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best playgrounds zurich

Zurich is the financial and cosmopolitan hub of Switzerland and if you plan on visiting Switzerland then chances are you are going to pass through Zurich, and why not, it is a lovely city.

There is so much to do in Zurich, it is hard to know where to start but if you are traveling as a family, it is a good idea to know where all the great playgrounds in the city are.

Being able to relax while your kids are entertained at an awesome playground is a great way to ensure you have a lovely vacation.

Join me as I run through all the best playgrounds in Zurich so that you can be sure to add them to your daily itineraries while visiting Zurich.


Blatterwiese playground, Zurich
Blatterwiese playground, Zurich

Blatterwiese is one of the top Zurich playgrounds that combines a delightful setting, a picnic area, and a great playground for kids.

Getting to Blatterwiese is part of the charm as it involves a lovely walk along the shores of Lake Zurich where you can take in the fresh air and the unending views of the Alps. It is also right next door to the quite unique China Gardens, which many locals have never seen. I only managed to visit them a few months ago for the first time.

Blatterwiese playground & the China Garden
Blatterwiese Playground & the China Garden

The playground has a shallow water play area, a sand pit with sand toys, four slides of different heights, and swings too. There are also fun climbing frames and interactive games that teach children about motor skills and more.

It also has a fence so that you can be sure your kids are not running off down the walking path and are safe inside the playground. Sure, if you look at the image above it looks a little like a prison, but when you are in such a large open space in the middle of Zurich, you will be glad the fence is there! There is also a soft, rubberized floor so if kids fall down they will be ok.

Also nearby is a lovely restaurant and there are picnic tables down the path where you can enjoy lunch close to the lake.

  • Address – Bellerivestrasse 146, 8008 Zürich (Google Maps)


Josefwiese – Image courtesy of Wikimedia

Josefwiese is another of the top Zurich playgrounds in the heart of Zurich. It is located in an industrial part of the city and sits inside a lovely green park. It is a haven of peace in a rather busy part of Zurich. If you come by here on a weekend, the place is packed!

People come for the day to picnic, play, relax or even enjoy the nearby shops and restaurants at the Viadukt. I used to do yoga here on a regular basis and pass by quite often. It is the go-to place to hang out for many people in this Kreis.

The playground comes with lots of swings, climbing frames, a slide, and a sand pit too where your children can be entertained for hours. There are also benches for parents to sit on while their kids play and there are trees around too so there is also shade in the summer months.

Close to the playground is a kiosk called Josefwiese where you can buy a bite to eat and a drink while your children play.

  • Address: Josefstrasse 197, 8005 Zürich (Google Maps)

Quartiertreff Enge

Quartiertreff Enge
© Quartiertreff Enge

Quartiertreff Enge is also one of the top Zurich playgrounds and it is one of my favorite playgrounds as it is a great place to meet friends, new and old, and kids love it since it is both an outdoor heaven and has an indoor playground for when the weather turns bad.

The indoor area has slides, climbing frames, swings, and a lot more. It is designed to ensure kids of all ages can have fun no matter the weather. The outdoor playground has multiple play areas, picnic areas, and there are sports fields for the kids to use too.

Quartiertreff Enge is also a community-led space and hosts lots of community-based events throughout the year. There is also a cafe at the playground where you can pick up lunch and drinks as you wish.

This spot is also right next door to the Museum Rietberg and the whole park around it is huge. So, honestly, you could spend a whole day on the weekend or in summer here, there is so much to do!

  • Address: Quartier Treff Enge Gablerstrasse 20, 8002 Zürich (Google Maps)

Zurich Zoo

Zurich Zoo
Zurich Zoo – Image courtesy of Wikimedia

The best playground in Zurich might just be the Zurich Zoo. While this is not really fair to other playgrounds as it is hard to compete with a zoo the size of Zurich’s, what makes the Zurich Zoo so great is that it mixes up animal exhibits with playgrounds so that kids are always entertained.

A trip to Zurich Zoo can be a whole day excursion and it is home to several playgrounds for your kids to play at along the way. Highlights include an indoor rainforest, an elephant enclosure, and lots more.

The playgrounds are all home to slides, swings, climbing frames, and lots more to keep your kids entertained. If you visit on Wednesday, Saturday, or Sunday kids can enjoy donkey rides at the playground next to the petting zoo, or even camel rides too.

The Zoo is in the heart of Zurich and is one of the coolest Zurich playgrounds for you to visit.

  • Address: Zürichbergstrasse 221, 8044 Zürich (Google Maps)

Park im Grüene

Park im Grüene
Park im Grüene – Image courtesy of Wikimedia

Park im Grüene is a great playground but it is a little bit out of town in Rüschlikon, so you will need to hop on a bus ride to get there.

Once you leave the city, the ride takes you along the lake and to a beautiful green park not far from the shores of Lake Zurich with a fun playground for kids.

You will find swings, slides, climbing frames, sand pits, a splash bath for summer days, and there is even a train for kids to ride too. It’s a great place to meet friends on the weekend as there are a lot of great places for a picnic in the park and you can buy picnic ingredients at the nearby grocery store if need be.

In the summer you will also find a petting zoo at the park which also offers donkey rides to kids too. In addition to the playground, the park is also lovely to walk around and there are some sports fields for kids to play on too.

  • Address: Alsenstrasse 40, 8803 Rüschlikon (Google Maps)


Artergut – Image courtesy of Wikimedia

Artergut is a lovely playground in the heart of Zurich. Located in the Altstetten neighborhood of Zurich is a stone’s throw from Kreuzplatz and the Kunsthaus art Museum, making it a great place to stop off with your kids in between some sightseeing.

The playground is within a lovely green park that is completely enclosed and therefore you can rest in peace as your kids roam free around the green area.

The playground has slides, swings, climbing frames, a sandpit, balance beams, and a shallow water play area to ensure your kids have a great time.

There are also picnic benches where adults can hang out and prepare a picnic while the kids play. There are grocery stores, bakeries, and cafes close by also.

  • Address: Spielplatz Artergut Minervastrasse 46, 8032 Zürich (Google Maps)

GZ Wipkingen

GZ Wipkingen
GZ Wipkingen – Image courtesy of Wikimedia

GZ Wipkingen is one of the top playgrounds that Zürich has and is loved by many friends I have in Zurich too. It is not just a playground but is also a hub for cultural, social, and community events also.

The community center along with the playground is all about offering a range of opportunities for families to engage in play, learning, and community interaction. The playground is home to a huge rope climbing frame that looks more like an assault course which is a lot of fun for older kids.

There are also slides, swings, a sandpit, and more which will ensure smaller kids have a great time too. You can even book arts and crafts classes at the center too and use the library and sports fields plus a mini “Kinder” farm with animals to see.

You will also find a self-service cafe where you can pick up refreshments if you need to, but get there first as the food does run out.

And although Wipkingen can seem a little out of the way, this place is easier to get to because you can walk across the bridge from the other side of the Limmat from here. So, you can easily catch a tram to Escher-Wyss Platz or come over from Puls 5.

  • Address: GZ Wipkingen Breitensteinstrasse 19A, 8037 Zürich – Map


Kollerwiese – Image courtesy of Wikimedia

Kollerwiese is a great playground in the Kollwitz neighborhood of Zurich and it can be found inside a park where your kids can roam free and blow off some steam.

The highlight of the playground is the pirate ship which has slides coming off it and a climbing frame on to it. Kids absolutely love playing inside it. There are also swings, slides, climbing frames, and interactive installations that ensure your kids have a great time.

There is a large hill in the park and it is also fun to sled down the hill in winter or play games on it in the summer.

You will also find a lovely picnic area with tables where you can relax while the kids have fun.

GZ Wollishofen

GZ Wollishofen
GZ Wollishofen – Image courtesy of Wikimedia

The GZ Wollishofen might just be one of the best playgrounds to spend an afternoon at in summer or a morning in winter. It is right on the shores of Lake Zurich so you can all visit the playground and have a family swim after on a hot summer’s day.

The playground is home to a slide, swings, climbing frames, and sandboxes plus there is lots of space in the area for kids to roam around.

After you have enjoyed swimming on a hot summer’s day, why not head to the grills in the park across the way and have a lovely lakeside bbq? Or, another great idea, walk a little further towards downtown Zurich along the lake to the ever-popular Landeweise. Always a great spot for a BBQ and swim in summer!

  • Address: GZ Wollishofen Playground Bachstrasse 7, 8038 Zürich (Google Maps)

Spielplatz Sihlhölzli

Spielplatz Sihlhölzli
© 2023 Playground Portal

Spielplatz Sihlhölzli is another fantastic playground and you can find it in the Sihlhölzli area of Zurich, right upstream along the Sihl from Selnau.

Known for its beautiful natural surroundings and well-designed playground, it offers a delightful experience for children and families alike.

The Spielplatz Sihlhölzli is nestled within a picturesque forest setting, surrounded by tall trees and lush greenery, ensuring the playground provides a sense of tranquility and connection with nature.

You will find swings, slides, climbing frames, balance beams, and more play equipment available to keep children entertained.

Written by Ashley Faulkes
As a twenty-year resident of Switzerland, I am passionate about exploring every nook and cranny of this beautiful country, I spend my days deep in the great Swiss outdoors, and love to share these experiences and insights with fellow travel enthusiasts.

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