Hang Gliding In Switzerland (Best Locations & Tips)

hang gliding switzerland

Are you ready to see Switzerland from a whole new perspective? April to November is hang gliding season in the Alpine country, and whether you’re a seasoned expert, a novice, or somewhere in between, Switzerland’s hang gliding services are some of the best in the world with trained professionals to guide you (highly recommended.) And it goes without saying that the scenery with a bird’s eye view is unsurpassable.

Check out these best places to go hang gliding in Switzerland along with some safety tips to boost your confidence.

Best Places for Hang Gliding in Switzerland


man hang gliding
Man hang gliding under the blue sky

Located in the beautiful Bernese Oberland region in central Switzerland, the traditional resort town of Interlaken is a must-visit for thrill-seekers as it offers exciting outdoor adventures from hiking and skiing trails to hang gliding. The thrilling ride will take you over the emerald waters of Lake Thun and Lake Brienz, alpine meadows, and glaciers. You’ll fly over the snowcapped mountains of the Jungfrau, Eiger, and Monch.

Hang gliding services in Interlaken include professional tandem pilots that pick you up at the landing site, the train station, or in the center of town. You’ll drive to the take-off site together. Beatenberg, a municipality in the Interlake district is a popular take-off site. After a pre-flight briefing, you’ll fly for about 10-20 minutes before landing safely on will in Interlaken.


hang gliding air sport
Hang gliding from the mountain

Grindelwald is a village in the Bernese Oberland surrounded by an imposing mountain landscape. Hiking and other outdoor sports are popular in both summer and winter. You’ll have fantastic views hang gliding in Grindelwald including the Eiger north face and the Wetterhorn.

You’ll be picked up at an agreed location and drive for 15 minutes to your flying location. A short walk will lead you to the take-off point. You’ll be given flight and safety instructions before a 15-20 minute flight. You’ll land safely in town where you’ll enjoy a celebratory beer, and you can purchase photos and/or videos of your adventure.


view from the top hang gliding
View from the top of a person hang gliding

The village of Lauterbrunnen is situated in a valley surrounded by rocky cliffs, the roaring Stabbach Falls, and the nearby glacial waters of Trümmelbach Falls. Hang gliding over Lauterbrunnen will give you spectacular views of the Alps, Lauterbrunnen U-Valley, and the Schilthorn, the highest mountain in the range lying north of the Sefinenfurgge Pass.

Hang gliding services in Lauterbrunnen include hotel pick-up and drop-off. You’ll fly in tandem with a professional pilot. A helmet is provided, and a jacket and shoes depending on the weather. The price includes a cable car ride.

Lauterbrunnen hang gliding services put safety first, and no experience is necessary.


hang gliding above mountains
Hang gliding above the mountains

Fiesch is a municipality in Switzerland’s canton of Valais. It’s situated on a low hill in the valley of the Upper Rhone where it meets the Fiesch valley. Nearby Fiescheralp, with its view of the Jungfrau-Aletsch Protected Area, has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Hang gliding over the region will give you a bird’s eye view of the Aletsch Glacier and the surrounding enchanting landscape. You’ll have an experienced tandem pilot and no previous knowledge is required.

The main flight areas in Fiesch are Fiescheralp and Bellwald. You can make reservations online or by phone.

Safety Tips for Hang Gliding in Switzerland

1. Use the proper equipment including a high-quality, well-padded full-face helmet, harness, goggles, reserve parachute, knee pads, and 2M radio.

2. Establish a pre-flight check routine and use it every time. Check ropes, straps, bolts, wires, and wing tips. Check for symmetry, and make sure there are no LE mylar bends.

3. Ensure the harness lines are not twisted and harness legs straps are secure.

4. Avoid slow-run launches. They can cause a wind stall. Take a few slow steps initially and then run fast.

5. After launch, clear the hill. Gain altitude and don’t turn into a ridge.

6. Know your glider speeds. Keep your airspeed to avoid spins and tumbles.

7. Use the correct relative wing positions when landing. Make sure the glider is aligned with the wind. Check to see that there’s equal pressure on the wings and that the nose angle is correct.

8. Choose a large, uncrowded landing field. Avoid power lines.

9. Never launch in inclement weather.

10. Never land in the water.

Cost of Hang Gliding in Switzerland

The price for a hang gliding trip starts at around CHF 250. However, prices for a hang gliding experience vary by region and duration,

If you wish to buy the equipment yourself, the average price of a hang glider in Switzerland is about CHF 5,060 (USD 5,500.) This includes all of the important accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is hang gliding in Switzerland risky?

Compared to other flying sports, hang gliding in Switzerland is safe if you have the proper pre-flight training and follow the instructor’s advice.

What is the difference between hang gliding and paragliding?

The first difference between hang gliding and paragliding is in the apparatus. A hang glider is triangular in shape and has a metallic frame. A paraglider has an ellipse-shaped wing, two layers of cloth, and no metallic frame. You can carry a paraglider in a backpack but you can’t carry a hang glider in a backpack because of its large metallic frame.

When hang gliding, you fly in a horizontal position whereas when paragliding you’re seated upright in a harness. Your position on a hang glider gives you a longer flight time, but you need a 40km/h wind speed. You only need a windspeed of 20km/h to take off in a paraglider. 

You can also travel at a greater speed of up to (128 km/h) in a hang glider as opposed to the maximum speed of 75km/h in a paraglider. 

Hang gliding also requires a little more pre-flight instructions than paragliding. 

Why is Hang Gliding popular in Switzerland?

Hang gliding is popular in Switzerland because of the combination of excellent services and spectacular scenery. Switzerland has endless mountain gondolas and cablecars to get to the top and world-class quality and safety when it comes to service.

Written by Ashley Faulkes
As a twenty-year resident of Switzerland, I am passionate about exploring every nook and cranny of this beautiful country, I spend my days deep in the great Swiss outdoors, and love to share these experiences and insights with fellow travel enthusiasts.

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