How To Use The Swiss Travel Pass

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If you have purchased a Swiss Travel Pass, you might be wondering how it works. There is a lot of confusion out there about how the Swiss Travel Pass is delivered, what you need to show to the ticket inspector and a whole lot more.

Luckily, it is actually not as complicated as it might seem, so let’s take a quick look at how the Swiss Travel Pass works as well as the most frequently asked questions and answer them so you can get on with planning or enjoying your trip!

Using the Swiss Travel Pass

If you have purchased the regular Swiss Travel Pass (not the Flex option) then you will receive your pass via email with a QR code on it. The Flex version is a different kettle of fish, so I will write another post on that.

Keep a copy of the Swiss Travel Pass you receive handy for when you travel

  • Print a copy of your Swiss Travel Pass
  • Place a copy of the PDF Swiss Travel Pass in your phone wallet
  • Or simply use the copy of the Swiss Travel Pass you received in your email

Ticket Inspection on Public Transport

If you are asked to show a ticket just present any version of your Swiss Travel Pass to the ticket inspector. You should also have some identification ready. It is recommended to always have your passport with you.

Using Your Swiss Travel Pass For Discounts

You get a lot of discounts with the Swiss Travel Pass including entry or discounted entry to a huge range of museums and attractions. You can also use it for free on some gondolas and cogwheel railways (Rigi, Stanserhorn).

In order to take advantage of these offers, all you need to do is show your Swiss Travel Pass when you buy a ticket at these attractions. Even for the mountain railways and gondolas, it pays to check with the ticket office if you need a ticket (even if it is free).

Activating Your Swiss Travel Pass (Pass Validity)

You do not need to activate the standard Swiss Travel Pass.

It is valid from the date you chose when you purchase for the length of that validity period you paid for.

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Written by Ashley Faulkes
As a twenty-year resident of Switzerland, I am passionate about exploring every nook and cranny of this beautiful country, I spend my days deep in the great Swiss outdoors, and love to share these experiences and insights with fellow travel enthusiasts.

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