7 Jungfraujoch Mistakes Tourists Always Make

A journey to the top of the Jungfraujoch is a trip of a lifetime.

So, don’t ruin this fantastic experience by making some simple mistakes you can easily avoid.

The following seven mistakes are things I see tourists making that are easily avoided and can make a huge difference to their trip. Some of the later tips are even more important!

1. Not Seeing Anything

Views from the Jungfraujoch
Views from the Jungfraujoch (when it’s clear)

One of the things I remember most about my first trip to The Jungfraujoch when I was six was NOT seeing anything. Sure, we went to the ice cave, and I remember that well. But when we went to the observation deck, all we could see was fog!

The Jungfraujoch is extremely high and can sometimes be completely shrouded in clouds. So, before you book your ticket, be sure to check the weather forecast for the coming day or, even better, the webcam on the morning you want to go.

Of course, if you only have one day, you may want to go anyway and risk it. But if you can ensure there is perfect visibility when you go, do it!

2. Going At The Wrong Time

You might want to sleep in or have a long breakfast at the hotel, but when you are planning a trip to the Jungfraujoch, time is of the essence.

If you head up the Jungfraujoch too late, you will find it is extremely crowded at the top. And during peak season, you may find the trains packed too.

The best time to go is as early as possible. Often the top is quite quiet and the weather can also be clearer in the morning. There is also a cost factor, which I will explain a little later.

But, the early bird catches the worm!

3. Bringing The Wrong Clothes

Clothes on the Jungfraujoch
Bring layers for the Jungfraujoch

The Jungfraujoch is the highest train station in Europe and is completely covered in snow and ice. So, it can often be cold and windy at the top, even if it is warm in the valley. So, always be prepared with various layers so you can put them or or take them off as the weather changes.

On top of that, if you head into the ice cave, you will find it is extremely, well….cold. After all, it is a tunnel of ice, with an ice floor. And it does not melt. So, it’s pretty darn cold!

Be prepared.



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4. Getting Out Of Breath

Jungfraujoch Sphinx
It’s cold and snowy up there!

The altitude at the top of the Jungfraujoch is no joke. especially if you have not been up into the mountains beforehand. And, although most people will not have a problem with it, except for a little shortness of breath, be prepared for the altitude gain.

If you have a medical condition that is relevant, be sure to consult your doctor. And for anyone else, just take it easy on the stairs and walking fast.

5. Paying Too Much

One of the most expensive things you can do in Switzerland is go up the Jungfraujoch. And given that they have to maintain a train through a mountain and in the snow, it was certainly never going to be cheap!

Good Morning Ticket
Good Morning Ticket – Cheaper to the Jungfraujoch

However, there are a few ways you can save a pretty penny if you know how:

  1. Good Morning Tickets – The first three very early trains up are quite a bit cheaper
  2. Use your Swiss Travel Pass or Half Fare Card (save 30-40% from Interlaken)
  3. If you are longer in the region, consider a Berner Oberland Pass or Jungfrau Travel Pass

** Confused about all the train passes, why not grab my short guide on how to pick the right one for your trip.

6. Missing The Way Back

There are multiple ways up and down from the Jungfraujoch, and for the same price you can enjoy both!

So, instead of seeing the same views on both parts of the trip, why not make the most of your money and the journey:

  1. Go up via Grindelwald Terminal and the Eigergletscher, connecting to the Jungfrau train there.
  2. Come back changing at Kleine Scheidegg and catching the train to Wengen and Lauterbrunnen.

The views down to Lauterbrunnen are stunning. You will thank me for it later!

7. Getting Burnt or Snow Blind

Last, but certainly not least is the opposite of being prepared for cold weather.

The sun!

There is a reason that mountaineers scaling Everest wear crazy sunglasses. The glare and reflection on snow at high altitudes can do some serious damage! Not to mention that the higher you go, the less protection the atmosphere provides from the sun.

So, in short:

  • bring strong sunglasses
  • wear very strong sunscreen

If you are just outside for 10 minutes, then ok, you can ignore that. But most of you will be outside for a lot longer and getting burnt at altitude can be far worse than a day out at the beach!

Written by Ashley Faulkes
As a twenty-year resident of Switzerland, I am passionate about exploring every nook and cranny of this beautiful country, I spend my days deep in the great Swiss outdoors, and love to share these experiences and insights with fellow travel enthusiasts.

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