Grimentz, Switzerland: A Visitor’s Guide To The Fairytale Village

grimentz switzerland

Situated far in the south of the country, Grimentz is one of the most beautiful villages in Switzerland. It’s in a gorgeous Alpine valley surrounded by tall mountain peaks, featuring some of the most impressive natural surroundings you can discover in the country.

Ice and block glaciers, fabulous lakes, and tall mountain summits are just some of the best natural landmarks in Grimentz and its immediate surroundings. The village is most popular for hiking and biking trails in the summer and (off) piste skiing in the winter, and if that sounds exciting you’ll absolutely love it in Grimentz!

Best Things to Do in Grimentz, Switzerland

Grimentz, Switzerland
Grimentz, Switzerland

Explore the Hiking and Biking Trails Of Val d’Anniviers

Val d’Anniviers is a vast Alpine valley with more than 100 kilometers of hiking and biking trails. Exploring the countless hiking trails is a highlight of all trips to Grimentz, especially if you’re visiting during late spring or summer when trail conditions are the best.

You can hike all the way from Grimentz to Moiry reservoir lake. It’s only a 2-hour hike in one direction, and at the lake, you will discover numerous rock climbing opportunities. There are also quite a few signed mountain bike routes in the valley including the Grand Raid BCVS, which is thought to be one of the most challenging MTB trails in the world.

The valley also boasts quite a few winter hiking trails in its northern region, between Grimentz and Sierre. If you’ve got sturdy hiking sticks and a pair of crampons, you’ll be able to discover the beauty of Val d’Anniviers’ snow-covered landscapes.

Skiing on the Grimentz Ski Slopes

Skiing in Grimentz
Skiing in Grimentz

Grimentz is surrounded by the Swiss Alps, which means that the village offers some excellent skiing opportunities. Whether you’re into skiing on the slopes or discovering cross-country ski trails, you’ll have plenty to do in Grimentz.

The Grimentz/Zinal ski resort is situated about halfway between the two villages, and it’s the most popular destination for piste skiing in the area with around 115 kilometers of ski pistes and more than 20 ski lifts. Cable cars from Grimentz and Zinal will take you to the slopes.

The area of Grimentz is also popular for cross-country ski runs, with more than 35 kilometers of trail throughout Val d’Anniviers.

Wine Tasting At Burgher House

The Burgher House is situated in the heart of Grimentz village and it has absolutely nothing to do with hamburgers. It’s also known as Maison Bourgeoisiale, and it’s been around since the mid-16th century. White glacier wine is aged in the cellar of this house, and anyone who visits can have a taste.

This is one of the oldest houses in Grimentz and touring the place will allow you to discover an important part of the history of this village. See the ancient wooden barrels of wine in the cellar, one of which still holds the bishop’s wine from 1886! This wine is poured only for very special occasions, and after each use, the barrel is topped with a special wine from 1888 and then sealed again.

Hike To Moiry Glacier

Hiking in Grimentz
Hiking in Grimentz

Hiking to Lake Moiry is a must if you’re Grimentz, and if you’ve already made it to the lake, why not hike all the way to the Moiry Glacier forefield? It’s an astonishing sight and without a doubt one of the best hiking trails in Val d’Anniviers.

The trail to the glacier is open only in the summer months, so keep that in mind while planning your trip. When the conditions are perfect, this 7.5-kilometer hike is considered easy, and suitable for anyone who has even a little bit of hiking experience and appropriate footwear.

It takes approximately two and a half hours to hike from the northern lake shore to the glacier, where you have the option of staying at Cabane de Moiry CAS if you want to keep exploring the trails in the region.

Experience the Thrill of a Toboggan Run

The area of Val d’Anniviers has a total of 15 kilometers of toboggan runs, with more than 8 kilometers in Grimentz. The region’s best toboggan run departs from the Bendolla station. You get on a toboggan (which you can rent at the village or near the station) and rush down the Avoin pasture for some 30 minutes until you arrive in the village of Grimentz.

Tobogganing is fun and exciting, and it’s often a family-friendly activity. This specific run isn’t suitable for children because it’s fairly fast, but you can do a shorter version of the run if you descend from a lower station of the chair lift.

How to Get to Grimentz, Switzerland

Bus in Switzerland
Bus in Switzerland

You can travel to Grimentz by personal vehicle or by public transport. It’s a lot easier to travel by car, so if you have a vehicle or you’re able to rent one in Switzerland, it’s by far the best way of traveling to Grimentz.

On the other hand, if you must rely on public transport, you will have to take at least a train and two buses. The closest you can get to Grimentz by train is Sierre, Switzerland’s famous City of Sun. It’s possible to travel by train to Sierre from virtually anywhere in the country, but it might take a train change or two, depending on where you’re coming from.

In Sierre, you can get on the 451 bus to Vissoie, and then switch to the 452 bus that will take you to Grimentz. The total travel time by bus is a little more than an hour, and it’s worth noting that the buses are timed so that you can get off the bus at Vissoie and immediately get on the next one without wasting any time. The full price of one-way tickets is 16.5 CHF, and you can get a 50% discount if you have a half-fare travel card.

Weather in Grimentz, Switzerland

Grimentz is situated in southern Switzerland so it’s quite warm, especially for a town that’s so close to glaciers. Summers are fairly warm and dry here, with average highs during the day above 20 degrees Celsius. The average lows during July and August are still around 10 degrees Celsius, so it’s smart to pack a lightweight jacket even if you’re traveling in the summer.

Winters in the region are quite cold with sub-zero average lows in December, January, and February. The average daily highs do not exceed 5 degrees Celsius, so you’ll want to pack your warmest clothes if you’re planning a trip in the winter.

Spring is the rainiest season in Grimentz, with an average of 18 rainy days in May. However, it’s important to note that the driest month of the season (February) sees 12 rainy days, and the average for most other months is 14-16 days of precipitation.

Where to Stay in Grimentz, Switzerland

Grimentz Village
Grimentz Village

Grimentz is a small place so it doesn’t matter that much where your accommodation is situated. You can easily walk everywhere even if you’re staying at the edge of the town and you should consider which places you want to be close to during your stay. Do you want to be closest to the old village bakery, the best local bars, or the bus stop so you don’t have to walk too long with your luggage?

Accommodation in Grimentz is quite affordable, with double rooms for as little as 100 CHF. You can also opt for a more upscale hotel that has a higher price tag on the room, but if you’re a traveler on a budget you’ll be glad to know that you don’t have to spend a fortune on hotels in Grimentz. Hôtel de Moiry and Hôtel Mélèze are the most popular 3-star hotels in town, with free breakfast and an excellent location in the center of the village.

Hôtel – Restaurant Alpina and Hôtel Cristal are great seasonal options for summer visiting with slightly lower prices. There are also quite a few private apartments and chalets in Grimentz, for travelers who want more privacy than a hotel offers.

Written by Ashley Faulkes
As a twenty-year resident of Switzerland, I am passionate about exploring every nook and cranny of this beautiful country, I spend my days deep in the great Swiss outdoors, and love to share these experiences and insights with fellow travel enthusiasts.

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