12 Mountains Closest To Geneva: Spectacular Panoramic Views

geneva closest mountains

Staying in Geneva and you want to explore the nearby mountains? Then you are definitely in the right place because this detailed guide will tell you about all the best and closest Geneva mountains.

Although Geneva is relatively flat, the city is surrounded by spectacular mountains. The Alps and the Jura Mountains are home to some tall peaks, which will offer spectacular panoramic views from the top.

And whether you love to hike, mountain bike or paraglide in summer, or ski, ice skate or go sledding in winter, these are some of the best mountains to enjoy the outdoors.

So, keep reading to learn more about all the mountains close to Geneva!

Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc Geneva
Mont Blanc

Arguably one of the most famous peaks in the entire world, Mont Blanc is just an hour’s drive from Geneva and easily one of the best mountains to visit in the region. It’s also possible to reach the impressive peak by public transportation – it takes longer than driving, but it’s the more scenic option.

Rising 4,807 meters above sea level, Mont Blanc is the highest peak in the Alps and in all of Western Europe. It’s popular with hikers, climbers, skiers, and snowboarders, but also just tourists who want to experience this majestic peak.

Head to Chamonix, a small town at the foot of Mont Blanc. From there, you can ride the cable car to the neighboring peak of Aiguille du Midi for the best panoramic views of the impressive Mont Blanc peak.

Mont Tendre

Mont Tendre Geneva
Mont Tendre

Mont Tendre is the tallest peak in the Swiss Jura Mountains and it’s about an hour away from Geneva. Head to the massive natural regional park of Jura Vaudois – it spans an area of more than 500 square kilometers, and it’s home to quite a few tall peaks of the Jura Mountains.

The quickest way to reach the national park is by driving. It’s possible to get there using public transport (train and bus), but it takes a lot longer plus it’s quite pricey. If you drive, you can reach the national park in about an hour, but it takes at least two hours by train and bus.

The mountain is “only” 1,679 meters tall, so it’s nowhere near as intimidating as the taller peaks around Geneva. Mont Tendre is a popular destination among hikers, especially for those who want to discover the prettiest viewpoints near Geneva. The peak offers a spectacular view of Lake Geneva, which is well worth the 5-hour hike from Col du Mollendruz to Col du Marchairuz.

Rochers de Naye

Rochers de Naye Geneva
Rochers de Naye

Situated near the eastern shore of Lake Geneva, Rochers de Naye is a 2,042 meters tall mountain in the Swiss Alps. It’s about two hours away from Geneva and it is easily accessible by public transport. You must take a train to Montreux (approximately one hour from Geneva), and then you can reach the summit with the cog railway.

Most travelers who just want to admire the scenic views will ride the train to the summit, enjoy lunch at the mountaintop restaurant, and make their way back to Montreux. If you want to explore more of the mountain, you’ll be glad to know that there’s a pretty big hiking area at the summit.

The most adventurous travelers can also attempt the Rochers de Naye Via Ferrata. It’s an extremely challenging climbing route suitable only for seasoned climbers, but the view from the top is one of the best in Switzerland.

Mont Pèlerin

Mont Pèlerin Geneva
Mont Pèlerin

Mont Pèlerin is a mountain summit north of Vevey, approximately an hour and a half away from Geneva by car. It is possible to hike to the summit from the town of Vevey – in that case, you’d take the train from Geneva to Vevey (about 50 minutes), and it would take you just under two hours to get to the top of the mountain.

It’s worth noting that it’s also possible to drive up the mountain. There’s a parking lot near the popular panoramic tower, so you can easily explore the summit if you’re not an experienced hiker.

This peak is best known for its many hiking trails and panoramic views of Lake Geneva. The Mont Pelerin Television Tower is a popular observation deck at the summit and a great place to visit if you want to experience some lovely scenic views.


Chaumont Geneva

Situated about two hours outside Geneva, Chaumont is a wooded mountain area offering some of the best scenic views in western Switzerland. Ride the funicular from Neuchâtel to the summit, where scenic panoramic views of Neuchâtel Lake await.

Chaumont is also home to an adventure park and plenty of hiking trails, which should be great for the more adventurous travelers who really want to get out and explore.

To reach this scenic mountain, you’ll need to ride the train from Geneva to Neuchâtel. It’s a scenic route, the ride is a little over an hour long, and the train station in Neuchâtel is directly next to the funicular.

Additionally, don’t miss out on an opportunity to explore Neuchâtel, especially if you’ve never visited before. It’s home to the 11th-century Neuchâtel Castle, quite a few interesting museums, beautiful botanical gardens, a casino, and so much more!


Berneuse Geneva

Berneuse is a 2,045-meter tall summit in the Bernese Alps that’s accessible from Geneva by car and public transport. It’s not the easiest summit to reach because it’s on the opposite end of Lake Geneva, but it is one of the most popular mountains among travelers in Switzerland.

The Berneuse summit is best known for the mountaintop revolving restaurant that offers incredible panoramic views of all the surrounding peaks. Lake Geneva is visible from the summit and is truly an incredible sight.

Reaching this mountain from Geneva is a bit tricky, but entirely worth it. You need to make your way to the Leysin ski resort, where you can ride a modern cable car to the top of the mountain. The views from the cable car are phenomenal and one of the best parts of a day trip to Berneuse.

The quickest way to reach Laysin from Geneva is to drive there – it takes about an hour and a half along the northern shore of the lake. It’s also possible to travel by train, but it takes longer since there’s no direct connection. Ride the train from Geneva to Aigle (approximately 90 minutes), then switch trains at Aigle and ride for an additional 25 minutes to Leysin.

Crêt du Midi

Crêt du Midi
Crêt du Midi – image via Wikimedia

Crêt du Midi is a 2,332-meter-tall mountain situated about three hours outside of Geneva. It’s worth noting that driving on your own is only about 10 minutes faster than taking the train, so relying on public transport is equally as convenient as renting a car.

You can take a train from Geneva to Sierra – the ride is just under two hours long and it’s super scenic. From Sierra, you need to take a bus to either Chalais or Vercorin – both places offer a cable car service that transports passengers to Crêt du Midi.

The gondola station at the top of the mountain is right next to a restaurant, making this a great destination for the more hedonistic travelers who prefer to take in the views while relaxing with a glass of wine or enjoying a delicious meal.

Adventurous travelers will be glad to know that Crêt du Midi is a popular ski area, with seven ski lifts that allow you to discover the mountain’s 35 kilometers of ski pistes. The summit is also a popular paragliding spot, and it offers a variety of hiking and ski touring trails.

Le Moléson

Le Moléson Geneva
Le Moléson

Le Moléson is situated in Gruyeres, and it’s one of the best mountains close to Geneva to visit if you’ve got a car in Switzerland. It’s less than a two-hour drive from the city of Geneva, and the peak is widely considered one of the best viewpoints in all of Switzerland. Traveling by public transport is not recommended because it takes around 4 hours, and includes at least four train changes.

But driving gives you the freedom to explore as much of the area as you want, starting with the medieval town of Gruyeres. It’s famous for cheese, medieval architecture, and H.R. Giger, so take a quick tour of the town before you make your way to the inclined railway that will take you to the top of Moléson.

Head to Moléson sur Gruyères railway station – you can leave the car at the rather large parking lot directly next to the station. Ride the funicular to Plan Francey and then get on the gondola lift to Le Moléson – the station is some five minutes from the mountain peak, where you get to experience one of the best panoramic views in Switzerland.

It’s also possible to hike to the summit and there’s a via Ferrata, while the winter months mean you won’t be able to get around much without skis.

Tour d’Aï

Tour d'Aï
Tour d’Aï

Situated near the ski resort Leysin, Tour d’Aï is a scenic mountain summit that offers a fabulous view of Lake Geneva on a clear day. You can reach the mountain from Geneva either by car or by public transport – driving is quicker and more convenient but the public transport options aren’t too bad either.

You can travel by train the entire time, you just need to switch trains at Aigli. To reach the summit, just follow our instructions for getting to Berneuse, and then you can ride ski lifts to Tour d’Aï. The mountain peak is also accessible by hiking trails and via ferrata, but only in the warmer months when there isn’t much snow on the ground.

It’s worth noting that the hike to the summit is suitable only for experienced hikers with previous climbing experience. The trail is challenging and some parts require you to climb ladders that are attached to the rocks, so ropes and other technical equipment are necessary for a safe climb.

The view from the top is worth all the effort – you can see all the other peaks in the Bernese Alps, and the towns at the foot of the mountain, and if you’re lucky you might even encounter some wildlife on the trail.

Les Pléiades

Les Pléiades
Les Pléiades

Situated north of Blonday in the Vaud canton, Les Pléiades mountains are part of the Swiss Prealps and an excellent destination for travelers who want to explore the eastern shore of Lake Geneva. The summit rises to 1,397 meters above sea level and it is easily accessible by a mountain railway.

Les Pléiades mountains are about 100 kilometers outside Geneva, and interestingly enough, driving isn’t the quickest way of reaching them. It takes approximately an hour and 40 minutes to drive from Geneva to a restaurant atop the mountain, but traveling by train tends to be a little quicker, even with train changes at Lausanne and Vevey.

The mountain offers various hiking trails of different difficulties, so you don’t have to be an experienced hiker to enjoy what Les Pléiades has to offer – spectacular views of Lake Geneva and vast fields of Narcissus flowers.

La Para

La Para
La Para – © Wikipedia

La Para is a mountain in the western Bernese Alps, near the eastern shore of Lake Geneva. The mountain is 2,540 meters tall and it’s most popular for hiking and ski touring.

The easiest way of traveling to La Para mountain from Geneva is to just drive there in a little more than two hours. It’s also possible to travel by train – take the train from Geneva to Aigle, and then from Aigle to Les Diablerets. This is a ski resort/village at the foot of the La Para mountain, with ski lifts and cable cars that will allow you to explore the nearby peak.

The downside is that there’s no cable car to the La Para summit, but you can still climb it via various hiking trails. The most popular trail starts at Retaud lake near Col du Pillon and it goes on for approximately 12.5 kilometers. It takes some two and a half hours to reach the La Para summit, where you will be rewarded with incredible 360° views of all the surrounding peaks.

Grand Muveran

Grand Muveran
Grand Muveran – © Wikipedia

Situated on the border between the Vaud and Valais cantons, Grand Muveran is a spectacular mountain peak of the Bernese Alps. The summit is 3,051 meters tall, and it offers incredible panoramic views from the top.

If you’re driving through Switzerland, you can reach the mountain from Geneva in approximately two hours. It will take about two and a half hours if you’re relying on public transportation – take the train from Geneva to Martigny, and then switch trains and head to Riddes. From there, you need to take the bus to Orvonnoz and walk for about an hour to Buvette de Loutze, where you will find the trailhead for the Grand Muveran summit hike.

The 13-kilometer out-and-back hike to the top of Grand Muveran is challenging and suitable only for experienced hikers. It takes around 8 hours to complete, the total elevation gain is approximately 1560 meters, and the ascent is steep and rocky. It’s all worth it in the end though, because at the top of the summit you get rewarded with some incredibly scenic views! This trail is also popular for birdwatching and wildflowers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What mountains surround Geneva?

Geneva has mountains on all sides. With the Jura mountains to the northwest, the Alps to the east and the Vuache Hills to the west.

Can you see mountains in Geneva Switzerland?

Yes, mountains are visible from Geneva across the lake and depending on where you are standing also at the rear of the city.

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