Zermatt Peak Pass: The Mountain Pass For You

The Matterhorn in Zermatt

If you are planning on using a range of trains and gondolas while in Zermatt, then the Peak Pass could be just the ticket for you!

This Peak Pass lets you ride for free on most of Zermatt’s mountain railways and gondolas as well as some shorter journeys on the local railway to the likes of Täsch or Randa. The pass is aimed at visitors and tourists who want to make the most of the mountains in Zermatt while visiting, without spending a fortune. Which it can certainly cost if you ride many of the trains and gondolas!

Peak Pass Benefits

Mountain lovers visiting Zermatt can enjoy a whole range of benefits from the Peak Pass starting with free mountain railway and cable car rides.

Free Train Rides, Mountain Railways & Cable Cars

One of the biggest costs during any visit to Zermatt is the cablecars and mountain railways. Trust me, I have spent hundreds on visits to Zermatt, just getting to the best hikes and viewpoints. However, with the Peak Pass you can save a whole lot of money because you can take unlimited rides on the following main lines:

  • Gornergrat Bahn
  • Matterhorn glacier paradise to Klein Matterhorn)
  • Sunnegga-Rothorn
  • Train rides to Randa & Täsch

Keep in mind that the Peak Pass includes all major railways and cablecars but not every lift on the mountain. Most simple chairlifts & ski lifts are not included in the pass. However, with the three major ones covered, you will likely be able to go almost anywhere you want for free, like to the

  • Klein Matterhorn
  • Gornergrat
  • Rothorn

You can even use it to get to and from your car when it is parked in Täsch (as you can’t drive it into Zermatt) or to go on the Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge above Randa.

Note: The Peak Pass is not valid for snowsports.

See what is included below on the simple map of Zermatt and the various gondolas and railways.

Zermatt Peak Pass validity map
Zermatt Peak Pass validity map

Mountain Biking

If you are mountain biking while you are in Zermatt, the Peak Pass also covers rides with your bike too. You may need to reserve on the Gornergrat train and be aware that that is not included in the pass.

You should also check the Gornergrat timetable for mountain bike transport.

Glacier Palace

If you head to the top of the Klein Matterhorn there is a fantastic attraction you get to visit for free with the Peak Pass – the Glacier Palace. It is a world of ice carved from the glacier here, with tunnels and sculptures by local artists.

Peak Pass Prices

The price for the Peak Pass varies depending on your age and the number of days you need it for. You can buy one for one day, or up to 3 weeks. Here are the prices:

Price (CHF)
Adults167 (1 Day)
186 (2 Days)
500 (3 weeks)
Children from 9 up to 16 years
(With Junior Card or Grandchild Card & accompanied by an adult)
Children under 9 yearsFree
Peak Pass Prices

The exact price for the Peak Pass varies depending on how many days you need it for and the exact time of year. To calculate your Peak Pass price you should use the calculator here.

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How to Buy The Peak Pass?

You can buy the Peak Pass online or at various sales points throughout Zermatt like the Zermatt Tourist Infomation Centre, the Gornergrat Train station, the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise valley station and the Sunnegga valley station. You can also buy it at various ticket machines around town.

Is there a Pass for Zermatt?

The tourist card or pass for visitors to Zermatt is called the Peak Pass. It includes travel on all major mountain railways and gondolas as well as short rides on the valley railway to Täsch and Randa.

Is the Zermatt Peak Pass worth it?

The Zermatt Peak Pass is definitely worth it if you plan on visiting all of the highlights above Zermatt like the Klein Matterhorn, the Gornergrat and the Rothorn. If you are mostly staying in the valley or skiing in Zermatt, then this is not the pass for you.

Written by Ashley Faulkes
As a twenty-year resident of Switzerland, I am passionate about exploring every nook and cranny of this beautiful country, I spend my days deep in the great Swiss outdoors, and love to share these experiences and insights with fellow travel enthusiasts.

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