Best Coffee Shops in Baden (Relaxing & Great Coffee)

coffee shops baden switzerland
Last updated: February 20th, 2023

Spending time with friends on the weekend over a great cup of coffee, and maybe a cake, is always on the agenda. Who doesn’t want to get a little sugar rush, or caffeine hit while chatting with friends?

The big question is always, where should you go? Especially when there are so many options in Baden.

No matter whether you want something quick and convenient or up-and-coming with epic coffee, this post has you covered.

Coffee Shops To Try In Baden

Switzerland has been a bit slow on the uptake of epic coffee. Specialty coffees, great single-source beans and well-crafted cups of flat white or a latte. That is what I am yearning for, as an Aussie anyway!

And if that is something you are after, then there are a few places in Baden that can hit the spot.

Gaps Cup

Gaps Cup in Gstühlplatz, Baden
Gaps Cup in Gstühlplatz, Baden

A more recent addition to the slow-growing Baden coffee scene, Gaps Cup is all about epic coffee. Hidden away in the back of the Gstühlplatz, this place is worth coming for the coffee (and cakes) and even just to hang out or work for a bit.

They offer coffee of all shapes and sizes, tea as well, and some tasty treats and other baked goods as well. There is also coffee to buy as well as coffee-related paraphernalia if you need something for your home cup of coffee. in Baden in Baden

A cross between a coffee shop and a sustainable food shop. Ohne is all about getting rid of packaging. Their shop is mostly about buying everything by the gram or liter. And not buying packaging. However, lucky for us, they also double as a coffee shop.

They have a reasonably large coffee corner and a great selection of coffee, tea, and tasty backed goods as well. So, if you feel like supporting them and doing something good for the environment, this is the place to come. They are also on the front of the Gstühl Center, opposite the main station.

Yana Cocha

Yana Cocha - Coffee & Outdoor gear, Baden
Yana Cocha – Coffee & Outdoor gear, Baden

Another hybrid coffee shop in Baden, only this time doubling as an outdoor clothing store. Yana Cocha knows how to create a nice ambiance and some great coffee and accompanying treats.

Tucked away in the back, in Theatreplatz, If the sun is shining, sitting outside here is great. Especially on a weekend. And, you can grab yourself a new jacket while you are there!

Cafe Kajuete (Closed in Winter)

One of my favorite places to hang on the weekend is along the Limmat river in Baden at Cafe Kajuete. It is a cool little cafe/bar that has some decent food as well. It is often very busy in summer, especially on the weekend and in the evenings.

Head for a stroll along the river and check this place out, you won’t regret it. And let me know how the coffee is. I normally have a beer here!


Colombo is a great place to hang out inside, although their terrace is tiny and has little to no view to speak of. It is actually a three-story place that is a cafe downstairs and a restaurant upstairs. So, again a bit of a combo!

They have gotten the decor right and people love to hang out here for a chat and a coffee. I am glad it managed to survive the pandemic, as things were tough in Baden the last few years.

Get in early here if you want a spot, the Yoga mums love it here!

Café Himmel

Cafe Himmel, Baden
Cafe Himmel, Baden

If you like seriously old-school Swiss style then Cafe Himmel might impress you. Well located right in the center of Baden, it is certainly popular. For me, they desperately need to update their interior. And catch up with the latest coffee trends.

So, it is a miss on both those fronts I am afraid. However, if you catch a sunny day, the outside terrace is a great place to sit and watch the world pass by.

Moser’s Backparadies

Mosers Backparadies Baden
Moser’s Backparadies Baden

Moser’s have been in Baden for decades, and sometimes I think their interior looks like it. I have not actually been in to check if they have done it up lately though! It’s another great place to hang outside on the weekend, especially since it is conveniently located in the shadow of the Stadtturm.

I must admit they make a mean, fresh Berliner (jam donut) in winter, and if you can get a fresh pastry they can be good. I am just not one to rave about their coffee. But, I am a bit of a coffee snob. So, if you are not, then give them a shot.

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