Interlaken Guest Card: What Do You Get?

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The Interlaken Guest Card offers you great benefits you can use to explore Interlaken and some of the surrounding region. All you need to do is stay overnight in participating accommodations in the area.

This Interlaken guest card lets you travel for free on local public transport to a variety of places around Interlaken. There are also great discounts on a variety of local attractions like castles, museums, mini-golf, and a whole lot more

This visitor card is available to anyone staying at accommodation in Interlaken and its surrounding communities (not as far as Grindelwald, Lauterbrunnen, etc).

Below I have collected everything you need to know about the Interlaken Guest Card.

Interlaken Guest Card Benefits

The Interlaken Guest Card is handy for people staying around Interlaken as it includes the following benefits.

Free Public Transport

You can ride for free on public transport in the town of Interlaken and some of the surrounding area. Mostly, it includes just the town of Interlaken itself, but you can use the Guest Card to get to a few of the areas around like:

  • Iseltwald
  • Heimwehfluh
  • Beatenbucht
  • Beatenberg Station
  • Niederried
  • Bönigensee
  • Unterseen

The exact area you can travel in is a little confusing, but the following map helps make it clear.

Below is a map from their information pamphlet, just click on it to enlarge in another window.

Validity of the Interlaken Guest Card
Validity of the Interlaken Guest Card

Note: Please be aware trips to Grindelwald/Zweilütschinen are only valid if you use this card in combination with a Jungfrau ski pass.

Discounted Entry To Various Attractions

The Interlaken Guest Card also provides discounts on a wide range of attractions in the area such as:

  • Jungfrau Park – 10%
  • Interlaken Casino – Free entrance
  • Brienz & Thun boat rides – 20%
  • Ballenberg – 25%
  • Aare Gorge – 20%
  • Niesenbahn – 20%
  • Schynigge Platte Bahn – 20%
  • Stockhorn Bahn – 20 %
  • Grindelwald Gondolas – 20%
  • Spiez & Thun Castle – 20%
  • Salzano Spa – 10%
  • Swiss Helicopter rides – 10%
  • Kambly Factory Visit – 10%

There are also discounts on sports like golf, minigolf, swimming and tennis. There are many other museums and mountain gondolas, as well as a range of things like helicopter rides, paragliding, a visit to a Planetarium and much more.

You can read the full list here.

How to Get The Interlaken Guest Card?

Your accommodation in the town of Interlaken should be able to provide you with an Interlaken Guest Card. Anyone paying tourist tax in Interlaken is eligible for a guest card.

Can I Buy The Interlaken Guest Card?

No, the Interlaken Guest Card is only available to visitors staying in accommodation in Interlaken and paying tourist tax.

Can I Get An Interlaken Guest Card If I Stay At An Airbnb?

Yes, if your Airbnb is paying tourist tax to the community on your behalf you should be able to get an Interlaken Guest Card. Ask your host about it when you are booking or checking in.

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