Ospizio Bernina: Europe’s Highest Train Station

Ospizio Bernina

Need more details about Ospizio Bernina? Then you’ve come to the right place because this detailed guide will tell you all you need to know about the famous Swiss train station!

Whether you’re planning a journey on the Bernina Express train or you want to come specifically to this region, you’ll find all the information you need in this detailed guide. Where to stay, what to see, and how much time you need to thoroughly explore the area are just some of the topics we’ve covered in our guide to Ospizio Bernina!

Ospizio Bernina Overview

Ospizio Bernina Train Station
Ospizio Bernina Train Station

Ospizio Bernina is a train station on the Bernina Line of the Rhaetian Railway. It’s named after the hostel that’s situated very close to the station – ospizio is Italian for hospice/hotel. The train station is at an elevation of 2,253 meters above sea level and is surrounded by incredibly beautiful nature including fabulous lakes and soaring mountain peaks. 

With stunning nature and ample hiking trails, it’s easy to see why this is one of the most popular destinations on the Bernina Express train. There are plenty of natural landmarks to discover in the area, the train station is a stone’s throw away from the best accommodation in the area, and the views are magical enough that you’ll want to get off the train even before it stops. 

The Bernina stretch of the railway is the most famous in Switzerland, and one of the best experiences in the world. It’s the most stunning Alpine crossing in the world and, together with the Albula section, it is declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

The Bernina Pass region is also very important for several reasons. It’s home to many glaciers and tall mountain peaks, which make it an important watershed for both the Adriatic Sea and the Black Sea. There’s also a lot of unique flora and fauna in the area, as well as many important natural landmarks. 

Where Is Ospizio Bernina Located?

Bernina Pass & Lake, Train
Bernina Pass & Lake, Train

Ospizio Bernina is located near the Bernina pass, between the Engadine and Poschiavo valleys in the canton of Graubunden. It’s one of the stops on the Bernina Express Train, which transports passengers from Tirano to Lugano in an epic panoramic journey. 

The Ospizio Bernina train station is directly on the shore of Lago Bianco, and it is the highest point of the Rhaetian Railway. The beautiful turquoise Lago Bianco is visible from the train, and it’s just a hint of what’s to come if you get off the train and start exploring the area. 

Hiking in Ospizio Bernina

Views from the Bernina Pass
Views from the Bernina Pass

There are more than a dozen hiking trails in the Bernina Hospiz area, so you could easily spend several days here exploring the fabulous vantage points. Most hiking trails here are challenging and suitable only for experienced hikers in great physical condition because they include ascents on the tallest peaks in the area. 

If you want to enjoy mesmerizing panoramic views of the passo del Bernina area and its turquoise lakes, hike to Munt Pers, Piz Trovat, or Piz Palu. The first two ascents are moderately difficult and can be done in less than two hours, but the ascent to Piz Palu is challenging and takes at least three hours in one direction. 

Other Things To Do In & Around Ospizio Bernina

The Hotel Bernina Hospiz is the best play to stay in the area. It’s a 10-minute walk from the Ospizio Bernina train station so it’s perfect for all travelers who want to continue their journey on the Bernina Express train. The hotel also offers free parking and it’s right there on the Bernina Pass, so it’s also great for all travelers who travel to the area by car and want to explore more of the region. 

Morteratsch Glacier

Morteratsch Glacier

Morteratsch Glacier is the largest glacier in this part of Switzerland. It’s definitely worth visiting if you’re staying in the area for a while and you’ve got time for a quick glacier excursion. You will experience surreal views of mesmerizing nature, plus it’s a good idea to see the glaciers before global warming melts them all. 

Get to the Diavolezza train station from Ospizio Bernina. There, you can ride the gondolas to the upper parts of the mountain, where guides will take you on long glacier treks in the area. The Diavolezza Glacier and the Morteratsch Glacier are both included in the guided tours, and they’re both equally impressive. 


Ökostrompfad is a theme trail from Ospizio Bernina to the wonderful glacier garden at Cavaglia. The hike boasts beautiful mountain landscapes, as well as plenty of information boards that provide facts about the environmentally friendly power production in the area. 

This is a moderately challenging hike of some 8.5 kilometers, which usually takes around 2-3 hours to complete. That’s just for the one-way trail, and you can head back on the same hiking trail or you can take the bus back home. 

River Inn Rafting

The Inn river is a large European river that begins in the Engadine valley. It flows through Zuoz, St. Moritz, and all the way through Lichtenstein and Austria, where it reaches Bavaria and becomes one of the Danube’s largest tributaries. 

The River Inn flows through the Bernina Pass, where it almost merges with the road and the Rhaetian Railway. It is precisely at this section that River Inn is the most popular for rafting, so definitely consider getting in a float and rushing down the river if you’re looking to do something fun and exciting in the area.  

Alp Grüm

Alp Grüm

Alp Grüm is another train station in the area, and it’s only 10 minutes away (by train) from Ospizio Bernina. The station services the Alp Grüm hamlet, which is only accessible by the Rhaetian Railway most of the year. Alternate paths open up in the summer when the snow melts, but they’re accessible only for a couple of months. 

The train station building alone is quite charming and will make you glad you decided to visit. There are also other things to discover in the area – Palü Lake, Caralin Lake, and the tall mountain peaks are just the highlights. 

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As a twenty-year resident of Switzerland, I am passionate about exploring every nook and cranny of this beautiful country, I spend my days deep in the great Swiss outdoors, and love to share these experiences and insights with fellow travel enthusiasts.

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