Best Chocolate Shops in Zurich: A Definitive Guide

If you are on the hunt for the perfect Swiss chocolate, then Zurich is the perfect place to find some.

After exploring Zurich for over 20 years I have come to realize that there are chocolate shops all around this city.

Sure, you might have already seen or tried Lindt chocolate or maybe even Sprungli or Laderach, but what about all the other Zurich chocolate shops and chocolatiers you have never heard of?

The river of chocolate in Zurich runs deep with irresistible Swiss delights. All you have to do is dive deeper into the back streets of Zurich’s old town and find some of these hidden gems!

So, whether you want to embark on your own personal chocolate tour of Zurich or just find some unique chocolate gifts and souvenirs for friends and family back home, this is the guide for you!

Best Chocolate Shops in Zurich


At Teuscher, you can find opulently decorated stores with a variety of chocolates and pralines to choose from. They are known for their champagne truffles, which are made according to a strictly guarded family recipe. People have been emptying their shelves of these since 1947.

The shop was founded by Adolf Teuscher and they have over 100 different pralines using everything from marzipan, fruits, and nuts, all the while avoiding additives and preservatives. You can get a mixed box of your own choosing or take their premade selections which often come with great souvenir boxes of Zurich.


  • Along the Limmat near the Storchen Hotel at Storchengasse 9 (Google Maps)
  • In the heart of Zurich’s main shopping street at Bahnhofstrasse 46 (Google Maps)
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Max Chocolatier

Max Chocolatier, Zurich
Max Chocolatier, Zurich

Max Chocolatier is actually a branch of the hand-made chocolate maker founded in Lucerne. If you are Lucerne, they have an amazing store on the edge of the old town. But in Zurich, it is right near St Peter’s Church.

Max is actually the son of the founder Patrik König who only opened this amazing chocolate lover’s dream in 2009. They have since become famous for their hand-made chocolates using only the finest ingredients, no matter where they come from.

  • Address: Schlüsselgasse 12, 8001 Zürich (Google Maps)


Sprüngli is one of the most iconic and popular names in Swiss chocolate. Their most famous store in Zurich is right on the corner of Paradeplatz. So, if you are walking up Bahnhofstrasse while touring Zurich, you will see it about halfway up.

Although they are far bigger than the two chocolatiers mentioned above, they are known for producing delectable truffles and pralines as well as some amazing cakes. Their macarons called Luxembürgerli are also to die for!

So, if you spot one in the main train station or just about anywhere else on your visit to Zurich, pop in for a little sample, or a big box. You can’t go wrong.


  • Bahnhofstrasse 21, Corner of Paradeplatz (Google Maps)
  • Bahnhofstrasse 67 (Google Maps)
  • Various locations in Zurich HB train station


Laderach Chocolate
Laderach, Zurich

Läderach was once a small chocolate upstart that no one had really heard of. Then they started marketing and expanding and now you will struggle not to find one of their shops wherever you go in Switzerland.

In the heart of Zurich, they have a number of outlets just like Sprungli. Along the Bahnhofstrasse and in the main station. They are also at the Zurich Airport if you need to grab some just before you leave!

They are renowned for their huge chocolate slabs which you can get chunks broken off of and placed in your own personal selection. They also sell these chunks in pre-made bags. And, of course, they make some stunning chocolates and pralines as well. They also have a fun chocolate workshop they hold above their Bahnhofstrasse store where you can make your very own bar and learn all about chocolate making firsthand.



As a world-renowned Swiss chocolate company, Lindt is a chocolate giant that built a reputation on producing high-quality chocolates for the masses. You can find their wide range of products in various shops around Zurich, but there are two other places I would go to really experience Lindt if you are interested.

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First, they have a dedicated Lindt store on Bahnhofstrasse that showcases their chocolate. It is part of the Bachman store but there is a special Lindt section on the first floor which you have to climb this cool staircase with flowing chocolate and Lindt balls on the wall to get to!

Lindt Dark Chocolate Blocks
Lindt Dark Chocolate Blocks

Second, you should absolutely head to the Lindt Home of Chocolate Museum tour as it is one of the best in Switzerland.


  • Lindt Store, Bahnhofstrasse 89 (Google Maps)
  • Lindt Factory and Museum, Seestrasse 493, Kilchberg, Zurich (Google Maps)
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Confiserie Honold

Another great place to stop if you are walking along Rennweg is Confiserie Honold. Bringing a variety of pastries, cakes and chocolates to the locals in Zurich since 1905, Honold’s has actually expanded significantly. So, you will also find quite a few outlets around the great Zurich area.

They make a modest selection of Truffles and Pralines which you should see at the counter as soon as you walk in the door. You can make your own selection or ask them for some recommendations!


Say Chocolate

Say Chocolate, Zurich
Say Chocolate, Zurich

Say Chocolate is a small boutique shop in Lagerstrasse that has a unique mix of treats for you to try. This means not only chocolates but also stunning cakes and macarons. But what makes them so unusual are their chocolate Message Boxes. They create chocolates with lots of different letters and shapes on them so that you can create a custom or pre-made gift box for your loved one. I have had the pleasure of giving one of these to a friend and it’s definitely a one-of-a-kind!

Vittorio Vanini

Vittorio Vanini is not a name that most people know, but they are have been making exceptional chocolate since 1871 down in the southern part of Switzerland, Ticino. I popped into their Zurich store the other day (and saw one in Interlaken too) and the line was out the door. It was a hot summer’s day so people were actually eating their amazing ice cream!

But, they are actually known for their pralines, truffles, and chocolate bars. So, whether it’s hot or not, you have no excuse not to track them down just up from Paradeplatz!

Raffaels 1989

As the number in the name suggests, Raffaels 1989 has not been on the chocolate scene in Zurich for long. However, their small but exquisite selection of chocolates along with their mouth-watering ice cream means they are worth a visit if you are near the Opera House in Zurich. They also serve top-notch coffee if that is something you enjoy like I do!

Vollenweider Chocolatier Confiseur

Just down the road from Raffael’s, you will be spoiled for choice at Vollenweider Chocolatier Confiseur. Again, they have not rested on their laurels by just serving stunning chocolates, truffles, blocks, gift boxes and the like. They have expanded into macarons, pastries, cakes and ice cream as well. This seems to be the latest craze with all the Zurich chocolatiers!

Läckerli Huus

Läckerli Huus is a must-try for its famous Läckerli – a Swiss biscuit made of honey, hazelnuts, almonds, candied peel, and Kirsch. There are branches all over Switzerland and they were actually founded in Basel, but we won’t let their history spoil a good chocolate tour now, will we?

They also offer a selection of chocolates and confections to satisfy any sweet craving. What I love about their mix of chocolates are all the different flavors they have: Dark, Milch, Blonde, Ruby and White!

And the best thing about them is that they are smack bang in the underground shopping complex of Zurich HB. So, you can grab any of their treats or chocolates you like, and eat them on the train on the way home!

  • Address: Floor U1, ShopVille-Plaza, 8001 Zürich (Google Maps)
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top chocolate shops to visit in Zurich?

Some of the must-visit shops include Läderach Chocolatier Suisse, Sprüngli, and Max Chocolatier. Each of these stores offers a unique assortment of chocolates and delicious treats that will undoubtedly satisfy your sweet tooth.

Which Zurich chocolate brands are internationally recognized?

Some internationally recognized Zurich chocolate brands include Lindt, with its world-famous Lindor truffles, and Teuscher, known for its champagne truffles made according to a guarded family recipe. These brands have gained a worldwide reputation for their high-quality products and expertise in crafting exquisite chocolates.

Where can I find the highest-quality chocolate in Zurich?

To find the highest quality chocolate in Zurich, visit renowned chocolatiers like Läderach and Max Chocolatier. These stores are famous for their dedication to producing top-notch chocolate, using premium ingredients and traditional Swiss methods.

Which chocolate stores are near Zurich airport?

The best options for getting some chocolate at Zurich Airport include Lindt, Läderach and Sprüngli. They all have stores inside the airport building or in the new “The Circle” opposite.

What makes Zurich’s chocolate so special?

Zurich’s chocolate is special due to its high-quality ingredients, traditional Swiss techniques, and passion for perfection. The city’s chocolatiers use the finest cocoa, along with locally sourced dairy and natural flavors, allowing them to create distinctive chocolates that are both delicious and visually appealing. The dedication to quality and craftsmanship has earned Zurich a reputation for being a chocolate capital, even within Switzerland.

Written by Ashley Faulkes
As a twenty-year resident of Switzerland, I am passionate about exploring every nook and cranny of this beautiful country, I spend my days deep in the great Swiss outdoors, and love to share these experiences and insights with fellow travel enthusiasts.

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