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best coffee zurich

The Swiss have always loved their morning drink. And finding a specialty coffee in Zurich has never been easier. The number of coffee shops and bars in town has grown exponentially in the last five years. So, these days, you are spoiled for choice.

From the grungy backstreets of Langstrasse to the more expensive Seefeld, you are never far away from a great espresso, flat white or a latte.

So, if you are on the hunt for your next caffeine fix, these coffee shops might just do the trick.

MAME (Seefeldstrasse, Josefstrasse)

MAME in Josefstrasse
MAME in Josefstrasse

MAME has made a name for itself with its coffee hand-roasted right in Zurich. It all started in 2016 when the founders, Mathieu and Emi met at the coffee championships. They fell in love with specialty coffee and MAME was born!

MAME's Coffee machine - customer comments
MAME’s Coffee machine – customer comments

They have two stores in town, a larger one on Seefeldstrasse, and a smaller one down the end of Josefstrasse. With their stylish wooden tables and simplistic interiors, they play host to countless hipsters and digital nomads throughout the day. Generally, they are open from 8 or 8.30 til 17.30 depending on the location.

Cafe Henrici

Cafe Henrici, Zurich
Cafe Henrici, Zurich

One of the older specialty coffee shops in Zurich is Cafe Henrici. It has been a big part of the Zurich coffee scene since mid-2009. Rather than roasting themselves, the team here works with a range of specialty roasters in Zurich. One of the main ones is the more well-known Rast.

The space itself is large, with both inside and outside seating. They also offer a huge range of coffee brews, coffee creations, hot chocolate, other drinks, and a range of food. So, although coffee is central to what they do, you can also have an amazing brunch here on the weekend!

Miró Roastery & Coffee Shop (Brauerstrasse, HB)

Miró Roastery & Coffee Shop
Miró Roastery & Coffee Shop, Zurich

Another young Zurich coffee shop that is slowly making a name as one of the best coffee shops in Zurich is Miró. Having started with a small coffee truck serving coffee by the thousands, it is great to see such an inspiring young coffee lover open such a great coffee space in Zurich.

Miro Coffee Shop, Zurich
Miro Coffee Shop, Zurich

Sure, they serve coffee, of all kinds. Various beans, a range of coffees and brews. But they also roast on-site and also offer a coffee training lab. You can see the love for coffee all around when you visit. The machines, the servers, the people sampling various brews in the back. Stop by and see if you can find your next favorite specialty coffee.

BTW they also have three coffee trucks around town, two are at the ETH locations, and the other is in Oerlikon.

Bean Bank Coffee & Co (Europaallee & Paradeplatz)

Bean Bank & Co - Europaallee
Bean Bank & Co – Europaallee

Working with a range of specialty roasters worldwide, Bean Bank is another great spot for a Zurich specialty coffee in Zurich. They have two locations in town, one behind the renovated Europaallee area in Zurich (no seating though), and the other closer to Paradeplatz.

Bean Bank Coffee & Co
Bean Bank Coffee & Co

They also offer lots of coffee-focused gear and a range of coffee in their online store. So, if you need that specialty single-origin bean asap, you can get it sent to you in the mail.

Auer & Co

If your focus is on working and combining it with great coffee, Auer and Co. is located right in the Impact Hub building. Not specifically coffee only, but they still have great coffee on offer, and you can sit and work for as long as you like!

Omnia Coffee

Omnia Coffee, Zurich
Omnia Coffee, Zurich

If takeaway coffee (or coffee to-go as it seems to be called nowadays) is your thing, then Omnia might be the place to go. Their Asian origins are in focus with a range of specialty coffees from Indonesia. Not something you see very often.

On top of that, they have lots of tasty pastries and cafes as well as Asian-fusion sandwiches. So, if you need a quick coffee or a bite for lunch around Langstrasse, Omnia is worth a try.


ViCafe Coffee Zurich
ViCafe Coffee Zurich

Of course, ViCafe has to be commended for playing such a big role in the growth of the Zurich coffee scene. With their ever-present takeaway coffee bars in places like Bahnhofstrasse, Hardbrücke, Münsterhof and the Bridge.

I love grabbing a quick coffee at the start of the day with them and being on the move very quickly after I get the order. Some of their locations also have some decent sitdown options like the Bridge and Münsterhof.

Written by Ashley Faulkes
As a twenty-year resident of Switzerland, I am passionate about exploring every nook and cranny of this beautiful country, I spend my days deep in the great Swiss outdoors, and love to share these experiences and insights with fellow travel enthusiasts.

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