Zurich Hotels with Infinity Pools (And Epic Views)

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Choosing a hotel in Zurich is always a challenge. With so many stunning areas in both the old town and along Lake Zurich, you are almost spoiled for choice!

But finding a Zurich hotel with an infinity pool is another thing altogether. There are actually only a few of these hotel unicorns.

B2 Boutique Hotel in Zurich

One of the most popular hotels with an infinity pool in Zurich is the B2 Boutique Hotel. And for great reason too!

B2 Boutique Double Room
B2 Boutique Double Room

There are 60 rooms in a former brewery and machine hall, each one designed to highlight this unique history. They range from simple and comfortable, with the finest quality materials, to spacious with separate working areas. On top of this, B2 pride themselves on serving their guests and providing unique add-ons like yoga mats, romantic surprises like roses and wine, electric car parks, and access to the world-class Hürlimannbad & Spa Zürich.

Hürlimannbad & Spa Zürich - Rooftop Infinity Pool
Hürlimannbad & Spa Zürich – Rooftop Infinity Pool – Image via Hürlimannbad

That is where the infinity pool comes in. This is one of Zurich’s best spas and is connected to the B2 Boutique Hotel. It has all the wellness treats you could desire, and an epic Zurich city view from the rooftop infinity pool. It is truly one of a kind in Zurich.

B2 Boutique Hotel Library
B2 Boutique Hotel Library – image via B2 Boutique

They also have a co-working space and a homely library you might want to spend some time dining in as their meal and drinks choices are fab!

This hotel is also very close to Zurich town center, being just an 8-minute walk from the well-connected Zurich Enge train station. And a fun fact, right around the corner from Google Headquarters in Zurich.

The area is also very quiet and peaceful, and so you will enjoy working, resting or even walking around the area, all within a stone’s throw of shops, coffee, supermarkets and even the FIFA Museum.


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Dolder Grand Hotel, Zurich

Dolder Grand Zurich
Dolder Grand Zurich

Another stunning 5-star Zurich hotel that offers an infinity pool is the historic Dolder Grand. Situated high above the city of Zurich, the Dolder offers peace and quiet along with spectacular views of the city.

The Dolder Grand is one of those hotels that the rich and famous have been visiting in Zurich for decades. The hotel dates back to 1899 and has seen the likes of King Charles, the Rolling Stones, Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein, and Henry Kissinger.

Dolder Grande Foyer
Dolder Grande Foyer

The Dolder Grand mixes its historic roots with a modern style with the central castle-style building and two more modern wings. It also features its very own funicular that whisks guests up to the hotel from the town below.

The hotel is a feast for the eyes with its sweeping staircases and mammoth chandelier hanging above. There is mind-blowing art throughout the hallways, as well as high-end treats you can buy on a whim. Omega watch anyone?

Dolder Grand Outdoor Infinity Pool & Spa
Dolder Grand Outdoor Infinity Pool & Spa – mage via Dolder Grand

The Dolder has 5 tennis courts on offer, as well as a 9 hole golf course with a driving range, and of course, their very own spa. One of the highlights of the spa is an inside, wall-to-wall black infinity pool. As well as the somewhat smaller outside pool/spa with an infinity pool and Zurich views.

Dolder Grand Indoor Infinity Pool & Spa
Dolder Grand Indoor Infinity Pool & Spa – mage via Dolder Grand

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