Best Mountain Huts In Switzerland (For Alpine Getaways)

best mountain huts switzerland

Switzerland has its fair share of Alpine huts, typically at the end of long and excruciating hiking trails. They’re usually places where mountaineers can rest for a few hours or overnight, after long and tiring hiking and climbing sessions.

Some of the Swiss mountain huts are more famous than others, whether it’s for hospitality, location, or just appearance. I’ve covered all the most popular Alpine huts in Switzerland below, in this guide to the best Swiss mountain huts!

Britannia Hut

Dom Switzerland
Dom, Switzerland

The Brittania Hut is one of the many huts in the Swiss Alps. It is located at an altitude of 3,030 meters above sea level, in the Mischabel mountain massif. The mountain hut lies at the foot of the Dom, and it serves as a base camp for mountaineers who are planning ascents on Rimpfischhorn, Strahlhorn, and Allalinhorn peaks.

This mountain hut was first opened back in 1912, and it’s been welcoming mountaineers ever since. The rates for a nightly stay in the hut range from 38 CHF for children, up to 89 CHF for half-board for mountaineers who are not members of the SAC club.

SAC members get a discount on stays in all of their huts, so it might be worth it to join if you’re planning multiple adventures in Switzerland.

Bergsee Hut

Bergseehuette © SAC Angenstein

The Bergsee Hut is situated at the top of a rocky hiking trail just above Göscheneralpsee, close to Andermatt. It takes about two hours to reach the hut from the Göscheneralp reservoir, but the path is very steep and rocky with a large elevation gain.

Guests at the hut are usually avid climbers who want to take advantage of the excellent Alpine climbing opportunities in the area. Because of this, the hut usually gets the most visitors in the summer, and this is the only period when the hut is manned. It’s possible to stay at the hut in the winter, but you will need to bring your own sleeping bag, day food, and pretty much everything else you might need for the overnight stay.

Reservations are necessary even for overnight stays in the winter. You must call the hut warden ahead of time, to make sure there’s enough space for you at Bergsee hut.

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Hornli Hut

The Matterhorn in Autumn
The Matterhorn in Autumn

The Hornli Hut is a pretty famous mountain hut near Zermatt, mostly because it’s usually used as a base camp for ascents on the Matterhorn. The hut lies at the foot of the pyramid-shaped peak, and it’s the perfect destination for all mountaineers who are planning to conquer the tallest peak in Switzerland.

It’s worth noting that, at Hornli Hut, priority is given to mountaineers who are ascending Matterhorn with guides, as opposed to those who are attempting a solo ascent. That’s one of the many reasons you should consider doing the ascent with an experienced mountain guide.

Hornli Hut originally opened back in 1880, and since then it has provided shelter for mountaineers who face adverse weather conditions and served as a base camp for Matterhorn ascents. It’s worth noting that this is one of the priciest SAC huts in Switzerland, with a fee of 150 CHF per person for a dormitory bed and 450 CHF for a private room for two.

Fluhalp Hut


Fluhalp is one of the more elaborate SAC mountain huts in Switzerland. It’s got a great restaurant where they sell beer, delicious Swiss dishes, and offer breakfast to mountaineers who stay at the hut overnight.

The Fluhalp Hut is situated in a hiking area near Zermatt, and it’s an excellent place to stay if you want to explore the region above the famous resort village. The Five Lakes Trail is a popular day hike in the area that allows you to discover several gorgeous Alpine lakes and some truly mesmerizing Swiss nature.

It’s possible to hike to the mountain hut all the way from Zermatt (approximately three and a half hours), but it’s much easier to take the cable car to Blauherd. It’s only about half an hour from the station to the mountain hut, which is an easy and rewarding walk. The hut and restaurant are open only in the summer and reservations are necessary for overnight stays.

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Monte Rosa Hut

Monte Rosa Hut
Monte Rosa Hut

The Monte Rosa Hut is located on the Monte Rosa massif 2,883 meters above sea level. The Swiss Alpine Club owns it, as is the case with most huts that are high up in the mountains like this one. The Monte Rosa alpine hut is popular among mountaineers who want to attempt an ascent on one of the tall peaks in the area.

This mountain hut is close to Zermatt, and it’s popular with mountaineers who are exploring the area around the famous Swiss resort village. The hut offers private rooms to mountaineers, as well as an emergency room where you can spend the night in your own sleeping bag. The emergency room is closed in the off-season.

The overnight fees (without meals) are a flat 36 CHF for SAC members and 56 CHF for non-members. The prices of half-board overnight stays in the hut range from 25 CHF per night (for kids under 6) to 106 CHF for adults who are not SAC members.

Bächlital Hut

Bächlital Hut
Bächlital Hut © Section Am Albis

Situated in the Grimsel area at an elevation of 2328 meters above sea level, the Bächlital Hut is the perfect stop for hikers who can’t get enough of this gorgeous Swiss region. The Grimsel Pass, the Path of Nine Lakes, and the numerous tall peaks surrounding the mountain hut are just some of the top sights here.

If you want to stay overnight at the Bächlital Hut you will need to make a reservation online, by email, or phone. You can book a bed on the website until 6 PM, and for reservations later in the day you have to call them.

The path to this SAC hut begins at the Räterichsboden parking lot. It’s approximately two hours from the parking lot to the mountain hut, over moderately challenging terrain with an elevation gain of more than 600 meters during the 4-kilometer hike.

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Cabane de Moiry

Cabane de Moiry
Cabane de Moiry – Image courtesy of Wikimedia

Cabane de Moiry is in Grimentz in southern Switzerland. It boasts a stone construction with an organic restaurant on the ground floor, which offers great food and spectacular views from its summer terrace. The hut is manned only in the summer months, but overnight stays during the winter are possible if you reserve your bed a couple of days in advance.

This hut is situated in a fabulous area with plenty of things to do once you’re out the front door. There are opportunities for climbing, glacier hiking, trekking, mountain biking, and even paragliding, among other things. You can go fishing in the Moiry Lake, explore via ferratas, or just try to ascend one of the many tall summits nearby.

The path to Cabane de Moiry is from Lac de Moiry, and it takes a little less than three hours to get to the mountain hut. It’s also possible to drive to the Glacier du Moiry parking lot, which is approximately an hour and a half from the Cabane de Moiry SAC hut.

Kesch-Hütte SAC

Kesch-Hütte SAC
Kesch-Hütte SAC © SAC Davos

Kesch-Hütte in Bergün might be the final hut on this list, but it’s by no means the last of the mountain huts in Switzerland. It’s situated in the east of the country close to the Swiss National Park, and it’s a fabulous destination for all outdoor enthusiasts in this part of Switzerland.

This mountain hut is known for excellent hiking and climbing opportunities nearby. There’s a small climbing garden just outside the hut, and if you have your own climbing equipment you can have heaps of fun. Many hiking and mountain biking trails are in the hut’s immediate surroundings, so there’s plenty to explore in the summer. In the winter, the hut is a popular stop on many snow touring and snowshoe hiking excursions in the region.

The prices for overnight stays with half board at Kesch-Hütte range from 54 CHF to 81 CHF depending on the age of the mountaineer. Those are the price for non-members of the SAC, and there is a special discount for all SAC members.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Swiss mountain hut?

A Swiss mountain hut is basically a place that offers lodging and shelter to mountaineers who find themselves in some of the most rugged areas of the Swiss Alps. The huts are often located at higher altitudes and close to tall mountain peaks, which makes them a good place to stay either before an ascent or immediately after. 

What is the history of the Swiss mountain hut?

The tradition of mountain huts in Switzerland can be traced to the mid-19th century and later, which is thought to be the Golden Age of Alpinism. Initially, the huts were supposed to operate as a shelter for mountaineers stranded in dangerous weather conditions or as base camps for those who want to attempt an ascent on some of the largest summits in the Swiss Alps. 

How much do mountain huts cost in Switzerland?

The cost of staying in a Swiss mountain hut depends on a few things, but it’s usually between 25 CHF and 45 CHF. It depends on the location, season, room size, and facilities offered, but it’s generally rather inexpensive. Mountaineers can also pay for half board, which includes dinner and breakfast, and that’s usually 60-90 CHF per night. 

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