Best Swiss Gin (Discover the Distinct Flavors)

best swiss gin

The Swiss are renowned for their high-quality produce. Everything from their delicious alpine milk that goes into their yummy chocolate and tasty cheeses is a delight for the taste buds.

But there are not as many famous Swiss drinks, right? So, how about Swiss gin? Is it world-class like Swiss chocolate? Let’s find out.

Join me as I run through all the best Swiss gin brands on the market so you can taste some of the top gin Switzerland has to offer and bring a bottle or two home with you too.


Aarver is a Swiss gin that is all about connecting you with the botanicals of Switzerland’s stunning wilderness by using pure alpine ingredients.

Aarver is a London dry gin and the special ingredient used to make it so delicious is pine. Pine trees captivate the alpine senses more than anything else and a mixture of its scents and tastes are obvious in Aarver gin.

Aarver has a perfectly balanced combination of juniper with fir needles, spruce, and conifer. You’ll taste the juniper first and then have the aromas of a pine forest subtly take over your taste buds with a hint of citrus underneath.

Being a Swiss gin, only the best ingredients go into Aarver ensuring its excellent quality and purity. It is a delightful gin to drink at home that will take you right back to the Swiss alps.

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Falco Gin

Falco has been distilling their quality handcrafted gin for over 120 years. Each bottle is made to the highest of purity standards and comes with a unique blend of fruit and spices.

Falcon gin has hints of mango, juniper, melon, and orange to give it a beautiful piney/citrus blend. Once the citrus notes have slid over the palate, in come the spices to give you a deep and sharp ending with pepper and cardamom.

Flaco has won numerous awards for their gin winning “Best Swiss Classic” and the World Gin Awards in 2020, taking silver at the Swiss Spirits Review, and winning the Europe Wine & Spirits Trophy in 2020 also.

This is certainly an incredible Swiss gin one simply has to try when in Switzerland or anywhere else, as it is available across Europe and North America. It is so delicious you can drink it neat, or add a dash of tonic as usual.

Turicum Gin

A Swiss gin that hails from the international epicenter of Switzerland, Zurich. Turicum Gin is a London Dry Gin that is made using the small batch process along with handpicked local ingredients of the highest quality.

Only water and botanicals are used to make Turicum Wood Barreled Gin and there are 12 botanicals featured, one of which is a secret ingredient. You’ll find hand-picked fir tips, lime blossom, and pepper botanicals inside, to name a few.

After the distilling process, the gin is stored in either red sandal, cedar, pure vanilla, or high mocca wood chips to give the gin a depth of taste along with its amber color.

Turicum Wood Barreled Gin is a bit punchy to start as the spices and aromas take over. But, with time a hint of sweetness along with dry citrus notes bring it back around for an excellent overall taste.

The Alpinist

The Alpinist, a fitting name for any Swiss Gin, is all about giving you a taste of the mountains, as naturally as possible. The end product is an incredibly pure Swiss gin that is unique and delicious.

The Alpinist is a dry London Style gin that uses special roots, flowers, and herbs for the alps, along with juniper, to create its signature taste.

Lady’s mantle, Arnika, and Silver thistle all feature in this yummy Swiss gin along with pure Swiss glacial water from the Aletsch Glacier. The water is sourced at over 3160 meters above sea level in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Jungfraujoch.

The pure glacial water makes the gin soft and allows for the flavors of the alpine botanicals to come through very naturally. This is why Alpinist gin is delicious when served neat or over ice, and also goes well with tonic.

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Another wonderful Swiss gin that is all about purity again is Xellent Swiss Edelweiss Gin. Their distilling process involves soaking their carefully selected ingredients in vodka for a few hours. The reason for this is to bring out the full flavor of the botanicals.

Once soaked, the lavender, lemon balm, woodruff, juniper berries, and edelweiss are distilled along with the purest of glacier water from the Swiss Alps.

The result is Xellent’s stunning Swiss Edelweiss Gin. It is incredibly soft to drink and the fresh floral, citrus along with hints of juniper really bring it together. It ends on the tongue with a fresh lemon balm.

Xellent has a history of making great Swiss gin and vodka and this is all thanks to the love and passion they put into each bottle, and have been doing so for many years.

Studer Swiss Gold Gin

Studer Swiss Gold Gin is another of the great Swiss gins. The recipe dates back to 1888 when it was first created by Robert Studer for their Highland Dry Gin, but adapted to become Swiss Gold.

The base of the gin is made with Studer’s own spring water mixed with delicious botanicals including ginger, lemongrass, coriander, cubeb, lavender, and juniper. In the case of Swiss Gold Gin, the botanicals are balanced differently to create a highly award-winning Swiss gin.

To add to its purity, the gin has 24-carat gold glitter inside and comes in a bottle shaped to match the most famous Swiss peak, the Matterhorn.

Studer Swiss Gold Gin has won an incredibly impressive 7 international golds at some of the top Spirits and Gin awards in the world. This includes a double gold at the CWSA in Hong Kong and gold at the European Spirits Challenge.

Edelwhite Winter Gin

Edelwhite Winter Gin is designed to make you feel a little Christmas cheer, hence the name. It was created by Barb Grossenbacher using botanicals one wouldn’t usually find in gin, but they seem to work a treat.

It is a London Dry style Swiss gin and is handmade using the small batch process and only the purest of ingredients – as you would expect of anything Swiss.

Edelwhite Winter Gin comes with a range of spices you would expect from the festive season and including cinnamon, orange peel, nutmeg, and cardamom. Then tonka beans and vanilla are added to create a well-balanced flavor along with juniper and kaffir lime leaves.

To add to the uniqueness of Edelwhite Winter Gin, each bottle is hand painted and no one is the same. They are beautiful bottles and ones you would keep forever.

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Gin Bisbino

Gin Bisbino, as you might have guessed by the name, is distilled in the Italian-speaking region of Switzerland, Ticino.

It actually gets its name from Mount Bisbino where the fresh aromatic herbs and flowers that end up in the gin are grown – what a great story.

Gin Bisbino is a fully organic Swiss gin and it is produced in an artisanal way. All the ingredients are grown by the company in the famous Sabo gardens below the mountain and distilled in the purest and most natural way possible.

When it comes to taste, it is full of herbs and citrus while remaining both delicate and fresh. It is perfect for summer drinking along Lake Lugano and Lake Maggiore in southern Switzerland.

Gin Bisbino has been going since 2016 and is only strengthening. It is now producing a large range of bio-drinks that are all worth trying.

Macardo Sir

Macardo Sir is a Swiss gin of note, so much so that the recipe has been kept secret for many years. It is made following a recipe from London that dates back to the 1700s to create a London dry gin of the utmost purity.

This stunning gin from Switzerland comes with no additives and uses only the finest organic regional botanicals. Along with juniper, there are 18 further botanicals in this gin.

Macardo Sir has a unique taste to it and is pretty complex overall. Scents and tastes of lime, aniseed, mint, coconut, black tea, and even hay are noticeable along with citrus and juniper notes.

This is a hard Swiss gin to beat when it comes to both purity and originality. It is delicious when served neat over ice or with a tonic as usual.

JC Gin

JC Gin is another excellent gin that blends Swiss purity with life in the Mediterranean. If it is a warm summer’s day on Lake Geneva, some JC Gin will pair nicely.

The ingredients used in JC Gin are top-of-the-line. The juniper berries are all picked in Tuscany, while the coriander seeds all come from Freiburg.

Combine these two with pepper, angelica, and tonka beans, plus a secret ingredient, and you have a delightfully tasteful gin.

Written by Ashley Faulkes
As a twenty-year resident of Switzerland, I am passionate about exploring every nook and cranny of this beautiful country, I spend my days deep in the great Swiss outdoors, and love to share these experiences and insights with fellow travel enthusiasts.

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