Best Chocolate Tours In Lucerne: The Ultimate Guide

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Last updated: June 27th, 2023

Switzerland is pretty much a heaven on Earth for chocolate lovers. Not only is the country famous for producing some of the best chocolates in the world, but all of its major cities are home to countless chocolate shops and factories where you can try some of the most delicious and decadent treats.

That’s why a chocolate tour of the city is without a doubt one of the best ways to discover Lucerne. Keep reading to learn more about the best chocolate tours Lucerne has to offer and find the ultimate chocolate experience for you!

Swiss Chocolate Adventure Experience

Swiss Chocolate Adventure
Swiss Chocolate Adventure

The Swiss Chocolate Adventure Experience is a chocolate tour unique to Lucerne. For this experience, you’ll need to visit the Swiss Museum of Transport, which can be done by public transport or by boat tour across the lake. Tickets for this exhibit are 18 CHF for adults and 10 CHF for kids who must be at least six years old.

This is a 20-minute multimedia exhibit that covers the process of making chocolate, the history of certain Swiss brands, and the role of Swiss chocolate in the global scene. Visitors are seated in a moving cart, from which they can watch the 20-minute film. The multimedia exhibit is followed by a chocolate tasting at the souvenir shop, but it’s important to note that an in-person chocolate-making demonstration is not included in this tour.

Some people really like this tour and others leave the Museum of Transport disappointed. I think it helps if you know what to expect because many of the unsatisfied tour gours were not happy that this was only a multimedia exhibit paired with a tasting.

Lucerne “CH” Experience: Cheese, Chocolate, Chapel Bridge & Château

The Chapel Bridge in Lucerne
The Chapel Bridge in Lucerne

The CH Experience tour is a great option for people who are visiting Lucerne for the first time. This walking tour includes visits to the city’s most famous landmarks, chocolate tastings, fondue tastings, wine tastings, and an elevator ride to Lucerne Castle. This tour lasts for approximately two hours, and the cost is $170 per person for groups of at least two people. It’s a little more expensive if you’re booking it just for one person.

It’s also possible to upgrade this tour to include a bout ride on Lake Lucerne, which is a good idea if you haven’t done that previously. Boat tours of Lake Lucerne are great for exploring the region and discovering sights that you wouldn’t come across on a standard walking tour.

Chocolate Tasting with Lake Trip & City Tour

Lake Lucerne
Lake Lucerne

The Chocolate Tasting tour with a lake trip and a walking tour of the city is a 4-hour tour of Lucerne that includes visits to the city’s most famous landmarks, as well as tastings of cheese, chocolate, and wine. A boat ride on Lake Lucerne is also included in this tour, and it’s great for discovering the city’s landmarks and panoramic views of the Swiss Alps.

The only issue is that the price of this tour is $350 per person, and if I’m being perfectly honest, you could do a lot more in Lucerne for that amount of money. A proper lunch is not included in this tour and the one-hour boat cruise costs just 29 CHF, so I do think this experience is overpriced, especially since it’s a semi-private tour.

One thing to note is that all tour-goers agree that the local guide is fantastic and very knowledgeable. If this tour sounds like something you would enjoy and you’re okay with the price, it’s certainly worth considering.

Lucerne Private Walking Tour: Cheese & Chocolate Tasting

The Lion Monument from the side
The Lion Monument from the side

A private walking tour of Lucerne that includes a cheese and chocolate tasting is one of the best mid-range city tours. The three-hour tour allows you to discover the city’s most famous landmarks like the Chapel Bridge and the Lion Monument, but also takes you to places where you taste 3-4 types of cheeses and chocolates.

The price for this tour is 70 CHF per participant for groups of eight people, which is honestly a bargain compared to the prices of some of the other tours. It’s worth noting that the tour is more expensive for fewer people, so it’s really worth it to find as many others to join you on this experience.

Lucerne’s Chocolate Factory Total Experience: Tasting, Making, Production

A three-hour tour of a family-owned chocolate factory is the best option if you want an authentic chocolate experience. Visiting the Aesbach Chocolate World on a guided tour allows you to learn about the process of making chocolates, and even take part in the creation of your own chocolate bar.

You’ll also get to taste a few different Swiss delicacies and gain insight into every step of chocolate production. There’s also the option to extend the tour to include a walking tour of Lucerne as well as a cruise on the lake.

This tour is priced at approximately $1,700 for a group of six people, which is around $285 per participant.

Max Chocolatier Chocolate Tasting

Max Chocolatier
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Sign up for a tasting at Max Chocolatier for an experience that is thoroughly decadent. This is one of Lucerne’s best chocolate shops, and they organize multiple types of events centered around chocolate.

The standard tasting event is led by Max the chocolatier himself, who will answer any questions you might have about the chocolate-making process. It includes six courses, and the price is 300 CHF for a group of a maximum of four people, so just 75 CHF per participant.

If you want to get your hands dirty, you can sign up for a chocolate-making workshop. This chocolatier offers workshops for making ice cream, truffle stamping, and making seasonal chocolates, all of which are organized for groups of 4-6 participants.

Aeschbach Chocolate World

A trip to Aeschbach Chocolate World is one of the best chocolate tours you can organize on your own for approximately 40 CHF. This chocolate factory is situated in the village of Root, which is just a 10-minute train ride away from Lucerne. Train tickets are about 8 CHF for one-way trips and the entrance fee for the museum is 15-25 CHF, depending on what you want included in the experience.

The pricier tickets include creating your own personal chocolate bar that you get to take home, while the base ticket gets you 5 CHF of credit in their shop or cafe. Also, it’s worth noting that these ticket prices are for adults, while kids get a discount on all tickets.

The chocolate factory features an exhibit on their history, it allows you to witness the chocolate-making process, and ask the expert chocolatiers any questions you might have. It’s honestly one of the best chocolate adventures you can do from Lucerne, and it’s dirt cheap if you do it on your own!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price range for chocolate tours in Lucerne?

The price range for chocolate tours in Lucerne is anywhere from 15 CHF to 400 CHF+. The price varies depending on whether it’s a walking or boat tour of the city, but some of the available tours are just blatantly overpriced. An average price for chocolate tours with tastings is 70-80 CHF while chocolate-making workshops go for 100-150 CHF. 

When is the best time to do a chocolate tour in Lucerne?

Any time of the year is a good time for a chocolate tour. A winter tour is slightly more special because there’s just something amazing about munching on delicious chocolates and sipping wine in an effort to warm yourself up. Summer chocolate tours are also great, but keep in mind that anything you purchase in the stores might melt while you’re walking around the town

Are chocolate tours in Lucerne suitable for children?

Yes, most chocolate tours in Lucerne are suitable for children who are at least six years old. Children will also get a discount on all tickets for cheese and chocolate factories, museums, and other chocolate-related experiences. 

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