’re staying at Trubsee for at least one night.

An important thing to note is that you need sturdy hiking boots, preferably something suitable for snow, for ascents to the Titlis Peak. The trail is steep and slippery, and shoes with plenty of grip and traction will make your life easier and the hike more enjoyable.


Of course, you can shop while you’re at Mt. Titlis. This is Switzerland after all, and at every corner, there’s an opportunity to spend hundreds of Francs as if it were nothing. At the summit of Klein Titlis is the Swiss Lion store, where you can shop for the best Swiss watch brands. The options here range from Swatch to Tissot, so there’s something for everyone’s budget.

Other shops at the top station of Mt. Titlis are:

  • Chocolate shop
  • Souvenir shop
  • Ice cream shop

An Intersport shop is available at Trubsee, and it’s stocked with all the gear you might need to have fun at Mt. Titlis. If you forgot to pack something, just stop by the store.

Finally, there are plenty of shops in Engelberg. From the local farmer’s market and supermarkets to Mammut and Benetton – whether you want to stock up on Swiss cheese or need new gear for mountain ascents, you can find what you need in the Engelberg stores.

Winter Sports

Mount Titlis in the winter
Mount Titlis in the winter

Titlis is a great destination for skiing and snowboarding because the mountain has snow even in April and May. The Ice Flyer chair lift is particularly good for skiers, as it transports them to the beginning of a very fun downhill run. Plenty of other pistes are available at the summit, and you could spend hours here skiing and snowboarding.

There are 82 kilometers of maintained ski pistes at Mt. Titlis, including the snow parks. The longest run is a 12-kilometer descent with an elevation loss of 2,000 meters. And there are many other things you do for fun at Titlis besides piste skiing and snowboarding:

  • Snowshoeing
  • Winter walking
  • Tobogganing
  • Cross-country skiing
  • Sledding

One of my favorite activities at Mt. Titlis is sledding. It’s very fun and it’s included for free with the gondola tickets. You can sled as much as you want, and easily kill a few hours going up and down the mountain. And no, sledding isn’t just for kids, especially with the steep runs with sharp curves that are available at Mount Titlis.

Down at the Trubsee, there are even more fun things to do, from mini bobsleds to electric snowmobiles.

Things to Do at Trubsee

Trubsee Engelberg
Trubsee Lake

A visit to Mt. Titlis isn’t just a gondola ride to Klein Titlis. Exploring the lower gondola stations is absolutely worth it, and Trubsee in particular offers a wide variety of fun things to do.

Winter Activities

In the winter, Trubsee is a popular destination for non-skiers at Mt. Titlis. The Snow Park at this mountain station offers:

  • MoonBikes
  • e-Snowmobiles
  • Snow tubes
  • Balancers
  • Minibobs
  • Snowshoeing

All these are available to adults and children from 12-16 years old. There’s a fee to use the electric rides, and you can get discounts for booking multiple rides.

Trubsee even has a dedicated ski school for the youngest visitors. Schmuggli’s Winterland is a place where kids can learn to ski or snowboard, and there’s even a playroom where the little ones can continue to have fun if they get too cold outside. There’s no age limit for the children’s ski school.

At Engstlenalp, a short gondola ride from Trubsee, there’s a dedicated area for intermediate skiers and snowboarders to hone their skills. Head to the Bump Line to practice rollers and steep turns.

Summer Activities

Trubsee Titlis
Hiking is a great way to discover the landscapes around Trubsee

Trubsee is most popular for boating in the summer. You can come to the lake, rent a boat, and ride around as much as you want. Swimming in the lake is also very popular; the water is quite chilly even in the summer, but you get used to it quickly.

A wide variety of hiking trails is available in the area. Consider an easy loop hike around the lake for a quick adventure, or hike down to Engelberg, for a real challenge.

Trails lead from the village all the way to Trubsee, and they’re exhausting with a steep elevation. But also a good way of saving money on cable car tickets, especially for experienced hikers who are looking for a challenge.

Other popular things to do at Trubsee in the summer are:

  • Mountain biking
  • Kayaking
  • Kick scooter rides
  • Climbing
  • Canyoning
  • Paragliding
  • Bungy jumping

Trubsee and its surroundings are a vast playground for outdoor adventurers, and there’s a plethora of things you can do to stay busy at the mountain.

Where to Eat

Restaurant at Mt. Titlis
Restaurant at Mt. Titlis

There aren’t too many options for meals at Mount Titlis. In total, there are three places where you can eat:

  • Titlis Panorama Restuarant (table service)
  • Self-service Panorama Restuarant
  • Ice Cream Bar

The Ice Cream Bar is good for desserts, but you can’t eat a full meal there. The other two restaurants are very expensive, as is often the case in the Swiss mountains.

There are a few more restaurants along the way at the gondola station and a variety of different places where you can eat in Engelberg:

Where to Stay

Engelberg Titlis
Stay in Engelberg for easy access to Mt. Titlis

Engelberg, Luzern, and all the villages in between are good places to stay for trips to Mt. Titlis. Engelberg offers the easiest access to the summit, and you can be at the top of the mountain in under an hour from the moment you leave your accommodation. Consider these hotels in Engelberg:

Many hotels in Engelberg have a minimum stay length of three nights. If you’re not seeing too many options, adjust the length of your stay.

Lucerne has more accommodation options so the pricing is more competitive, and it’s a good place to stay to save some money on accommodation. But the travel time to Mt. Titlis is longer, plus the total cost of the trip is higher. Consider these hotels in Luzern:

Kriens and Stans are two villages along the path of the train with good accommodation options. Hotels are cheaper here than in Engelberg, and the travel times are shorter than from Luzern: Some hotels in Kriens and Stans to consider are:

Finally, accommodation is available at Trubsee for travelers who want to spend several days exploring Mt. Titlis.

What to Pack

When packing for Mt. Titlis, consider the weather up at the summit and how you plan to spend your time. So, say you’re visiting in the summer but you have plans to visit the Glacier Cave – you shouldn’t wear shorts even if it might be 18°C up at the summit because you’ll freeze in the tunnel.

Another thing to bear in mind is that there aren’t too many amenities at the mountain. If you plan hiking and you want to explore the region, you should bring everything you think you might need. I’m talking about food, water, and snacks; while you can eat at restaurants at Mt. Titlis, they are very expensive and the food isn’t ideal for taking with you on a hike.

So, with all of that in mind, here’s a packing list of what you should bring to Mt. Titlis:

  • Snacks
  • Sandwiches
  • Water
  • Sunscreen (especially in the summer)
  • Hat
  • Hiking boots
  • Medicine (to help with headaches and altitude sickness, just in case)
  • Lightweight weatherproof jacket
  • A thin down jacket (so you don’t have to run through the Glacier Cave)
  • Spare pair of socks
  • Sweater
  • Backpack with all the essentials

If you’re visiting in the summer and you have plans to go to Glacier Park, you’ll need to wear winter clothes, even if it is 25°C+ in Engelberg.

Tips for Visiting Mt. Titlis

Titlis Cable Car
The cable car from Engelberg to Mt. Titlis

I’ve got a few more last-minute tips to help you prepare for your trip to Mount Titlis:

  • Glacier Cave and Titlis Cliff Walk are included in the price of gondola tickets
  • Check the Mt. Titlis website for updates on operating hours and possible closures before traveling
  • Wear sturdy shoes with lots of grip and traction – they’re necessary for the Cliff Walk and the Glacier Tunnel, in which you are walking on ice (you can rent shoes at the cable car station but it’s not cheap)
  • If you buy an Engelberg ski pass, Mt. Titlis is included
  • Go to Mt. Titlis early in the morning to beat the crowds and make the most of your day
  • Pack a lunch to bring to Mt. Titlis if you’re on a tighter budget as a main course with a drink will easily cost you 30-40 CHF per person
  • Some people experience altitude sickness when traveling up to Mt. Titlis. Stopping at the lower gondola stations can help you gradually adapt to the difference in altitude and prevent you from getting sick.

Map of Mt. Titlis Attractions and More

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Mt. Titlis famous?

Mt. Titlis is famous for several reasons, the most notable of which is the first rotating cable car in the world. The summit is also known for having snow outside the traditional ski season, and for dramatic views of the Swiss Alps. 

Is there always snow on Mt. Titlis?

There’s always snow at Glacier Park on Mt. Titlis, but that’s just one section of the mountain. Other areas of Mount Titlis have snow from October to May, and that’s when skiing is possible at the mountain. 

What is the nearest city to Mt. Titlis?

Engelberg is the closest resort village to Mt. Titlis, but Lucerne is the closest city. Mt. Titlis is accessible only from Engelberg (via cable car and hiking trails), and trains for that village depart only from Lucerne. 

Is Mt. Titlis worth visiting?

Yes, Mt. Titlis is worth visiting. It offers a wide variety of things to do, from hikes to chair lift rides of the glacier, and even boat rides on its lower slopes. The summit offers spectacular views of the snow-capped mountain summits, and it’s a wonderful mountain excursion in Switzerland. 

Written by Ashley Faulkes
As a twenty-year resident of Switzerland, I am passionate about exploring every nook and cranny of this beautiful country, I spend my days deep in the great Swiss outdoors, and love to share these experiences and insights with fellow travel enthusiasts.

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