Lucerne Visitor Card: All The Benefits & More


The Lucerne Visitor Card gives you a cheap and easy way to explore all that Lucerne has to offer. And, you can save lots of money at the same time.

This visitor card provides you with free travel on local public transport as well as free wifi, and discounts on many of the local attractions and services. Whether you stay one day in Lucerne, or even fourteen!

Available to anyone staying at a hotel, hostel or Airbnbs, all you need to do is ask your accommodation how to get the Lucerne Card so that you can benefit right away.

Below are all the details of what is included in the Lucerne Visitor Card and how you can get one when you arrive.

Lucerne Visitor Card Benefits

The Lucerne Visitor Card is full of great benefits and discounts. Here is what you get with this visitor card while in Lucerne:

Free Public Transport

Like with most other visitor cards in Switzerland, the Lucerne Visitor Card allows you to travel for free on 2nd class on all trains and buses within the downtown area of Lucerne. This is considered to be Zone 10 by the Lucerne public transport system.

Zone 10 is quite large and covers a lot of travel around Lucerne. For example, you will be able to reach the Transport Museum down the lake, the funicular up to Château Gütsch, the bus to the Lion Monument or Glacier Garden or even the main cable car up to Pilatus (not Alpnachstad though!).

Here is a map (Click to enlarge)

Lucerne Zone 10 Public Transport
Lucerne Zone 10 (in white) – click to enlarge

Note: Please be aware that boat rides are not included in the Lucerne Visitor Card and need to be paid for separately.

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Discounted Entry To Museums & Attractions

You can get a discount on the following mountain cable cars & trains:

  • Titlis – 10%
  • Rigi – 20%
  • Stoos – 20%
  • Stanserhorn – 20%
  • Melchesee-Frutt – 20%
  • Sorenberg to Briezer Rothorn – 20%
  • Mythen Rothenflue – 50%

There are also discounts on other attractions:

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  • City tour in Lucerne – 20%
  • Glacier Garden – 20%
  • Museum of Art – 20%
  • Ballenberg – 20%
  • Transport Museum – 10%

Actually, there are far more discounts than I can list here, including on sports, fun parks, other mountain transport and museums. You can see the full list here.



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Free WiFi Hotspots in Lucerne

The Lucerne Visitor Card also gives you access to a range of hotspots around the city. All you need to have is your card number and you can login to as you wander about the city. To find out exactly how this works, you can check out this pdf from Lucerne Tourism.

Below is a map of where the wifi hotspots are in Lucerne.

Lucerne Card hotspots map
Lucerne Card hotspots map

How to Get A Lucerne Visitor Card?

Your accommodation will be happy to help you get the Lucerne Visitor Card when you arrive or you can ask them before you arrive. It can be downloaded to your smartphone ahead of arrival or organised when you arrive. Please ask your accommodation for all the details and relevant links.

Can I Buy A Lucerne Visitor Card?

No, the Lucerne Visitor Card is only available when you stay one night or more in the City of Lucerne. Participating accommodations are the only ones who can issue you with the card.

How Can I Use The Lucerne Visitor Card To Get To My Accommodation?

If you are traveling in Lucerne City zone 10 you can use your hotel or accommodation booking as proof in order to travel for free to get to your accommodation.

Can I Get A Lucerne Visitor Card If I Stay At An Airbnb?

Yes, visitors who stay in Lucerne city with at an Airbnb are also eligible for a Lucerne Visitor Card. Just check with your host either before booking or upon arrival.

How Much Does A Lucerne Visitor Card Cost?

The Lucerne Visitor Card is completely free when you stay one night or more in a participating Lucerne accommodation. You cannot buy the Lucerne Visitor Card directly.

Written by Ashley Faulkes
As a twenty-year resident of Switzerland, I am passionate about exploring every nook and cranny of this beautiful country, I spend my days deep in the great Swiss outdoors, and love to share these experiences and insights with fellow travel enthusiasts.

4 thoughts on “Lucerne Visitor Card: All The Benefits & More

  1. hello, i will be staying in lucerne for 6 days at Airbnb. I asked my Airbnb host about this pass and he told me that Luzern government are against airbnb, and said this service is more for Hotel services. Can I still get this pass

  2. I will stay at Ibis budget Lucern city on 15 Apr. and check out on 19 April morning. I have to wait for the flight till 10 pm . on 19 Apr. I have Swiss pass that will be ended at 5.00 am 19 Apr. May I used Lucern card on 19 April till 10 pm?

    1. According to the Lucerne Tourist Board “You can use the card until the end of the day on the day of your check out.” Hope that helps.

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