5 Jaw-Dropping Easy Hikes in Zermatt

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A trip to Zermatt is a chance to immerse yourself in the stunning Alpine vistas you have always dreamed about.

With the Matterhorn in the distance and impressive glaciers carving their way to the valley below, how can you not want to get out for a bit of a walk in the Alps?

These five easy hikes (or walks) in Zermatt are just what the chef ordered!

1. Matterhorn Glacier Trail

Photograph: ┬ęPaul Gertschen, Zermatt Tourism

Starting at Trockener Steg, below the famous Matterhorn Glacier Paradise, this hike might be quite convenient for many of you visiting this Zermatt attraction.

This is a chance to experience the high alpine scenery and glaciers that Zermatt is famous for. It allows you to get quite close to the glaciers and teaches you all about their history and more recent retreat at the same time.

Although the walk is relatively easy because it is downhill, it does descend over 500m which can be taxing on the knees.

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2. Gornergrat to Riffelberg

gornergrat bahn
Gornergrat above Zermatt

One of the most popular and easy walks in Zermatt is the downhill stroll from the top of the Gornergrat train down to the Riffelberg station below. The beauty of this walk is that it is relatively easy and all downhill and you have nothing but stunning views in front of you all the way. Especially if the the Matterhorn is out of the clouds!

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3. Five Lakes Trail

5 Lakes Trail, Zermatt

This is one of the most famous walks in Zermatt and for a reason. It takes you on a jaw-dropping loop to five stunning lakes with views of the Matterhorn and the valley below.

It is not the “easiest” walk in this list, but if you are relatively fit, it should be fine. It takes around 3 hours in total with some altitude change, but mostly downhill. Just keep in mind that you are quite high up, so it can only be done in summer!

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4. The Gorner Gorge

Gorner Gorge
Gorner Gorge, Zermatt

One of the more stunning gorges in the Zermatt area winds its way up the valley below the Furi gondola.

It is also a relatively easy walk and a great place to head when the weather up high is not as inviting!

There are two highlights on this walk: not only do you walk along the winding Gorner Gorge with hanging walkways and bridges, but you also pass through the cute, historic village of Blatten, just up the valley from the town of Zermatt.

Just be careful not to miss the start of the Gorner Gorge walk as I once did as it starts behind the Blatten restaurant.

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5. Pensioner’s Trail

Gornergrat Railway Zermatt
Gornergrat Railway in Zermatt

This is a trail I did last year out the back of the hotel we stayed in. We were actually heading to the Furi gondola and wanted to walk, and stumbled across this 1 hour pleasant forest walk with great views.

You get to see the village below, the Matterhorn peaking out between the trees, and eventually the Gornergrat train from above as it makes it’s way up to the mountains above.

This is another great walk to do on a less than optimal day, or if you just don’t fancy spending a fortune to get a good view. It can also be combined with the Gorner Gorge as you end up there at the end anyway.

** This walk is especially awesome in October when the Larch trees turn yellow, as you can see from my picture above!

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Written by Ashley Faulkes
As a twenty-year resident of Switzerland, I am passionate about exploring every nook and cranny of this beautiful country, I spend my days deep in the great Swiss outdoors, and love to share these experiences and insights with fellow travel enthusiasts.

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