Davos Klosters Premium Card – Everything You Need To Know

Davos Klosters Switzerland

If you are staying in the Davos Klosters region for one night or more then you should be eligible for the Davos Klosters Premium Card.

This is a guest card given to all those who are staying in the region to make their stay cheaper and more enjoyable via great discounts on local transport and at various attractions.

Below is a detailed overview of what is included and involved.

What Is Included in the Davos Klosters Premium Card

Visitors to the Davos Klosters region benefit from a number of things when they stay overnight in the area for at least one night.

Free Public Transport

You can travel for free on all local public transport in Davos as well as the following side valleys:

  • Dischma
  • Sertig
  • Monstein

If you wish to go to Wiesen, you will have to pay 10 CHF for a VBD day pass to get there.

The transport included for free is:

  • Most Buses in Davos and Klosters (see details here)
  • Rhaetian Railway 2nd class
    • Klosters Dorf – Davos – Filisur (If staying in Davos)
    • Saas – Davos – Filisur (if staying in Klosters or Saas)
    • If staying in Küblis – not valid

The following map of the Davos Klosters region gives you more of an idea of the areas of validity of the transport included.

Davos Klosters Premium Card Transport Map
Davos Klosters Premium Card Transport Map

Mountain Transport Discount

In the summer, you can also get a big discount on cable cars and gondolas, on the following routes

  • Jakobshorn, Parsenn, Gotschna, Rinerhorn, Madrisa – 12 CHF for one return trip
  • Complete mountain transport day ticket – 18 CHF
    Low SeasonHigh Season
    Jakobshorn, Parsenn, Gotschna, Rinerhorn, Madrisa12 CHF18 CHF
    Schatzalp day ticket8 CHF8 CHF
    Complete mountain transport day ticket18 CHF25 CHF
    Mountain transport prices with guest card

    Children between 6 – 17 years pay half of the above fees in most cases.

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    Children under 6 travel for free.

    Discounts on Attractions For Guests

    No guest card is complete without discounts on local attractions. Here are the attractions that you get a discount on with the Premium Card

    • Kirchner Museum (guided tour)
    • Monstein brewery visit
    • Paragliding taster day
    • Mountain biking technical course

    There are more things available than the above. You can see a complete list (summer or winter).

    When Is The Davos Klosters Premium Card Valid?

    The Premium Card is valid for the duration of your stay in the region.

    Just be sure that you understand the terms of the public transport which are quite complex to understand (what is valid and not). Some of this depends on where exactly you are staying.

    How Do I Get My Davos Klosters Premium Card?

    Buddy App - Davos Klosters
    Buddy App – Davos Klosters

    Your accommodation should send you an email with your personal code and details of how to download the Premium Card. Things will run more smoothly if you do the whole thing via their Buddy Web App, which can be downloaded to your home screen. The web address is buddy.davos.ch.

    Once you have the app and the Premium Card you can also buy and download specific mountain trip tickets onto the app for easy access during your stay.

    What Does the Davos Klosters Premium Card Cost?

    The Premium Card is given to all guests free of charge. All you need to do is stay at least one night in the Davos Klosters region and your accommodation will notify you of your access to the Premium Card.

    Can I Buy a Davos Klosters Premium Card?

    It is not possible to buy the Davos Klosters Premium Card because it is given to you free of charge if you stay more than one night in the Davos Klosters region. It is funded by the tourism taxes from hotels and other accommodations.

    Written by Ashley Faulkes
    As a twenty-year resident of Switzerland, I am passionate about exploring every nook and cranny of this beautiful country, I spend my days deep in the great Swiss outdoors, and love to share these experiences and insights with fellow travel enthusiasts.

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