St. Moritz In Winter: Things To Do Aside From Skiing

best things to do st moritz winter

If you have ever experienced a St Moritz winter then you know just how magical it can be. It is so lovely that it can easily become an addiction and one can’t help but want to return to St Moritz year after year.

For those of you who have not experienced the snow-capped mountains of St Moritz in the Swiss Alps, let me give you an idea of just why it is so wonderful.

The ski resort of St Moritz is in the Engadine Valley, one of the most stunning locations in the heart of the Alps.

It is also a town that has hosted the Winter Olympics twice with more winter sports than you can shake a stick at. This, along with art, culture, amazing restaurants, incredible accommodation, and spas galore. It has everything you could ask for!

As you may have guessed, St Mortiz is one of the finest examples of winter tourism on the planet. So, let’s take a look at all the amazing things to do in St Moritz and how to get to this fabulous town.

Things To Do in St. Moritz in Winter

There are plenty of things to do in St Moritz during winter, even if you are not a winter sports fan.

The views of the Swiss Alps and the mountain peaks make this a true winter wonderland and between exploring those, eating great food, and being pampered is enough. But, if you love the ski slopes, it will make your visit to St Moritz even more special!

Skiing Or Snowboarding

Ski area in St. Moritz
Ski area in St. Moritz

St Moritz is home to three ski areas and each ski area is home to slopes that are fit for world competitions, so they are pretty good!

Whether you are a beginner or have been skiing or snowboarding your whole life, St Moritz has the slopes for you. There are 87 different pistes for skiing down, and the service to them is super efficient with the 24 total ski lifts in the area.

You shouldn’t leave St Moritz without skiing Corviglia, the most popular ski area in St Moritz. The slopes are incredible as you ski under the peak of Piz Nair, sitting at 3,057 meters above sea level.

Don’t miss the night skiing at Corvatsch, open every Friday. Skiers can go down the longest floodlit piste until after midnight.

If you are new to skiing or snowboarding, you can also get the help of a professional to learn how to snowboard or just up your game.

Spa Treatment Rejuvenation

Carlton Hotel St Moritz
© – Carlton Hotel St Moritz

St Moritz isn’t all about skiing or being on a kite over a nearby lake; there is a lot of luxury and indulgence to be found outside of the many winter activities available, and chilling at a spa is one of them.

Most luxury hotels in St Moritz have spa treatments available, and one of the best is at the Carlton Hotel St Moritz or the Kulm Hotel.

Imagine soaking in a steam bath, sitting in a sauna, having a massage, or relaxing in a hot tub while gazing at views of Lake Moritz, the mountains, and the rest of the upper Engadine.

There is no better way to give your muscles a break after enjoying one of the many winter activities in St Moritz than spending a day at the spa.

Ice Skating With The Family

One of the most affordable winter activities in St Moritz is ice skating. It is completely free if you don’t have your own skates, or it only costs the rental fee, which is minimal.

Stroll, with skates in hand, to Lake St Moritz and enjoy ice skating around the lake with some of the most beautiful views possible. Once the lake is frozen the snow is consistently cleared to ensure an immaculate ice rink for people to use.

This is a wonderful activity to do with the family and it makes for a great day out when you want a break from the slopes. Skate around, looking at the breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains until you can’t skate anymore!

Snowshoe Hiking In The Engadine

While the town of St Moritz is a lot of fun, it is a busy place and there is no better way to get some peace for your mind and soul than snowshoe hiking.

Not to mention, the snowshoeing trails around St Moritz are stunning, and taking to the slopes for a snowshoe hike is the best way to explore the magical natural surroundings you can see from your hotel.

A snowshoe hike clears my mind, reconnects me with nature, and makes the rest of the world melt away.

Renting snowshoes in St Moritz is easy and you can find trails suitable for beginners or the most daring ones for pros. Taking a guide with you is also an option too!

Diavolezza Views

Morteratsch Glacier
Morteratsch Glacier – Image courtesy of Wikimedia

Diavolezza is one of the most beautiful mountain peaks in the Engadine as the things you get to see from it and on the way to it are simply perfect examples of Alpine scenery.

Diavolezza is not in St Moritz, it is a train ride away, and a fabulous ride at that. Getting there is easy, just hop on the train from St Moritz train station towards Tirano and get off at Bernina Diavolezza.

On the way, you will ride past stunning scenery and see the Morteratsch Glacier along the way. When you get out at the station, you can see the peaks of Piz Bernina and Piz Palü, along with the Pers Glacier and Morteratsch Glacier.

Free riders can also ski or snowboard their way back down to the Morteratsch Hotel sun terrace. The trails are marked but not manicured, which is a fun ride.

Epic Views from Piz Corvatsch

The peak of Corvatsch can be seen from St Mortiz, but the views from the top are unparalleled for those who make the effort to get up there.

Standing on the top, you will look across the peaks of the Bernina Alps, with Lake Silvaplana and Lake Sils below you. Be sure to choose a clear day for this trip so your views are long and filled with winter sun.

At the peak, you can enjoy the panoramas while having a lovely lunch at Restaurant 3303 (3303 meters above sea level), go on a snowshoeing experience, ski, snowboard, and more.

To get there, take the bus from St Moritz to Corvatsch Talstation Surlej. Then hop on a gondola to Corvatsch Mittelstation Murtel and change onto another gondola to Corvatsch Bergstation. The views from the gondolas are also hard to beat!

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Olympia Bob Run At 100 km/h

Bobsledding at St Moritz
St Moritz bobsled run – Photo from Filip Zaun – Copyright: Engadin St. Moritz Tourismus

If you have ever wondered what it is like to be an Olympic bobsledder, you can experience this in St Moritz.

St Moritz is home to the Olympia Bob Run which is used for international competitions. For an expensive CHF 275, you can ride with the pros and rush down the run at about 135 km/h.

The ride only lasts about a minute, but it is one long minute filled with adrenaline and you will come off the run buzzing. It is an expensive minute, though, but there aren’t many places you can experience this other than St Moritz.

Go Tobogganing

Muottas Muragl
Muottas Muragl

St Mortiz has a very fast toboggan run, and the fastest one is from the top station at Muottas Muragl.

The trail is 4.2 kilometers long and you will fly through a winter paradise of larch and pine forests and into the valley. The views around you will be quite astounding as you rush down the mountain.

Doing it before sunset is ideal as the snow-covered lands catch the stunning evening light and make it an unforgettable experience.

It is great to do with your family, partner, friends, or solo.

Experience White Turf

white turf
Horses racing on white turf

If you have never seen horses racing on a frozen lake before, White Turf is for you!

Once a year, the rich and famous assemble on the shores of Lake St Moritz, and watch a bunch of crazy jockeys hurtle their way around the lake. Not only do you get to see classic horse racing, but also a variant where the jocket slides along behind the horse on skis! Talk about death-defying!

And to top it all off, you can people watch as the rich and hip are there to be seen in this once-a-year event!


Now, you might not have heard of snowkiting or kiteboarding, but I’m guessing you can work out what it is.

This winter activity is like kite surfing in the sea, but you are attached to skis or a snowboard and cruising along the Alps instead.

You can book a guide to teach you how to do it in St Moritz and it usually takes place on a frozen lake, such as Lake Silverplana, which is just a train ride away from St Moritz.

You need a windy day to learn on, and once you are strapped into a kite and flying across the ice or snow, you will realize why this is becoming such a popular sport in St Moritz.

Winter Paragliding

Although paragliding is often only done in summer, there is a company that can give you the experience of your life in St Moritz. It is a whole 1.5-hour experience, taking in the stunning views around St Moritz and the huge frozen lakes in the valley.

Seeing the St Moritz area from the ground is one thing, but nothing beats flying high above the town with the best seat in the house!

Hike To The Morteratsch Glacier

hiking towards morteratsch glacier
Hiking towards Morteratsch Glacier

The Morteratsch Glacier is the biggest glacier by volume in the eastern Alps and is something you have to see during your stay in St Moritz.

Getting there involves taking a train from St Moritz to Morteratsch station. Once you arrive it is then a 50-minute hike through a valley, past a lake, and to the tongue of the glacier.

Along the hike, the views are magical and there are 16 posts that tell you about the glacier, how it is receding, and everything discovered around it.

Of all the hikes I have done in Switzerland, this is one of the easiest ways to get close to glaciers. The path is smooth and pram=friendly, and I saw many families here. Plus, at the end, you can relax back at the hotel near the train station for some lovely Swiss cuisine in the sun. We opted for Rösti, which is like hashed-browns. Unbeatable!

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Views In St Moritz Corviglia

St Moritz Corviglia
St Moritz Corviglia – Image courtesy of Wikimedia

Just a quick funicular ride from St. Moritz will have you at Corviglia, one of the best ski areas on the planet and home to the greatest views in St Moritz.

Corviglia sits above St Moritz, and it faces south, meaning it is often blessed with sunshine. The views reach into the mountain peaks, lakes, and the stunning Bernina Massif, too!

At the top, you can enjoy lunch at restaurants, party at the mountain huts, or some of the best skiing in the world on the way down.

Sledding With Your Inner Child

There was nothing like the first day of snow when I was a kid. It meant school might be closed and a day of sledding was ahead, regardless. But sledding down the slopes around St Moritz is another thing altogether. Especially since it is one of the most beautiful places to sled in Switzerland.

The best place for sledding in St Moritz is at Muottas Muragl, the same run the toboggans use. Sled down through the forests, surrounded by mountains, and remember why you loved snowy mountains again as a child.

How To Get To St Moritz

Bernina Express
Bernina Express

While St Moritz is in a remote location in the Alps, getting to the town center is surprisingly easy thanks to the excellent Swiss public transport system. You have two choices of how to get to St Moritz, either by train or by car.

If you are flying in from another country, you should choose to fly to Zurich and go from there. Although you can access it easily from Milan also.

St Moritz By Train

From Zurich Airport, you can be in St Moritz in less than 4 hours. Simply take the train to Zurich HB, change onto the train to Chur, and change again onto the train to St Moritz.

The station is called San Maurizio and is next to the frozen lake of St Moritz. From there is a short walk or taxi into St Mauritz.

From Milan Central Station, it takes about 4 – 5.5 hours to get to St Moritz by train with about 3 changes. Google Maps will show you the route.

The train is the best way to get to St Moritz as it is quick and efficient, and the views of the alps you get along the way are magnificent.

St Moritz By Car

You can, of course, drive to St Moritz if you want to and it is a beautiful drive. But, you must be aware that driving through Switzerland and the mountains in winter is not so easy.

Mountain roads, snow, ice, and more can disrupt your journey and the mountain passes can be closed, delaying your arrival.

I would highly recommend taking the train!

Written by Ashley Faulkes
As a twenty-year resident of Switzerland, I am passionate about exploring every nook and cranny of this beautiful country, I spend my days deep in the great Swiss outdoors, and love to share these experiences and insights with fellow travel enthusiasts.

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