9 Incredible Benefits of the Swiss Travel Pass

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If you are heading to Switzerland for an unforgettable Alpine adventure then the Swiss Travel Pass is your ideal travel partner.

While you might be tempted to rent a car instead of catching the train, it makes no sense in a small country like Switzerland.

So, what are the benefits of a ticket like the Swiss Travel Pass?

1. Unlimited Exploration

Swiss Train to the Uetliberg in Zurich
Swiss Train to the Uetliberg in Zurich

The biggest benefit of the Swiss Travel Pass is unlimited travel on the vast Swiss Travel System network. This means you can travel almost anywhere in the country no matter whether it is by

  • Train
  • Buses
  • Boat

And sometimes even cable cars.

Example: Kickstart your Swiss adventure with a scenic train ride from Lucerne to Interlaken soaking up the stunning views and saving yourself lots of money in the process.

2. Tailored Flexibility

The pass is designed to be flexible, as we all know travel is an individual journey. With the Swiss Travel Pass you can design your own travel itinerary with a range of options

  • 3 to 15 day options (and lots in between)
  • consecutive or flexible days

With so much flexibility, you can use the pass only when you need it. When it saves you the most amount of money, or provides you with the most ease of travel.

3. Cultural Experiences at Museums

Swiss National Museum
Swiss National Museum

Explore Switzerland’s word-class cultural offerings with free access to over 500 museums. Every city has dozens of museums I love visiting on a regular basis. And almost all of them are free with the Swiss Travel Pass.

On top of that, there are museums scattered around the country in popular destinations like Interlaken, Montreux, Lausanne, and lots more

Switzerland has some museums you might not even know you need to visit like the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, the FIFA Museum in Zurich, the Lindt Chocolate Museum and hundreds more.

4. Savings on Mountain Adventures

Jungfraujoch, Top-of-Europe
Jungfraujoch, Top-of-Europe

One of the highlights of any trip to Switzerland is a trip into the mountains. And with so many famous peaks to explore it’s no wonder the Swiss Travel Pass gives you discounts on most of them.

Get big discounts on a ticket to the Jungfraujoch in Interlaken, or the Gornergrat railway in Zermatt.

5. Children Travel For Free

Travel with the whole family in Switzerland without breaking the bank. All children under 16 travel for free when you buy the Swiss Travel Pass. All they need is a parent holding a Swiss Family Card.

Imagine that! Saving a significant cost of bring all your family.

6.The Convenience Of Swiss Rail

First class train in Switzerland
First class train in Switzerland

Say goodbye to the confusing ordeal of figuring out which tickets you need to get to your next destination.

Just jump on the train, sit back and relax, knowing that you are covered, all the way to your destination. Even if you have to use the bus when you arrive!

The Swiss Transport System is so well connected. So punctual. And so convenient, you will be glad you did not hire a car!

7. Swiss Panoramic Journeys

Soak up Switzerland’s breathtaking landscapes by boarding any of this country’s panorama trains. Everything is covered with the Swiss Travel Pass, except for a seat reservation.

All scenic railways including

  • The Glacier Express
  • The Bernina Express
  • The Golden Pass Line
  • The Gotthard Panorama Express

And almost any other train in the country. The only time you have to pay for a train is if it is climbing up a mountain at a steep angle like the Jungfraujoch. And even then, you get a big discount!

8. City Transits Made Easy

Zurich Tram
Zurich Tram

When I said that the pass covers all forms of transport, I was not kidding.

You also get to use local city public transport too. So when you arrive in a city like Zurich, Geneva, or Basel, you can simply go from the train station to your final destination on a bus, tram, boat or local train.

No more wondering what ticket you need for the local tram, just relax, board the tram and head to your hotel to unwind.

9. Effortless Purchase and Activation

There are lots of different ways to buy your Swiss Travel Pass, which means it is super-convenient to do. Here are some of the options:

  • online purchase with an email receipt
  • home printing
  • collection at railway stations

Once you have your ticket with a QR code, all you need to do is bring it with you (paper copy, Apple Wallet, or just show the email) and you can board any form of transport at your convenience.

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Written by Ashley Faulkes
As a twenty-year resident of Switzerland, I am passionate about exploring every nook and cranny of this beautiful country, I spend my days deep in the great Swiss outdoors, and love to share these experiences and insights with fellow travel enthusiasts.

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