5 Unforgettable Reasons To Visit Bürgenstock (Scenic Home To The Ukraine Peace Summit)

Burgenstock hotel

Imagine a place where luxury meets tranquility, perched high above the crystal-clear waters of Lake Lucerne, offering breathtaking views of the Swiss Alps.

That is Bürgenstock!

A gem in Switzerland’s crown, where natural beauty, rich history, and pure luxury blend seamlessly – and still allow the common man to visit (small joke).

Recently, this Alpine haven also played host to the Ukraine peace conference – offering top diplomats and leaders from all over the world a glimpse into what Switzerland has to offer.

Join me as I showcase the wonders of Bürgenstock, from its luxurious resorts and world-class amenities to its stunning natural beauty, which visitors to Lucerne all too often miss!

1. The Highest Outdoor Elevator

Hammetschwand Lift Burgenstock
Hammetschwand Lift on Burgenstock

Built in 1905, the Hammetschwand lift whisks you from the pathway running along the Bürgenstock to the top in just under a minute.

The elevator is made of glass, so you not only get a fun ride but also a breathtaking view of the Alps and Lake Lucerne below.

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2. Stunning Natural Beauty

The Bürgenstock is a rather unique peninsula of land that juts out into the center of Lake Lucerne and can be seen from all around the lake.

However, not only is the mountain a pleasure to behold from afar, it is also a mesmerising place to spend an afternoon too.

Burgenstock peak (top of the Hammetschwand Lift)

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There are lots of short walks, magnificent viewpoints, and top-notch accommodation to swoon over, too!

3. Magnificent Hiking Options

Speaking of hiking, one of my favorite hikes in Lucerne is the short walk from the top of the Bürgenstock funicular to the Hammetschwand Lift.

You can also make a complete loop of it by connecting to the train at the top of the lift, back to the funicular.

Or, you can do the complete Felsenweg trail the runs around the peninsular and takes in all the views.

4. Lap Of Luxury

Burgenstock hotel
Burgenstock hotel
Bürgenstock Hotel & Alpine Spa
Bürgenstock Hotel & Alpine Spa

Bürgenstock has always been the place to go for luxury accommodation. Ever since it was opened in 1888.

However, more recently, a Qatari Hotel company took it upon themselves to rebuild and extend the complex to include 5-star hotels, luxury spas and restaurants, and a whole range of other top-notch facilities.

So, if you fancy a once-in-a-lifetime experience, this is the place to do it!

5. An Exciting All-In-One Day Trip From Lucerne

For me, a trip to the Bürgenstock encompasses all the things you should experience while visiting Lucerne.

  1. You get to go on a short but scenic boat ride to Bürgensock.
  2. Then, you take a fun ride on a steep funicular that ends inside a hotel.
  3. After that, you go for a stroll to the world-famous glass elevator hanging on the cliff
  4. You get to soak up the epic views on the top of Bürgenstock
  5. And, you can also indulge (or window shop) the luxury of the insane resorts at the top (the one where the Peace Summit for Ukraine just took place!

What is not to love during one of the best day trips in Lucerne?

Written by Ashley Faulkes
As a twenty-year resident of Switzerland, I am passionate about exploring every nook and cranny of this beautiful country, I spend my days deep in the great Swiss outdoors, and love to share these experiences and insights with fellow travel enthusiasts.

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