Winter In Lugano, Switzerland: Weather & Things To Do

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Traveling to Lugano in the winter is an excellent idea unless you’re going to Switzerland specifically for the snow. Lugano has a very mild climate, much milder than the rest of the country, and it’s the least snowy town in all of Switzerland. It’s also one of the sunniest places in the country, so you can expect sunshine and nice weather even in the winter.

Although the town is most popular in the summer for all the fun you can have on its namesake lake, visiting it in the winter is absolutely a great idea. You’ll skip the crowds of the peak tourist season but you’ll still get to explore all of the town’s best attractions, plus you’ll get to see what it’s like when it’s all decorated for Christmas!

Winter Weather in Lugano

Winter in Lugano
Winter in Lugano

Lugano has pretty mild winters, at least compared to the other cities in Switzerland. Temperatures can drop below zero degrees Celsius, but they usually stay in the single digits. Also, it’s rarely below zero during the day, and the colder weather is more typical for nights in Lugano.

The average temperature in the winter is -3 Celsius to 5 Celsius. It doesn’t often snow in Lugano proper, just on the mountains that surround the city.

Best Things to Do in Winter in Lugano

Lugano Winter
Winter in Lugano

Eat And Shop At Lugano Christmas Markets

Lugano celebrates the Christmas period by setting up multiple Christmas markets throughout the town. The Christmas market season in Lugano is from late November until Christmas Eve, so you’ve got a pretty big window to visit if you want to experience winter wonderland in this Swiss city.

The main event area is in the heart of Lugano, at Piazza della Riforma and Piazza Manzoni. The two city squares are connected but feature different types of attractions during the Christmas Market. Piazza della Riforma is where most of the stalls with souvenirs and gastronomic treats are set up, while Piazza Manzoni traditionally features an open-air rink for ice skating and ice hockey.

Walk Through Lugano’s Old Town

Lugano Historic Center
Historic center of Lugano

Centro Storico is the old town of Lugano, from the lakefront promenade to the funicular station. This is where all the magic happens in Lugano, especially in the winter, and a self-guided tour is in order if it’s your first time in the city. Most streets and alleys are adorned with Christmas decorations and sparkling lights, transforming the heart of the city into a winter wonderland.

San Lorenzo Cathedral is perhaps the most important attraction in the heart of Lugano. It’s beautiful from the outside but absolutely impressive on the inside, and it’s also the first building you’re going to see in the city when you get off the train.

Then there’s also the iconic Via Nassa. The historic street is home to all of Lugano’s best shops, and it’s the perfect destination for (window) shopping. This is the home of the luxury and high-end shops in Lugano, and really the only street in town to visit if you want to get yourself a beautiful Swiss watch.

If shopping at Prada and Patek Philippe is not your kind of thing, consider a walk along the lakeshore instead. The Lugano Promenade stretches around the entire lakeshore, with benches every few meters so you can always sit down and take in the views.

Visit Lugano Museums & Galleries

Lugano Arte e Cultura
Lugano Arte e Cultura

When it gets too cold for casual strolls around the town, it’s best to seek warmth and shelter inside a museum or an art gallery. That way you can keep learning about the city’s attractions and traditions without freezing.

The Cantonal Museum of Natural History is a great place for all history and biology buffs. It has exhibits on the flora and fauna of the region, with lifelike replicas of the animals most commonly found in and around Lugano.

The rest of the city’s museums are situated in a neighborhood south of the historic center. LAC (Lugano Arte e Cultura) is the top one for all art lovers, MASI Lugano (Museo d’arte della Svizzera Italiana) features a permanent exhibit of local Swiss artists as well as various temporary exhibits of modern art, and Museo in Erba is an interactive children’s museum perfect for families.

Enjoy Monte Brè’s Breathtaking Views

Monte Bre
Monte Bre

Monte Brè is Lugano’s local mountain just a short funicular ride from the city center to the summit at 925 meters above sea level. This is the sunniest mountain in Switzerland, so the perfect place to visit on a gloomy day, and you might even be able to see some of the olive trees at the base of the mountain. The views of the Gulf of Lugano from the top are the absolute best in the area and will make you want to set up camp at the top.

But you shouldn’t do that because the last train into town is at 5 PM. Also, it’s important to note that the funicular is traditionally closed for about a month from mid-January to early February. If this is one of the attractions you’re most interested in, I would highly recommend you plan your visit around it. Hiking to the top of the mountain is usually not possible in the winter because of the snowfall.

Lake Lugano Boat Tour

Lake Lugano

Ship services on Lake Lugano are suspended from early January to early February and on Christmas day. But, on any other day of the year, it’s possible to go on a boat ride on Lake Lugano, and it’s one of the best things to do in the town.

I highly recommend killing two birds with one stone and using the boat ride as an opportunity to explore Melide. Boats run between Lugano and Melide twice a day, and the ride is only half an hour long. Visit the Swissminiatur Park with replicas of all the most famous attractions in the country for an unforgettable experience, and then enjoy another boat cruise as you head back to Lugano.

If you want to stay in Melide longer or you miss the last boat back to Lugano, you can always ride a train or a bus back into town.

Food & Wine Tour Around Lake Lugano

Food and wine in Lugano
Food and wine in Lugano

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A guided tour of Lugano with stops at its best local restaurants and tastings of all the famous local dishes is the perfect way of exploring the city for all foodies. You will get to taste dishes that are specific to all the towns on the shore of Lake Lugano and the rest of Ticino canton, and every tasting is accompanied by a glass of delicious local wine.

The tour normally lasts for 3-4 hours and it’s honestly a great winter tour because you’ll spend most of your time inside the restaurant, filling up on hearty dishes.


Winter Activities

What’s a winter trip to Switzerland without some skiing or snowboarding? If you enjoy winter sports, even the southern city of Lugano is a good place to visit. It’s close to quite a few tall mountains, with numerous trails perfect for skiing, snowboarding, and even tobogganing.

Airolo is the closest ski resort near Lugano, only about an hour by car and 90 minutes by train. It’s important to note that it’s a very small resort with 11 slopes, so not the best option for seasoned skiers. If you’re interested in more challenging pistes, head to Andermatt. It’s one of the better ski resorts in southern Switzerland, with mostly difficult trails suitable only for experienced skiers and snowboarders.

Leisurely Walk at Parco Ciani

Parco Ciani
Parco Ciani

Parco Ciani is Lugano’s largest park with stunning views of the lake. It’s open year-round and it’s one of the most iconic attractions in the city that you should visit at least once during your stay.

Although this park is best experienced in the spring and summer months when all its flowers are in full bloom, there are plenty of statues and landmarks in Parco Ciani to warrant a winter visit. Also, the place looks absolutely gorgeous when covered with a fresh layer of snow. A small area of the park is sectioned off as a playground, and it’s a great destination for all families with small children in Lugano.

Lugano’s Festivals

Ul Sbroja Carnival

Carnival Lugano Ul Sbroja takes place in mid-late February, and it’s not really a traditional carnival. The beginning of the event is marked by an issue of a satirical newspaper full of sarcastic comments on various political events. This carnival mostly features children’s parades, Guggenmusik, and loads of costumes.

Lugano Winter Jazz Festival

Jazz concert
Jazz concert

The real Jazz Estival in Lugano takes place in July, but there’s also a smaller-scale version of the event in the winter. It takes place at Jazz in Bess, a popular local Jazz club in Lugano.

The mini-festival usually lasts for three days, and it takes place in January. It sees a meeting of Jazz bands from Switzerland and other countries, which perform several concerts for the general public.

Day Trips In Winter

Visit the Swissminiatur Park

Swissminiatur Park
Swissminiatur Park

Swissminiatur Park is in Melide, just a short trip away from Lugano by public transport. The park is known for miniature replicas of all the most famous attractions and landmarks in Switzerland (and wider), and it’s a great place to visit on a day trip if you want to discover more about Swiss culture.

Winter Hiking at Monte San Salvatore

Monte San Salvatore in Lugano
Monte San Salvatore in Lugano

Monte San Salvatore is a mountain summit easily accessible by a cable car from Paradiso. The bottom station of the funicular is a 2-minute ride from Lugano train station, so you can easily visit the mountain in the afternoon and be back in town for dinner.

Some hiking trails remain open in the cold season, although they’re not quite as enjoyable as in the summer. The panoramic vista of Lake Lugano and the Swiss Alps in the background is mesmerizing year-round.

Bellinzona Carnival

The Carnival of Bellinzona is called Rabadan, and it’s the second-biggest parade in Switzerland. More than 150,000 people celebrate in the city streets of Bellinzona for six days, and the entire town is flooded with visitors from all over Switzerland and wider.

The carnival includes all sorts of fun events, including tug-of-war tournaments, mask competitions, and street theater performances. Risotto, Ticino’s traditional dish, is also a big part of the carnival, and eating one on the streets is practically a rite of passage for Bellinzona Carnival goers.

Carnival Stranociada in Locarno

The Stranociada Carnival takes place on the last weekend of January in the old town of Locarno. The event is known for musical performances, loads of costumes, and risotto. All carnival goers must purchase a ticket (for one day or the entire event), and everyone can get a voucher for 5 CHF that provides them with some risotto and sausage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it snow in Lugano in winter?

It rarely snows in Lugano itself, however, it does snow in the mountains surrounding the town. So, if you want to experience snow, you will have to head up high to do it.

What month is the coldest in Lugano?

The coldest month in Lugano is usually January. During this time of year, temperatures can drop to around freezing or slightly below, so you can expect chilly weather.

Is it worthwhile to visit Lugano in winter?

Yes, it’s worth it to visit Lugano in the winter for a few days. It might not be the most exciting Swiss city for winter visits, but it features a fun Christmas market and it is close to many other towns and places that are great for day trips.  

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As a twenty-year resident of Switzerland, I am passionate about exploring every nook and cranny of this beautiful country, I spend my days deep in the great Swiss outdoors, and love to share these experiences and insights with fellow travel enthusiasts.

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