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Lake Lucerne

The Tell Pass is the perfect option for traveling around and exploring all that Lucerne and Central Switzerland have to offer. From public transport and the mountains around Lucerne to adventures further afield, you can save lots of money with this pass.

So, if you will be spending 2 days or more in Lucerne and the surrounding area, then you should continue reading to see if this pass is worth it for you!

What Is Included In The Tell Pass?

The Tell includes free travel on all public transport (trains, buses, and boats) as well as all mountain cable cars and railways within the designated areas. This means that any trip around Lucerne will be covered, whether it is to Pilatus, Rigi, Burgenstock, or even Stoos! Yes, there are limits you should check, but it’s quite comprehensive.

You can get a better idea of what routes are not covered in the maps below. Around Lucerne and Lake Lucerne, everything is covered. The network stretches even further to Pfäffikon near Zurich, down to Meiringen and Interlaken Ost, across to Andermatt, Melchsee Frutt and Stoos, and even to Engelberg and Mount Titlis.

Some of the highlights of the Tell Pass includes free travel to:

  • Lucerne & Lake Lucerne
  • Engelberg & Mount Titlis
  • Mount Rigi
  • Pilatus
  • Bürgenstock
  • Stoos
  • Andermatt
  • Schwyz, Arth Goldau

Honestly, you have to check out the maps to see what is not covered in Central Switzerland!

Mount Pilatus in Lucerne
Mount Pilatus behind the Chapel Bridge, Lucerne

Discounts Included in The Tell Pass

There are also a significant amount of so-called Bonus partners with the Tell Pass. Here are some examples:

  • Gletschergarten Luzern – 20% off
  • Mineralbad & Spa Rigi Kaltbad – 20% off
  • Swiss Chocolate Adventure – 20% off
  • Tell-Museum Bürglen – 20% off
  • Alpamare – 25% off
  • Kloster Einsiedeln – 25% off tours
  • Natur- & Tierpark Goldau (20% summer, 50% winter)
  • Ballenberg – 25% off
  • Glasi Hergiswil – 20% off

Tell Pass Prices

You can buy the Tell Pass for 2,3,4,5 or 10 days. These days have to be used consecutively (in a row). There are two price categories, one for summer, and one for winter (when fewer attractions & mountains are open).

Note: Children (6 – 16) and dogs only have to pay 30 CHF for any of the passes. (Child passes must be purchased with at least one Adult). All passes are second class, upgrades can be purchased on each trip.

The following table shows you all the prices:

Number of DaysSummer Price (CHF)
1st April – 31st October
Winter Price (CHF)
1st November – 31st March
Tell Pass prices

Tell Pass Maps (Summer & Winter)

The following Tell Pass Network maps provide you with more details on what is covered in both summer and winter.

Tell Pass Summer
Tell Pass Summer – More Detail here
Tell Pass Winter
Tell Pass Winter

Where can you buy a Tell Pass?

You can buy a Tell Pass online or via any of the eighty sales outlets in the Lake Lucerne area, which includes boat and train stations, tourist offices, hotels and many more locations. This means you can easily buy a Tell Pass when you arrive in the Lucerne region of Switzerland or online before you leave.

Is the Tell Pass worth it?

If you are spending more than a few days in the Lake Lucerne area, the Tell Pass is definitely worth it. The longer you stay, the cheaper it gets. And, it covers not only public transport but also all mountain railways and cable cars, which are often very expensive.

Let’s take a look at some of the costs just to give you an idea of what certain trips would cost without the pass.

  • Engelberg – Titlis – A return trip to the top of Titlis from Engelberg is 96 CHF
  • Mount Rigi – A return trip to the top of Rigi from Lucerne is 98 CHF
  • Pilatus – A return trip up Pilatus (not including transport) Lucerne will cost you 56 CHF

So, as you can see the price to go up many mountains is nearly 100 CHF, and often that does not include transport to the mountain. The Tell Pass becomes especially interesting when you buy a longer one, as the first two days are the most expensive.

Tell Pass vs Swiss Travel Pass

The Tell Pass is far more useful than the Swiss Travel Pass for people spending a lot of time around Lucerne and Central Switzerland. It is also cheaper than the Swiss Travel Pass for the same number of days.

Both the Swiss Travel Pass and Tell Pass include free travel on

  • Local transport in Lucerne
  • All transport in the region up to
  • Boats on Lake Lucerne
  • Trips up Mt Rigi, Stanserhorn, Kelwenalp, Stoos & Brunni

The Tell Pass also includes

  • Mt Pilatus with gondola or funicular
  • Bürgenstock with funicular

The Tell Pass covers all your travel from Zug all the way to Interlaken Ost. So, you could use it to get to Interlaken, the start using the Swiss Travel Pass or even the Bernese Oberland Pass (which is a similar pass for the Interlaken/Jungfrau region!)

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Written by Ashley Faulkes
As a twenty-year resident of Switzerland, I am passionate about exploring every nook and cranny of this beautiful country, I spend my days deep in the great Swiss outdoors, and love to share these experiences and insights with fellow travel enthusiasts.

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