Glasi Hergiswil: A Guide To The Iconic Swiss Factory

Glasi Hergiswil

Want to visit Glasi Hergiswil, the iconic glass factory in the small Swiss municipality? Then you’re in the right place because this detailed guide has all the information you need to plan a trip to Glasi!

How to get there, what to expect, and what other things you can do in the area are just some of the things I’ve covered in this visitor’s guide. Read on to learn more about Glasi Hergiswil, and see why it’s such a popular attraction in the area.

How to Get There


Hergiswil is situated on the left bank of lake Lucerne, so you can easily visit it by train and boat. If you’re traveling from the city of Luzerne, it’s only about 12 minutes by train. It will take a bit longer if you’re traveling by boat, but it’s worth it because of the fabulous views that any lake Lucerne cruise offers. If you are staying in one of the towns on the shore of Lake Lucerne, I would recommend traveling by boat because it is the most magical experience.

In case you’re in possession of the Switzerland Tell Pass, you can travel on the railways along Lake Lucerne for free. Otherwise, train tickets are 4-6 CHF, which is still very affordable.

It’s also possible to travel by train from most other regions in the country, but it will take a lot longer. You will most likely need to switch trains, but you can definitely get to Hergiswil by train from virtually any larger train station in Switzerland.

Driving to the village is also possible, and the best option if you don’t want to rely on public transport.

Glasi Hergiswil below Pilatus
Glasi Hergiswil below Pilatus

Ticket Prices

Ticket prices for Glasi Hergiswil are very affordable, but it’s worth noting that you have to purchase separate tickets for the museum and for the labyrinth. Museum tickets are 7 CHF for adults and kids over the age of 10 (younger kids can enter for free), and you can visit the labyrinth for a small fee of 5 CHF.

You can also try your hand at blowing glass if you want for a fee of 20 CHF. This allows you to blow one glass ball, and any additional ball is another 20 CHF.

One thing to note is that you’re eligible to get a refund for the tickets if you buy souvenirs at the gift shop. If you spend 50 CHF, you will get 5 CHF back, and if you spend 70 CHF, they will refund you 7 CHF. It’s not a bad deal, especially considering that you can get some beautiful and unique pieces at the museum shop.

Opening Hours

Most exhibits at Glasi Hergiswil are open Mon-Fri from 9 AM to 5 PM. They’re also open on Saturdays from 9 AM to 4 PM, so you can visit any day of the week except Sunday.

For a comprehensive list of opening hours during national holidays, visit this link.

What to See & Do

The Formed by Fire Museum

The Formed by Fire Museum tells the story of how the art of glass-making developed in Hergiswil. The exhibits at this museum also detail the history of brothers Siegwart who founded the factory, and of the different economic ups and downs they experienced while running the factory.

In 1996, the European Council chose this museum as one of the most beautiful in Europe, so there’s definitely merit to visiting. Plus you will learn a lot about the history of the place and get to see some unique items made from glass.

Glass Labyrinth

Glass Labyrinth – Image courtesy of Matthew Perkins

The Glass Labyrinth is easily the highlight of visits to this factory. It was the first glass labyrinth to open in Switzerland back in 2012, and it has remained one of the most interesting tourist attractions in the region.

Visitors are all given white gloves because they will use their hands a lot to navigate through the labyrinth. It’s certainly an interesting experience and you’re advised to move slowly and feel around a lot, to make sure you don’t want into the glass walls.

Glasi Park

Glasi Park is a small park for children near the factory. It boasts a slide, a variety of marble games, and a sand pit that’s full of quartz sand, which happens to be one of the main materials in glass production.

Dragon Leandra, which is one of the many glass animals you will see at the factory complex, watches over the visitors as they explore the park. There’s also a marble dispenser machine at the park, and you can get 10 marbles for just 5 CHF.

The great thing about this park is that it still manages to educate the kids about the art of glass-making through interactive games.

Water Activities

Glasi Hergiswil factory did a great job of utilizing its surroundings, and they’ve even included some water games on Lake Lucerne. The premise is that water and glass are both extremely similar – they’re both transparent liquids that can be shaped and that’s what the water games aim to illustrate.

Nearby Attractions

Pilatus Hergiswil
Pilatus Hergiswil

There aren’t that many interesting things to do in the town of Hergiswil, but you’re only 12 minutes away by train from Lucerne, which is abundant with fun attractions for tourists.

Walk along the Chapel Bridge, visit the Lucerne Glacier Garden, visit the Swiss Museum of Transport, and admire the Bourbaki Panorama – the city is absolutely great for day trips, and you can easily make the most of your visit to the region.

A cruise on the lake is also a great thing to do in this area, especially if you’re visiting during the warmer months.

Also, Mount Pilatus is very close to Hergiswil and it’s definitely worth visiting if you want to experience stunning panoramic views. With a large network of hiking and mountain biking trail, this mountain is also a great destination for all adventurous travelers.

Glasi Hergiswil: Is It Worth Visiting?

Hergiswil Aerial View
Aerial view of Hergiswil

It absolutely is. Glass blowing is absolutely fascinating to watch live and if you’ve never seen someone do it in front of you, it’s definitely worth it to visit the factory. However, there’s really not much else to do in the town, so ideally you should visit Hergiswil on a day trip.

The town’s location in central Switzerland allows for easy day trip visits, especially if you’re staying in one of the places on the shore of Lake Lucerne. You can also reach it in about an hour from Zurich, and an hour and a half from Bern, thanks to excellent train connections.

Courtesy of Wikimedia for the image header.

Written by Ashley Faulkes
As a twenty-year resident of Switzerland, I am passionate about exploring every nook and cranny of this beautiful country, I spend my days deep in the great Swiss outdoors, and love to share these experiences and insights with fellow travel enthusiasts.

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