Best Mountain Hotels in Switzerland (Budget To Luxury)

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Last updated: September 10th, 2023

Planning a vacation in the Swiss mountains but can’t decide which hotel you should stay at? Then you are definitely in the right place because this detailed guide to the best mountain hotels in Switzerland explores twelve of your best options!

From affordable hotels for backpackers to luxurious accommodation that often includes a hot tub on your terrace, none of these Switzerland hotels will disappoint. The one thing they all have in common is that they’re situated high up in the mountains, surrounded by some of the most stunning nature you can experience in Switzerland!

Hotel Bellevue (Kriens, Lucerne)

Hotel Bellevue
Hotel Bellevue – Image ©

Situated atop Mount Pilatus at an elevation of 2,132 meters above sea level, the Bellevue hotel in Kriens is a very popular hotel in the Swiss Alps. It can be easily reached by a cable car from Kriens or the world’s steepest cog railway from Alpnach.

The hotel rooms have fabulous views of the Swiss Alps, while the hotel bar overlooks Lake Lucerne and the namesake city. However, it’s important to note that Hotel Bellevue only has double rooms, so it’s not the best option for families with kids. All the rooms are equipped with (two) single beds and baby cots are available only upon request.

This hotel boasts a bar, a restaurant, an in-house coffee shop, and a large outdoor deck terrace. There’s no pool or spa at this hotel, so it’s not the best option if you want to be pampered during your stay in Switzerland. Solo travelers can get a room for around 200 CHF, but couples and families will be charged a nightly rate of at least 310 CHF.

Romantik Hotel Muottas Muragl (Samedan)

Romantik Hotel Muottas Muragl
Image ©Romantik Hotels & Restaurant AG

Romantik Hotel Muottas Muragl is in the Engadine mountains, at an elevation of 2456 meters. The hotel is easily accessible by the Muottas Muragl cable car, which is just a 10-minute train ride away from the Engadine airport.

The hotel is situated in a quiet location and it only has 16 rooms, so it can’t really get too crowded. Every room offers a beautiful view of the Swiss mountains, but the hotel’s outdoor terrace is by far the best place to enjoy the scenic vista. Room rates start at less than 250 CHF for single travelers and a little more than 300 CHF for a standard double room.

All guests have free wifi access and they can choose between a self-service restaurant and a classic panorama restaurant. Breakfast is also included in the stay, but that’s it in terms of extra amenities. There’s no pool or gym, and no spa facilities either, so this isn’t the ideal option if you want to spend most of your time relaxing in the hotel. But if you want to get out and explore the mesmerizing landscapes of the Engadine mountains, this is definitely one of the best Switzerland mountain hotels for you.

Bürgenstock Hotel & Alpine Spa (Bürgenstock)

Bürgenstock Hotel
Bürgenstock Hotel

Situated on the southern shore of Lake Lucerne, the Bürgenstock Hotel & Alpine Spa is one of the best hotels in the Nidwalden canton. The five-star hotel is an excellent destination for travelers looking for upscale accommodation in the Swiss mountains, especially if you want to have fabulous mountain views from every corner of the hotel.

The smallest rooms are around 42 square meters, which is a decent size for a one-bedroom apartment. The hotel offers a variety of services to its guests, including a spa center with five pools. There’s even an outdoor heated infinity pool, so you can enjoy those spectacular views while relaxing in the water.

Everything about this mountain hotel is top-notch and the quality of service is reflected in the hotel room prices. It’s a very expensive hotel, so it’s certainly not suitable for any budget travelers. The room rates start at around 1,500 CHF, but at least that includes breakfast, WiFi, and free parking.

Riffelhaus 1853 (Zermatt)

Hotel Riffelhaus 1853
Image © 2022 Riffelhaus 1853

Riffelhaus 1853 is a mountain hotel near Zermatt. It is easily accessible by a funicular railway or train from Zermatt. The Riffelberg train station, which is a stop on the Gornergrat Railway, is only a short walk away from the hotel.

If you want to enjoy fabulous views of the Matterhorn during your stay, this is one of the best hotels near Zermatt for you. It’s possible to select rooms that overlook Switzerland’s most famous mountain, and you could also save some money by opting for a room that only offers views of the other nearby mountains.

This hotel boasts an on-site restaurant, free WiFi access, and spa facilities with a Jacuzzi and a sauna area. Breakfast and dinner are included in the room rate, but it’s worth noting that most guests complained about being (over)charged for tap water during dinner. Room rates start at around 350 CHF for a single room and 450 CHF for a double room.

Alpinhotel Grimsel Hospiz (Guttannen)

Hotel Grimsel Hospiz
Hotel Grimsel Hospiz

Grimsel Hospiz is a historic hotel on the Grimsel Pass. The hotel overlooks Grimselsee, which is an artificial lake in Guttannen. If you stay at this hotel, you will wake up to fabulous views of the lake and the surrounding mountain peaks, plus you’ll have plenty of things to do in your spare time.

Grimsel Pass is one of the most scenic roads in Switzerland, so this hotel is great for anyone who is doing a summer road trip in this European country. There are also various hiking trails in the area that will allow you to discover all the nearby landmarks and natural attractions, from Totensee to the stunning Gerstenegg crystal grotto.

The hotel is open in the summer and winter seasons. During the summer months, the hotel is usually open from June through late October, while in the winter it’s usually open just from Wednesday to Sunday. Room rates start at a little under 300 CHF a night, which includes breakfast, free WiFi, and a flat-screen TV in the room.

The Chedi (Andermatt)

Hotel Chedi Andermatt
Hotel Chedi Andermatt

The Chedi Andermatt is a luxurious five-star hotel in the Swiss Alps. It’s one of the best options if you’re planning a ski holiday in the Alps because the ski lifts are just a stone’s throw away from the hotel lobby.

This fabulous hotel boasts a massive wellness area with spa facilities, a fitness center, a sauna, steam baths, and a hot tub. There’s also a huge pool lined with padded daybeds, perfect for those days when you’d rather relax in the water than hit the slopes.

The entire hotel is decorated in a mixture of Swiss traditional and Asian styles, and it looks absolutely amazing. The rooms at this hotel are spacious, beautifully decorated, and impeccable. Each room has a flat-screen TV, a minibar, a fireplace, and an iPad – because why wouldn’t you get an iPad in your hotel room?

The cheapest rooms start at some 700 CHF a night, so this hotel is definitely not suitable for travelers on a tighter budget in Switzerland. If you want to stay there for a few nights during ski season, expect to pay around 1,000 CHF per night.

Matterhorn Focus Design Hotel (Zermatt)

Matterhorn Focus Design Hotel
Matterhorn Focus Design Hotel

The car-free resort village of Zermatt is home to some amazing hotels and the FOCUS hotel is one of them. This lifestyle hotel is by far the best option for travelers who want to live it up while they’re in Switzerland!

The cheapest rooms start at some 225CHF a night, and those rooms only have a skylight window. Spring an extra 40CHF for the room, and you’ll have floor-to-ceiling windows and the best views of Zermatt and the mountains you could ask for. It’s worth noting that that’s not too expensive, especially not for Zermatt!

The hotel also offers spa facilities to its guests, including an indoor pool, an outdoor pool, a Finnish sauna, and a saline bath. Breakfast is included in the room rates and the hotel is easily accessible by public transportation, which is essential because Zermatt is a car-free village and you can’t really just drive up to your hotel.

Hotel Villa Honegg (Ennetbürgen)

Hotel Villa Honegg (Ennetbürgen)
Hotel Villa Honegg – Image courtesy of Wikimedia

Hotel Villa Honegg is a fabulous 5-star hotel in Ennetbürgen. It’s close to the Bürgenstock summit, and you can easily hike to the mountain peak from this hotel. An Alpine golf course is also close to the hotel, so definitely consider staying at this hotel if you enjoy playing golf.

Perhaps the best thing about Hotel Villa Honegg is the incredible serenity surrounding the place. You’re situated high up in the mountains, with an incredible view of Lake Lucerne from pretty much every corner of the hotel.

The hotel also boasts an outdoor swimming pool and terrace, where you can lose yourself in the sight of the surrounding peaks. Nightly rates start at some 750CHF for the smaller rooms, but it’s 800+CHF a night if you want to wake up to views of Lake Lucerne.

7132 Hotel (Vals)

7132 Hotel
7132 Hotel – ©

The 7132 Hotel is located in Vals in Graubunden and it’s one of the better mountain hotels in Switzerland for families. It’s got a kid’s club, which isn’t something that can be said for many other mountain hotels in Switzerland.

Additionally, this hotel has world-class service and facilities. It has a spa center with thermal baths, a fitness center, a large outdoor pool, and even evening entertainment. There are also several restaurants on the hotel grounds, in addition to the coffee shop and bar. Single rooms start at 500+ CHF per night, and double rooms start at around 715 CHF.

Vals is a popular ski area in Switzerland, so this hotel is a great option for all outdoor lovers who want to explore the country’s fabulous ski slopes. There are plenty of ski lifts in close proximity to the hotel, plus there are even kid and beginner-friendly trails nearby.

One thing to note is that Vals is among the highest ski areas in Graubünden, so there are plenty of more challenging trails for all experienced skiers as well!

Hotel Schönegg (Wengen)

Hotel Schönegg
Hotel Schönegg – ©

Hotel Schönegg is situated in the village of Wengen, which has been popular with tourists and skiers in particular since the early 19th century. This hotel is about 150 meters away from the nearest ski lift that takes you to the Männlichen summit. From there, you have easy access to other ski lifts that allow you to explore all the nearby mountain peaks and ski trails!

If you want to go skiing in Switzerland, this is easily one of the best hotels in Wengen you can stay at, and not just because of the excellent location. Guests staying at Hotel Schönegg will have access to a sauna, which is the ideal way of relaxing after a long day skiing out in the cold. The hotel also has a massage room, a breakfast buffet, a bar, and a lovely sun terrace.

The hotel offers a total of 20 rooms, so it’s never going to be extremely crowded. They range from cozy single rooms to a deluxe penthouse, and there are plenty of options for groups of people. Also, most rooms face the south, so you should have a fabulous few of Jungfrau! Rooms start at around 230 CHF per night, but there is a minimum three-night stay.

Boutique Hotel Glacier (Grindelwald)

Boutique Hotel Glacier
Boutique Hotel Glacier – ©

Located just a 10-minute walk from the train station in Grindelwald, Boutique Hotel Glacier is one of the best hotels in the Bernese Alps. It’s a mid-range hotel with room rates that start at less than 300 CHF a night and go up from there. It’s worth noting that you need to book a minimum three-night stay, so this hotel is a good option only if you’re looking to stay somewhere for more than one or two nights.

The prices are pretty good for a four-star hotel in such a great location, especially since the hotel has quite a few extras and luxuries at their guests’ disposal. The pricier rooms all have a private whirlpool on their terrace, while all guests have access to the awesome spa and fitness center.

On top of that, this hotel is in close proximity to several ski lifts in the area, so it’s a great option for all travelers who are traveling to the Bernese Alps for excellent skiing opportunities.

Hotel Alpenblick (Zeneggen)

Hotel Alpenblick
Hotel Alpenblick

Hotel Alpenblick is a cozy hotel in Zeneggen, in the heart of Canton of Valais. This is a small, three-star hotel, so it’s a great option for all travelers on a tighter budget in Switzerland. If you want to explore the mountains, enjoy panoramic views, and enjoy delicious local delicacies, definitely consider staying at the Hotel Alpenblick.

The room rates start at a little over 140 CHF for a single room with a fabulous mountain view, which is pretty cheap for Switzerland. Especially for a hotel in the middle of the mountain that offers a breathtaking view of the Matterhorn!

Breakfast is included in the price of the room, as well as parking and WiFi access. Also, the location of this Swiss mountain hotel is excellent for further exploration of the region, which makes it a popular destination with hikers and mountaineers. With countless hiking trails in the area and excellent skiing opportunities, this is one of the best options if you just need lodging in the Valais Alps.

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