Things To Do In Andermatt (Winter & Summer Activities)

things to do andermatt

Traveling to Andermatt in Switzerland and you’re not sure what there is to do in the area? Then you’ve come to the right place because this detailed guide covers all the best ways to spend your time in Andermatt!

The village is very popular with outdoor adventurers because it’s surrounded by gorgeous nature and the Swiss Alps. Whether you visit this charming place in the summer or winter, you’ll have plenty of ways to spend your time there, and here are some of the best things to do in Andermatt in every season!

Things to Do in Andermatt in Winter


Andermatt Skiing
Ski area in Andermatt

Andermatt is a skier’s paradise. The village is close to multiple tall mountains, with plenty of ski lifts that are within walking distance of the village center. Whether you’re into piste skiing or free riding, you’ll find plenty of opportunities for fun skiing in Andermatt.

Gemsstock is the most popular destination for advanced skiers, thanks to a great selection of black and red ski runs. The Gurschen Gemsstock ski lift is easily accessible from the center of the village, with the bottom station right next to Andermatt’s main camping grounds.

The northern area of the village boats another bottom ski lift station that allows you to explore other nearby mountains. From there, you can visit Grossboden ski lift to Gütsch, which also boasts red and black runs, but also quite a few blue ones as well.

If you’re just getting into skiing or you’re staying in the Andermatt holiday region with children, you should visit Naetschen ski lift. This ski area boats much easier runs, with a dedicated kid’s arena for the youngest skiers.

Winter Hiking

If you’re not too big on skiing, you can explore quite a bit of Andermatt on foot. The village is known for excellent winter hiking opportunities, with around 70 kilometers of trails that are accessible even in winter conditions.

Hikes to Nätschen are pretty popular in the winter months. The winter trail takes hikers over the Oberalp Pass road, which is closed to vehicle traffic in the winter. Instead, you’ll encounter skiers and sledders along the hike, who are enjoying their time on Andermatt’s sunny slopes.

It takes less than an hour to reach Naestchen from Andermatt, and once you’re there you can relax in one of the restaurants and bars, and enjoy the views. The trail is considered easy and suitable for everyone, regardless of previous hiking experience.

Another very popular hike in the area is from Stöckli, which is a stop on the Gütsch Express gondola. It’s another easy trail that goes on for some two kilometers with virtually no elevation change, so it’s perfectly suitable for inexperienced hikers and small children. The views along this trail are out of this world.


Snowshoeing Andermatt
Snowshoeing in Andermatt

Snowshoeing is the perfect opportunity to escape the crowds of Andermatt’s ski slopes and winter walking trails. The village is known for both easy and challenging routes, which are all well-marked. You can explore the area of Andermatt and its surroundings on casual walks, but it’s important that you take all the necessary precautions for snowshoeing.

The trails in and around Andermatt might be well-marked, but they are not controlled. Anyone who decides to go snowshoeing in Andermatt is doing so at their own risk, so it’s essential that you have all the necessary equipment and understand the risks. It’s important to check the various winter sports and weather reports to learn about trail conditions, and you should always bring at least one more person with you. Planning to have enough time to turn back in case of unforeseen challenges is also important.

Ice Skating

Ice skating is very popular in Andermatt, especially among the younger crowds and those who prefer gliding over ice as opposed to rushing down snowy slopes. There’s a large ice rink in the village, which is usually open from late November until mid-February.

Access to the ice rink is pretty affordable, at 5 CHF for kids and 8 CHF for adults. The prices are the same for ice skate rental, plus it’s worth noting that you can purchase tickets that allow multiple entries at a discount.

Cross-Country Skiing

Cross-country skiing has become increasingly popular in Andermatt over the years thanks to a variety of fun and exciting trails. The most popular cross-country skiing trails from the village are Andermatt Talboden, Andermatt Meer, and Cross Skills Park. Visitors must purchase passes for cross-country skiing, and this can be done at the various tourist offices, railway stations, and sports centers throughout the village.

There are also trails in Realp, Hospental, and Zumdorf, all of which are villages easily accessible by trains from Andermatt. Head to Realp for the unique experience of cross-country skiing at night, on an illuminated 2-kilometer trail.

Things to Do in Andermatt in Summer


Andermatt Hiking
Hiking in Andermatt

Andermatt is surrounded by stunning nature, and there’s a plethora of hiking trails you can explore if you visit in the summer. But, don’t forget to do a quick walking tour of the village center first, and check out the attractions in the heart of Andermatt like the St. Peter und Paul church, the Andermatt museum, and the Devil’s Bridge north of the village.

As for the hiking trails near Andermatt, many of them are accessible either by walking from the village or by cable cars. You can spend your days hiking over mountain passes and exploring as much of the Andermatt region as possible. The trails range from easy hikes that can be done in a couple of hours, to challenging multi-day adventures that are suitable only for veteran hikers.

Mountain Biking

Many of the hiking trails near Andermatt double as mountain biking trails, especially the longer routes that take days to complete on foot. Also, because Andermatt is surrounded by mountains, there are plenty of mountain biking trails that run down steep slopes, for an epic adrenaline rush.

You can ride to lakes, explore the ski pistes of Naetschen and Grossboden, and just enjoy long-distance mountain views during the rides. The MTB trails in Andermatt’s surroundings range in difficulty from easy to expert, so there’s something for everyone’s skill levels. You can explore these trails on your own, or sign up for guided custom tours. Adventure opportunities are abundant in Andermatt, particularly if you’re confident on a mountain bike.


Andermatt Swiss Alps Golf Course
Andermatt Swiss Alps Golf Course © Susy Mezzanotte

There’s an excellent golf club in Andermatt, just minutes away from the central area of the village. It’s great for both new and experienced players, thanks to a varied, hilly terrain. The course is well-maintained, and surrounded by spectacular nature and vistas you can enjoy in between swings. It’s one of the most scenic golf courses in Switzerland.

It’s worth noting that there’s also a golf course in Realp, a village just 12 minutes away from Andermatt by train.

Swimming in the Lake

Summers in Andermatt are never extremely hot, but the temperature is warm enough that a swim session in a mountain lake can be quite refreshing. Lag da Claus is a popular swimming lake in Sedrun, only about an hour away from Andermatt by train.

Lake Fontanivas in Disentis is also a known swimming lake in the region, and it’s about an hour outside Andermatt by train. It’s worth noting that the designated swimming lakes are safe for both adults and children and usually have lifeguards posted on the shore.

You’re also free to swim in the countless Alpine and mountain lakes south of Andermatt, just keep in mind that you’re doing it at your own risk.


The steep mountains surrounding Andermatt are like a paradise for rock climbers. The region boasts many different climbing opportunities that range in technical difficulty from easy to expert, so whether you’re just starting or you’re a seasoned rock climber, you’ll find something perfect for your skill level.

The climbs at Goescheneralp and near Furka Pass are considered the best ones in the region, and they’re perfect for more experienced climbers. It’s worth noting that there are many centers that operate rock climbing tours in the region and signing up for a guided excursion is the way to go if you’re not sure about conditions, technical difficulty, and necessary equipment for safe climbing.

Where to Eat in Andermatt

The central area of Andermatt village has the most variety when it comes to restaurants and places to eat. Many guesthouses have their own restaurants with indoor and outdoor seating, so if you stay in one of those you will have a place to eat just a few steps outside your room. You’ll have a wide choice of cold and warm dishes, local and international cuisines, but also quick snacks.

Andermatt has a good selection of international restaurants, but Swiss and Italian restaurants are the most dominant in the village. It’s also worth noting that prices in these restaurants are mid-range at best, and you don’t have many options when it comes to cheap eats in Andermatt.

Eating at restaurants in Switzerland is quite expensive, so if you’re traveling on a budget you’ll get the best value if you book accommodation that includes at least one meal per day.

Where to Stay in Andermatt

Accommodation options in Andermatt range from camping grounds to upscale hotels. The Chedi Andermatt is one of the best and most expensive hotels in the village and the perfect option for travelers who prefer to stay in luxurious hotels.

On the other hand, travelers who are on a tighter budget will enjoy Andermatt’s wide selection of guest houses and bed and breakfasts, at much more affordable prices. It’s worth noting that it doesn’t really matter where you stay in Andermatt location-wise. It’s a small village, and no matter which area you stay in, you’ll be within walking distance of all the ski lifts and points of interest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Andermatt Village
Andermatt Village

How do you get to Andermatt?

Andermatt is situated in central Switzerland and you can easily get there from Zurich, Basel, and even Milan. The ski resort is some two hours away from Zurich, and approximately three hours away from Basel and Milan. Andermatt is also a stop on the Glacier Express, and if you’re traveling from either St. Moritz or Zermatt, you can reach it with the panoramic train. 

What is Andermatt famous for?

Andermatt is famous for being one of the best ski resorts in Switzerland. The main reason for that is that snow is practically guaranteed in Andermatt in the winter season. 

What language do they speak in Andermatt?

The vast majority of Andermatt’s population speaks German. Portuguese is the second most-spoken language in Andermatt thanks to a large number of foreign nationals in the village, and Italian is the third. Most of the population speaks English, especially the people who interact with tourists on a daily basis. 

Is Andermatt worth visiting?

Andermatt is worth visiting if you enjoy being outdoors and engaging in adventurous activities. The village is known for excellent summer and winter activities, including hiking, skiing, rock climbing, mountain biking, snowshoeing, etc. It’s not the right destination for you if you prefer sightseeing in bigger cities. 

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As a twenty-year resident of Switzerland, I am passionate about exploring every nook and cranny of this beautiful country, I spend my days deep in the great Swiss outdoors, and love to share these experiences and insights with fellow travel enthusiasts.

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