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Ticino Ticket
Last updated: December 24th, 2022

There is nothing better than saving a few bucks when exploring a new area and Ticino has come up with a great way to help. With the Ticino Ticket you can save yourself quite a bit of money while exploring the sunniest canton in Switzerland.

Ticino Ticket Summary

  • Free travel on public transport in Ticino
  • Free entry to a limited range of museums
  • 20-30% discount on a huge range of activities, museums & more
  • Available for free when you stay at most hotels, campsites, and hostels (some Airbnbs)

How To Get The Ticino Ticket

The only way to get access to a Ticino Ticket is if you stay in a participating hotel, hostel, Airbnb or campsite in Ticino. They will provide you with a Ticino Ticket for the duration of your stay with them.

The best way to get the Ticino Ticket is to download it to your phone via a webapp. You can read the instructions how to do this on their website.

Activiation of the Ticino ticket is then done once you have checked-in at your accommodation in Ticino.

What is Included in the Ticino Ticket?

The Ticino Ticket allows you to travel for free on almost all public transport in the canton of Ticino. There are only a few exceptions which are discounted by 50%.

There are a limited number of museums that offer free entry and also reasonable discounts of 20-30% on most other museums, pools and spas, as well as popular activities and sports in the canton.

Public Transport

Ticino Ticket Map
Ticino Ticket Map (Click to open large)

Almost all public transport is covered by the Ticino Ticket which means you can travel by train or bus within the canton of Ticino as well as locally within the cities of Lucarno and Lugano.

The ticket is valid for the duration of your stay in the place you get your ticket, so you can move around the canton freely without having to pay.

There are some restrictions, however, so be aware that boat rides and mountain railways and cable cars are often not covered by the ticket. You will receive discounts on these forms of travel.

Funicular & Cable Discounts

For example, most funiculars offer 20-30% discount, this includes Funicular Monte San Salvatore, Madonna del Sasso, Ritom and more.

The same is true for taking a cable car up most mountains such as Monte Bre, Monte Tamaro,

Boat Ride Discounts

There are a few boat rides on Lago Maggiore from Locarno, however, on Lake Lugano only the Porto Ceresio to Morcote is covered. However, there is a 20% discount for all other rides on Lake Lugano if you happen to want to go for a boat ride there.

Museums & Attractions

Ticino Ticket Museums
Ticino Ticket Museums

There are a number of museums that are included in the Ticino ticket

  • Museo parrocchiale San Sebastiano
  • Museo cantonale di storia natural
  • Museo delle Dogane Svizzero
  • Museo Ruggero Leoncavallo
  • Parco Sherrer
  • Piccolo Museo della Radio e della Fotografia

The rest of the museums and other attractions in the canton usually get a 20-30% discount with the Ticino Ticket.

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