The Seerenbach Falls – Everything You Need To Know

seerenbach falls switzerland

The Seerenbach Falls are a series of three consecutive waterfalls above Lake Walen in the canton of St Gallen in Switzerland. The falls drop a total of 585 meters from top to bottom with the second waterfall itself being the second highest waterfall in Switzerland after the M├╝rrenbach falls.

Seerenbach Falls – Image courtesy of Wikimedia

The falls are an integral part of the Rin spring which is deep inside the Churfirsten mountains. The spring originates from a large cavern under the mountains that goes some 3000m inside it.

Seerenbach Waterfall – First two falls (Image via Wikimedia)

How to get to the Seerenbach waterfalls?

The Seerenbach Falls are located near Betlis in St Gallen, just above Lake Walen. The easiest way to reach the falls is to part in Weesen and walk approximately 1-1.5 hours to the falls.

To get to Weesen, you first have to drive or catch the train to the nearby town of Ziegelbr├╝cke. You can then catch bus 650 to Weesen, a 10-minute ride, or drive that same way.

If you choose to drive, some of your parking options include (nearest to the waterfalls first):

parking near Betlis

parking outside Weesen

parking in Weesen

Best Time To Visit The Seerenbach Falls?

Waterfalls need water and the Seerenbach Falls are no different. Therefore, the best time of year to visit the Seerenbach falls is in Spring when the snow is melting and the waterfalls are in full flow.

Of course, you also have a good show if you came after a lot of rain or early in the summer, however, the closer to winter you get, there will always be a lower volume of water falling.

Where can we eat near Seerenbach Falls?

If you wish to eat close to the falls themselves, then the closest restaurant is Landgasthof Paradiesli.

Lago Mio is also a great option as it is right on Lake Walen with a view over the lake and Glarus mountains.

There are also lots of other restaurants in Weesen if you wish to have more options.

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